Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 14, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 14th, 2020
12:38 PM
176 Days since first US infection

Legacy Media Headlines
Bolsonaro says he will return to work if new COVID-19 study turns negative
Teenage boy dies of bubonic plague in Mongolia
Global Coronavirus Cases Rise Above 13 Million
US carries out the 1st federal execution in nearly 2 decades
Coronavirus: France dedicates Bastille Day celebrations to COVID-19 heroes
Coronavirus: Branson’s Virgin Atlantic lands £1.2bn rescue deal
UK economy shrinks by one-fifth under lockdown
A record 5.4 million people lost their health coverage amid the pandemic, a study found.
‘Worst-case’ UK winter could see 120,000 COVID deaths in second wave
Japan accuses China of pushing territorial claims during coronavirus pandemic
1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 — and smoking plays a big part, research finds
Shoppers in England ordered to wear face coverings from July 24
California closes back down as COVID-19 cases rise
US military bases in Japan face COVID-19 outbreak
White House is accused of trying to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci
Florida among 12 states seeing record COVID-19 cases, many traced to large gatherings
Texas congressman: Defer to local leaders for pandemic response
More closures in California amid rise in cases, hospitalizations
COVID-19 cases jump, White House turns on Fauci, explosion on Navy ship in San Diego
French government estimates up to 1 million jobseekers by 2021
Paris protesters denounce government handling of Covid-19 crisis
Why is Rwanda the only Sub-Saharan African country considered Covid-19 ‘safe’ by EU?
French President Macron details response to health, economic crisis in Bastille Day interview
Macron backing mandatory mask use is “second best solution: we must test” epidemiologist says
France’s health workers march for pay raise as country pays homage virus heroes on Bastille Day
France celebrates Bastille Day in downsized version
France’s Macron to give interview during scaled-down Bastille Day amid Covid-19 pandemic
California sees new Covid-19 restrictions as case surge
WHO Director: Leaders Cannot Use Schools As ‘Political Football’
California Governor Announces Indoor Closings Again For Bars, Restaurants
Despite COVID-19 Students In China Take National College Exam
Miami Becomes New Epicenter Of Coronavirus
Houston Hospital Reports High Number Of Black, Hispanic Patients As Cases Surge
Crowds Return To Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Despite COVID-19 Surge
No End In Sight For COVID-19 In Arizona As Governor Remains Idle
Trump Botching Coronavirus Response Weighs On GOP Political Polls
Officials Begin To Roll Back Reopenings As COVID-19 Cases Explode
U.S. Migrant Detention Centers Like A ‘Warzone’ Due To COVID-19
Trump’s White House Tries To Discredit Fauci As COVID-19 Surges
Jones: Florida’s COVID-19 Situation Worse Than What The State Reports
Professional Bull Riders welcomes fans into arena
Wanted: Robot cooks to reduce spread of COVID-19
Small businesses fight for survival as they reopen
COVID outbreaks threaten plans to reopen colleges
San Francisco Zoo reopens with virus safety rules
Coronavirus: White House targets US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci
Local Matters: Coronavirus cases surge in Arizona
COVID-19 spikes in Florida ahead of Republican National Convention
Pediatrician on reopening schools safely: “We’re going to have to make some compromises”
Italian brides protest COVID rules quashing their wedding plans
Here’s why Donald Trump didn’t end the mask debate
Heckler shames Florida governor during Covid-19 press conference
Acosta to McEnany: Why not have the guts to trash Fauci with your own names?
Fauci opens his mouth with facts, Trump does not
California rolls back reopening as coronavirus cases surge
7-day average of new Covid-19 cases in US reaches highest level yet
Trump spreads conspiracy from ex-game show host Chuck Woolery
Military medical personnel deploy to Texas to aid in COVID-19 response
Sen Rubio explains who will be hit hardest if schools don’t reopen
WH Denies Reports That Trump Aides Are Working To Undermine Fauci
WH Reporter Says Kayleigh McEnany Treats Briefings Like Campaign Event
Biden delivers remarks on the environment and economy

Point of interest: 1 in 3 young adults vulnerable to severe Covid-19 — and smoking plays a big part, research finds

“One in three young adults is at risk of severe Covid-19, and smoking plays a big part in that risk, according to new research published Monday in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, looked at more than 8,000 participants ages 18 to 25 who had participated in the National Health Interview Survey to see what their medical vulnerability to severe Covid-19 was in relation to risk indicators that had been set out by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including health conditions and smoking habits.

The researchers found 32% of the total study population were medically vulnerable for severe Covid-19. However, when the group of participants who smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes were taken out of the analysis, the medically vulnerable percentage decreased by half, to 16%.

“The difference between estimates is driven largely by the sizeable portion of young adults who reported that they engaged in past 30-day smoking (1 in 10) and past 30-day e-cigarette use (1 in 14),” the report said. “By contrast, relatively fewer young adults reported medical conditions identified by the CDC as conferring severe illness risk.””

Point of Interest
Donald Trump “If you know that Biden and Obama stopped thier testing, they just stopped it, you probably know that, I’m sure you don’t want to report it.”

WTF fuck testing is he talking about?

Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was discovered for the very first time on Trump’s watch in 2019, hence the Covid-19 tag.  SO he cannot mean that, but the left will spin it that way.  Therefore he must mean testing during Obama’s term, and Obama did stop testing once the infection was over, for Ebola, For SARs 1, for MER, all caught, tested for, traced, locked down and exterminated.  That is when the Obama administration stopped testing.


A virus is not political, you do not react to it by stopping testing because Obama stopped testing when the epidemic was over while you’re in a goddamn viral bloom nationwide!

WTF is wrong with this human?

To me that is like saying, during a raging wildfire, that California stopped fighting their wildfire last fall. (When the fire season ended, and it had burned out) and since they did that I am justified in stopping too, while it is raging.

July 11th20204:00 PM
Numbers time
Global Infected12,995,03713,177,855
Increase Infected181,173  182,818
Global Deaths570,435574,793
Increase in Deaths3,6454,358 
USA Infected 3,341,8383,397,069
Increase Infected55,81355,231
USA Deaths135,425136,117
Increase in Deaths336       692 
Maine Infected3,5583,566
Increase Infected198
Maine Deaths114114
Increase in Deaths00
Trump C-19 Body Count–692

Magical thinking is far too accepted in America, Trump is a primary example. Gov Cumo has done so well compared to Trump or other Governors who followed the politics and not the science. Even so he published some art inspired by the Pandemic commemorating the efforts of New Yorkers in this time of crisis.

A nice sentiment, but commemorations are for after an event, not the middle of one. Since NY bent the curve they were successful, for now. Many other states, 37 of them, are in bloom now. The blooms can very easily return to NY as they went from NY to TX, the virus knows no boundaries.

Hate to tell you Governor Cumo, but this is the beginning of this outbreak, not the end of it. Bending the curve for NY only works if the globe does the same, otherwise you’re South Korea, having bent the curve and endlessly dealing with new outbreaks via commerce and travelers.

The Art itself is worth a look . . . E Pluribus Unam

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Brazil reassigns deforestation data manager, raising question of political influence

While I worked in isolation on this another 3,645 of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 336 were my fellow Americans

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