Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 15, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 15th, 2020
10:00 AM
177 Days since first US infection

Well that pissed me off.  WordPress did not inform me that changes made to a table and saved in one document would universally change the table in any other document, existing and saved separately.  Thus no table is reusable, if you update in save one day, yesterday’s table becomes that table.

Fuck You very Much WordPress, your update was ill thought out.  Thanks for not bothering to explain that my saved documents are not truly saved, that your blocks take precedent to my words in my own document.

I am fortunate that all my pages had not been updated already, thanks to my TBI making that a pain in the ass which is mentally exhausting, I had only done a few pages.  All of them exist of course as a word document on my PC, but WORDPRESS, it seems they value their widgets more than they value the words written on their pages. Thanks a lot WordPress, good fucking thing I did not redo all the fucking tables.  Some of the Data I have backups for, but back to the shitty text format it goes.

I find it offensive that a document I created, saved, and published;  could be edited after the fact by the way they designed permissions on their site.  It makes the table not re-usable, each day I would have to re-create the table from scratch, and name it for that day, and then save the table separately from the document.  In their quest for ease of use they forgot to think about the sanctity of what has already been done being protected.


Like most things these days, there is no contact point for the company, at all.  No way to tell them how offensive their table design is, or how it edited me without consent on other documents.  Once something is saved, and published, it ought no longer to be subject to global widget changes.

Fortunately I do not much trust the web, so I have my copies, in Word, on my personal PC.  When I am not so pissed off about this I will have to go back and redo those pages, in text, not tables.  To do it with their table is to have thousands of goddamn tables rather than 1 reusable one.  Stupid design.

Legacy Media Headlines
Coronavirus: Skin rash can be only COVID-19 symptom and should be fourth key sign, study finds
Fauci says ‘bizarre’ efforts to discredit him only hurt the White House
Over 224,000 COVID-19 deaths forecast in US by November 1, says University of Washington’s IHME
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt tests positive for coronavirus
Lockdowns re-imposed in India as virus cases near 1 million
CDC says U.S. could get coronavirus under control in one to two months if everyone wears a mask
Face coverings in all public places under consideration
A message for President Donald Trump from his niece: ‘Resign’
139 Clients, No COVID Infections: Hair Salon Study Shows Face Masks Work
First COVID-19 Vaccine Tested in US Poised for Final Testing
White House tells hospitals to bypass CDC on COVID-19 data reporting
Michigan man killed after stabbing customer during mask argument, pulling knife on deputy, MSP says
Blogger given jail over satirical Koran Covid post
Experimental coronavirus vaccine shows promise
Schools begin to reopen worldwide
Texas Congressman: ‘We’re missing strong leadership from the top’
Coronavirus outbreaks rage in US with over 136K deaths
School boards across the country debate over reopening
Dilemma with schools amid COVID-19; WH continues Fauci criticism; Maxwell in court
Single mother survives COVID-19 and becomes first convalescent plasma donor in US
Latest updates on COVID-19: July 14, 2020
Oklahoma Governor Announces He Tested Positive For Coronavirus: ‘I Feel Fine’
Trump Administration Surges Coronavirus Testing In Jacksonville Ahead Of RNC Convention
Dr. Fauci Warns Of Rising Coronavirus Cases, Deaths
‘Detroit Kids Are Being Used As Guinea Pigs’ Says Protester Against Schools Reopening
‘This Is As Real As It Gets’: FL Hospital CEO On COVID-19 Crisis
Pandemic Expert: We Have A Second And Final Chance To Contain COVID-19
Mara Gay: ‘Heartbreaking’ Toll Of COVID-19 Will Take Years Of Recovery
Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise In Early Trial
Chris Hayes: RNC Mess Exemplifies Trump’s Coronavirus Failures
New York Orders Travelers From More States To Quarantine For Two Weeks
California Issues Rollback On Reopening Measures As Coronavirus Cases Rise
Florida Sets Its Single-Day Record For Coronavirus-Related Deaths
Growing Concern Over Coronavirus Testing Troubles Across The U.S.
How Will Disney World, Other Florida Theme Parks Keep Visitors Safe?
Racing for a Remedy: How the coronavirus sparked a pandemic
Small businesses endure virus closure rollbacks
Oklahoma governor tests positive for COVID-19
Trump says he and Fauci are ‘all in the same team’
Calif. restaurants grapple with indoor closures
Without restaurant jobs, what happens to artists?
Fauci: school reopening should be decided locally
Pence urges Louisiana schools reopen amid surge
Positive result for 1st US COVID-19 vaccine trial
Wisconsin sees steady increase in COVID-19 cases
Pence in Louisiana amid new surge in virus cases
120,000 UK deaths in second Covid wave: scientists warn of worst-case scenario
Coronavirus: White House targets US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci
PM says face masks must be worn in shops after days of confusion
US student visas: ‘We’re at the government’s mercy’
India’s growing Covid-19 waste challenges workers
How easily can children contract and spread coronavirus?
White House orders hospitals to bypass CDC with data reporting
‘Just ludicrous.’ Anderson Cooper slams Trump’s Covid-19 comments
Cuomo: My 10-year-old knows better than what Trump just said
Doctor on dealing with both pandemic and rise in gun violence
ER doctor: We’re running out of beds in the morgue
Tapper calls out NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Covid-19 victory lap
Covid-19 vaccine shows ‘promising’ immune response results
Sen Kennedy: Keeping schools closed will be harmful to children
McEnany downplays fears of reopening schools
Sen Rubio explains who will be hit hardest if schools don’t reopen
Dr. Fauci Warns Of Rising Coronavirus Cases, Deaths
Did Peter Navarro Go ‘Rogue’ In Fauci Op-Ed?
‘This Is As Real As It Gets’: FL Hospital CEO On COVID-19 Crisis
Concerns Raised Of Corrupted Data As Trump Orders Bypass Of CDC
Arizona Teacher Dies As Trump Pushes For School Re-Openings
Bill Nye Drops Mask Science On Tucker Carlson’s ‘Weird Claim’
Mary Trump’s Message To Donald Trump: ‘Resign’

Point of interest: Squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague in Colorado

“A squirrel in Colorado tested positive for the bubonic plague this weekend, the latest in an increase of reported plague activity in the state, according to KUSA. The squirrel was found in the town of Morrison, Jefferson County Public Health said in a news release. It’s the first case of the plague recorded in Jefferson County, according to the release. The bubonic plague is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria that is naturally occurring in Colorado, KUSA reported. It was responsible for the “Black Death,” which caused 50 million deaths in Europe during the 14th century, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says there has been an increased amount of plague activity in the state and it was recently found in Broomfield, KUSA reported. Are humans at risk? The short answer is yes. It “can be contracted by humans and household animals if proper precautions are not taken,” the release said. Humans can get the plague if an infected animal or flea bites them or if an infected person coughs on them, according to Jefferson County Public Health.”–Miami Herald

Point of Interest

I see a lot on the news about how many tests have been performed, as if tests themselves are significant.  The fact that we had given 41 million tests is not relevant, how many were positive is.  Yes, you can use the number of tests given on any single day to determine what rate of positivity exists in the population.  You cannot use the overall number for anything except illustrating how much effort has been made.

A test given today and then an exposure tomorrow requires a new test.  Counting it as a negative when the virus is still extant in the community is pointless.  It is like coming in out of the rain, checking your raincoat for leaks, finding none, and going back into the rain.  You need to check the coat again afterwards to see if it still has no leaks.

July 14th, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

                                                                Yesterday                                           Today

Global Infected  13,177,855             13,405,694
Increase Infected  182,818                                            227,839

Global Dead 574,793 580,552    
Increase Dead                   4,358                                                     5,759    

USAInfected 3,397,063 3,465,031
USA increase Infected 55,231 67,962                                  

USA C-19 deaths              136,117                                                 136,940  
USA C-19 deaths increase            692                                          823                        

Maine Infected                                3,566                                                     3,578
Maine Increase                              8                                                              12

Maine deaths                    114                                                         114
Increase Maine deaths                  0                                                              0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Assam: Fifty dead and two million hit by India monsoon floods
8.8 billion humans in 2100, 2 billion less than estimated by the UN
Livestock farming and fossil fuels could drive 4C global heat rise
Ruptured pipeline in Egypt causes massive blaze, injuring 12
Burger King’s latest sustainability effort: reduce cow farts
Biden clean-energy plan would spend $2 trillion over four years While I worked in isolation on this another 5,759 of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 823 were my fellow Americans

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