Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 17, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 17th, 2020
1:41 PM
179 Days since first US infection

The latest affront to the health and well-being by the Trump administration is to order all hospitals to send their data to HHS and not the CDC, which routinely shares its data.  The CDC has always shared data, and sharing accurate data is essential in fighting a viral threat.

HHS is not designed for this and I see it as a way for the Administration to direct and control the numbers, what is actually happening, to try and spin the numbers.  I see this as a dangerous thing, good data is needed to work efficiently against the virus.  To attempt to control or manipulate the data so the administration looks better will not only be false, but would hinder efforts to fight the virus in real time. HHS oversees the CDC, the CDC is part of it.  The administration has no scientific basis for such an action, it’s only purpose that I can see is to attempt to prevent Americans from seeing what the virus is doing in real time, to make us more vulnerable to the virus in order to allow Trump to spin the Pandemic politically.

It is not Nero fiddling while Rome burns anymore, as it has been for months.  Now it is Nero fanning the flames as Rome burns because he think the firelight is flattering to himself.

Legacy Media Headlines
Protests in Michigan after student jailed for not doing online schoolwork
Indonesia oil and gas lifting underperform as COVID-19 hits demand
Target, CVS to also require masks at stores nationwide, following Walmart and other retailers as COVID-19 cases rise
Coronavirus symptoms fall into six different groupings, study finds
Beloved British WWII vet knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for fundraising efforts
Coronavirus: Authorities Call On Barcelonians To “Stay Home” Due To Rise In Cases
Boris Johnson plans to return UK to normality ‘by Christmas’
India becomes 3rd country to cross 1 million coronavirus cases
UK may already have enough herd immunity to prevent second coronavirus wave, study says
Coronavirus: Nearly 100,000 mink to be culled after outbreak on Spanish farm
Trump administration exempts European students from coronavirus travel restrictions
U.S. shatters coronavirus record with over 77,000 cases in a day
UN makes largest single appeal amid warnings of unprecedented hunger due to pandemic
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp sues Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over mask mandate
Trump travel bans were too late to prevent coronavirus, CDC confirms
Debate over reopening schools heats up
Tampa schools superintendent: ‘We’ll get back in a safe manner’
Coronavirus pushes US hospitals to the brink
Debate over facial coverings intensifies
Mother survives COVID-19, wakes up from a coma to newborn baby
31% of kids in Florida tested for COVID-19 are positive
CO Governor On If He’s Getting Needed Supplies: ‘Of Course Not’
Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris Reopen Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Georgia Governor Kemp Sues Atlanta To Block Mandatory Mask Rule.
Barbados Plans Yearlong Visas For Visitors Able To Work From Home
Dr. Fauci Explains Mask Guidance Changed
NY Doctor Gives Advice To Healthcare Workers In New Coronavirus Hotspots
Wells Fargo Paused Mortgage Payments For Some Customers Without Asking
Trump Congratulates His Own Government As COVID-19 Rages
Major Federal Coronavirus Testing Site In Texas Closing As Cases Surge
New COVID-19 Test Similar To Breathalyzer Shows Promise
Trump’s Political Standing Craters As He Gives No Clear Plan To Recover From The Pandemic
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Bans Local Governments From Mandating Masks
Mnuchin urges more stimulus for hard hit sectors
Fauci: Rising US virus count needs to be addressed
Texas brings in refrigerated trucks to store dead
Families opting out of sending kids back to school
Kemp doubles down on fight for no GA mask mandate
Nursing home residents isolated as virus drags on
Fauci: US needs to ‘regroup’ amid virus surge
Families eager to visit Disney after reopening
Brazil reaches 76,000 virus deaths
Hospital braces for long haul fighting coronavirus
UK, US, Canada say Russia hacks vaccine trials
Army doctors deploy to Houston hospital
Colorado governor issues mask order to curb virus
Protests over in-school classes in Detroit
Coronavirus: India’s Covid-19 cases surge past one million
Did the US reopen faster than other countries?
Pandemia: Latinos in Crisis
New York politician turns public office into food pantry and diaper supply
Pandemic’s impact on undocumented farm workers in the U.S. could hit global economy
Inequities and risks Latinos face as frontline workers in the pandemic
Hundreds of children denied asylum at U.S. southern border
Bob Marley’s iconic “One Love” anthem “reimagined” to help kids hit by coronavirus pandemic
U.S. again shatters new coronavirus infections record
Coronavirus task force report highlights states in “red zone”
Watch live: World Health Organization gives coronavirus update
Los Angeles County reports single-day record number of new COVID-19 cases
Boston Globe reporter on how Trump’s sunny vision of coronavirus is crashing into reality
Why Trump is hosting events focused on infrastructure and deregulation during a pandemic
Fauci and Trump share first call since June 2 as 41 states see surge of coronavirus cases
Texas vaccine specialist weighs in as coronavirus cases continue to spike
See meeting abruptly end after turning into anti-mask protest
Ex-CDC chief sounds warning on quickly reopening schools
Dr. Gupta explains the science behind push to reopen schools
Mayor rips Georgia Gov. Kemp: He doesn’t give a damn about us
Fauci issues warning to states reopening too soon
Florida governor blames the media, CNN’s Keilar rolls the tape
Cuomo on Trump’s priorities: How does he have time for this BS?
Trump poses with can of beans while Covid-19 surges
Poppy Harlow clashes with Trump’s campaign adviser on handling of Covid-19
Atlanta mayor: Georgia governor comments are ‘propaganda’
Fauci issues warning to states reopening too soon
Florida is just fine:’ GOP state lawmaker stuns Keilar with this claim
Dr. Fauci holds ground against Trump official’s attack
Megachurch pastor says he’s suspending worship services
Kellyanne Conway touts Trump’s coronavirus response despite surging cases
Florida Reports 14,000 New COVID-19 Cases; One Third of Children Test Positive
In D.C., firefighters battle new challenge: coronavirus test lines
White House blocks CDC director from testifying before House panel on reopening schools
How does COVID-19 affect kids? Science has answers and gaps
Gov. Newsom orders California schools on watch list stay closed

July 17th, 2020

4:00 PM–Numbers time

                                                                Yesterday                                           Today

Global Infected                 13,666,118                                           13,921,699

Increase Infected            260,424                                                 255,581

Global Dead                       586,369                                                 593,072                

Increase Dead                   5,817                                                     6,703

USA Infected 3,546,871 3,622,709                                            

USA increase Infected        81,840                                                  75,838                  

USA C-19 deaths              138,369                                                 138,910

USA C-19 deaths increase            1,429                                                     541

Maine Infected                                3,598                                                     3,636

Maine Increase                          20                                                           38

Maine deaths                    114                                                         115

Increase Maine deaths                  0                                                              1

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Massive wildfire in rural central California

While I worked in isolation on this another 6,703 of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 541 were my fellow Americans, one was a fellow Mainer.  Claiming things are getting better is a form of denialism, common in Epidemics and Pandemics.  A quarter of a million new cases every day on the globe is not getting better, its bloom.  A virus won’t stay put, if it is blooming here Boris Johnson cannot think it will be fine by Christmas there, that too is denialism.  If we had it crushed here, which we don’t, and it was blooming In Africa, India or elsewhere, it would also be denialism to congratulate ourselves.

This war is just beginning, and the opponent is novel to us.

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