Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 9, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 9th, 2020
10.33 AM
171 Days since first US infection

So today will be a lot of work.  WordPress finally unlocked new features present in word and other such programs, allowing use of tables among many other features.  Tables I have been missing since the outset of this Pandemic, when I started on April fool’s day.  So I get to go back and change the lists of numbers into tables, which will be far superior.

This work will task my TBI beyond measure, and will be both frustrating and time consuming.  I will begin plugging away at it today but it will take some time to accomplish.

I got a couple done, but since this is all SOT (stream of thought) and hence unedited and barely spell checked, I had no clue how much the way I presented the numbers has altered over these months.  So I have to lay out how I want the tables to match what I did.  A pain for my TBI, I will plug away at it for as long as it takes.

I figure I will start from the present and go back, create a table for that and then use it going backwards as far as possible before I need a different table.

Pain in the TBI.

Yale study
50% of covid-19 infections likely result of silent spreaders.  People are most infectious before any symptoms appear, which is unusual. Young people likely to be both pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic silent spreaders.

This is a major finding.  If their findings are accurate we could have a lot more virus loose than we want.

July 11th20204:00 PM
Numbers time
Global Infected12,995,03713,177,855
Increase Infected181,173  182,818
Global Deaths570,435574,793
Increase in Deaths3,6454,358 
USA Infected 3,341,8383,397,069
Increase Infected55,81355,231
USA Deaths135,425136,117
Increase in Deaths336       692 
Maine Infected3,5583,566
Increase Infected198
Maine Deaths114114
Increase in Deaths00
Trump C-19 Body Count–692

Legacy Media headlines
Study suggests fetal coronavirus infection is possible
WHO reverses, says COVID-19 can be airborne indoors
UK reopens gyms, pools, as Treasury chief warns of recession
COVID hits more legislators amid rapid spread in Mississippi
WHO sets up panel to review handling of pandemic
Another 1.3 Americans file for unemployment as states back away from reopening plans
South Korea finds just one case of coronavirus antibodies out of 3,000 tested
Coronavirus: Working from a holiday home! Barbados to offer year-long stays to remote workers
Coronavirus pandemic could kill more through hunger than the disease itself, warns Oxfam
In just 5 days, coronavirus cases surged another million to 12M worldwide
U.S. coronavirus cases rise by over 58,000 setting new single-day record
Ivy League Places all Sports on Hold Until January
Health official: Trump rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge
Brazil’s Bolsonaro taking hydroxychloroquine to ‘help virus recovery’
Big Ten football reduces season schedule to only conference games
Trump faced issues with Asian Americans even before virus
DeSantis Is Said to Quietly Hinder Fund-Raising for Trump Convention
Masks mandatory at Mickey’s when Disneyland Paris reopens
EXCLUSIVE: In letter to Cuomo, Scalise blasts ‘dubious’ report deflecting blame on nursing home deaths
We respect concern of international media, but epidemiological COVID-19 situation is under control in Kazakhstan
A Third of US Households Missed July Housing Payments Due to ‘Economic Hardship’
Egypt arrests doctors, silences critics over virus outbreak
WHO calls for equitable access to future COVID-19 vaccines in Africa
Thousands of pilots losing jobs in Middle East, India as COVID-19 crisis continues
Sen. Rubio: Benefits of Another COVID-19 Shutdown Questionable
Dubai reopens doors to tourists after long shutdown
Covid and stop without brake in the US
As the Covid-19 epidemic takes off in the United States, Donald Trump continues to deny the reality of the virus
Japan and Western drugmakers launch $1bn fund against superbugs
Hospitals need communities to wear masks
62,000 new coronavirus cases in a day
Months after COVID-19 deaths at nursing facility, families still seeking answers
Small businesses in Texas face re-closure as New York shops navigate reopening
Crackdown on legal immigration
Vaccine watch: Where things stand in the race for a vaccine
Meet the college students assisting essential workers
Australia’s eyes on Melbourne as millions go into 2nd Covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Serbia protests over coronavirus crisis management puts president Vucic under pressure
Millions of Australians back into lockdown as Covid-19 cases spike in Melbourne
Lebanon struggles ever more as Covid-19 pandemic worsens dire economy
Lebanon on verge of economic collapse
Serbia protests over coronavirus pandemic management turn violent
Trump pushes schools reopening as US coronavirus cases top 3 million
US, Mexico presidents meet in Washington amid Covid-19 pandemic, hail relations
Mexico hits new record of coronavirus cases as President meets Trump
Live Music And Live Sports Look To Outlast COVID-19
South Dakota Says Coronavirus Lockdown In Oglala Lakota Tribal Community Is Illegal
As Oklahoma Struggles With Coronavirus, Trump Rally Didn’t Help
Coronavirus Outbreak Empties Mississippi Capitol
Desperate Measures In Arizona As COVID-19 Overwhelms Hospitals
Mara Gay: Trump’s COVID-19 Failure Is ‘Literally Killing Americans’
At-Home COVID-19 Deaths Rise In Houston, Many Not Counted In Coronavirus Death Toll
Florida Hospitals Struggle To Keep Up As Coronavirus Cases Spike
Biden Criticizes Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus And Russia: ‘It’s All About Him’
California Gov. Newsom Holds Coronavirus Briefing
Trump Blasts CDC Guidelines In Push To Reopen Schools
Utah to require face mask use in grade schools
Study suggests fetal virus infection possible
Farmers trade fruits for essentials in the Amazon
Los Angeles mayor calls for more federal virus aid
California Gov: 50,000 hospital beds now available
Houston cancels Texas GOP in-person convention
Miami-Dade restaurants limited to outside seating
Top US officials follow Trump on schools reopening
Chancellor unveils £30 billion “Plan for Jobs” as mass unemployment looms
Coronavirus: Immunity explained
Pubs close after hundreds of customers exposed to coronavirus risk
Coronavirus: India overtakes Russia in Covid-19 cases
Study identifies risk factors for COVID-19 deaths as PPE runs short again
Trump pushes to reopen schools in the fall despite growing coronavirus concerns
Trump pushes for schools to reopen, calls CDC guidelines “impractical”
Journy navigates the new world of travel and hospitality
Anderson Cooper slams ‘lies and noise’ from Mike Pence
Pence holds Coronavirus Task Force briefing
Dr. Gottlieb: U.S. Is Likely To See Hospitalizations Rise
State Won’t Be ‘Threatened’ To Reopen Schools, Says Maryland Gov.
Congressman Seeks To Help Independent Restaurant Owners
Doctor Says National Strategy Still Lacking On Battling Virus
Trump Admin. Pushes For Schools To Fully Reopen This Fall, But How? – Day That Was
Trump Pressures Schools To Reopen Amid Outbreak
Trump Threatens To Cut Off Funds If Schools Don’t Reopen In Fall
How Florida’s coronavirus reopening unfolded under Gov. DeSantis

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Global temperatures likely to hit at least 1C warming for next five years

While I worked on this in isolation C-19 exterminated 5,542 of my fellow humans, of those 974 were my fellow Americans and 1 was a fellow Mainer.

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