Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 19, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 19th, 2020
8:22 AM
180 Days since first US infection

Legacy Media Headlines
Florida COVID cases surge for fifth day as Trump pledges outbreak coming under control
Trump says Fauci is a ‘little bit of an alarmist’
Hong Kong Leader Says Coronavirus ‘Critical’ After 100 New Cases
Tokyo Olympics: Venues for 2021 Games secured, competition schedule stays the same
Coronavirus: Thousands of seafarers ‘suffering depression’ after being stranded on ships
Face masks to become MANDATORY across Melbourne from Wednesday
Boris Johnson Vows No Second Lockdown in UK, Asks Cabinet Back to Work
85 infants under age 1 tested positive for coronavirus in one Texas county
Israelis protest against Netanyahu, gov’t handling of COVID-19 crisis
Brazil’s Amazon chief Raoni is hospitalized
Global death toll from COVID-19 passes 600,000, total cases now more than 14 million
Trump administration seeks to block money for testing, tracing, CDC in upcoming virus relief bill
Arsenal 2-0 Man City, highlights: Aubameyang brace sends Gunners into final
Daily updates on English Covid-19 deaths paused amid accuracy concerns
Ottawa rejects plan to let Blue Jays play in Toronto during COVID-19 pandemic
Iran’s Rouhani says 25 million Iranians infected with COVID
Indonesia overtakes China with highest coronavirus cases in East Asia
90-year-old man wears protective gear to say final goodbye to his wife
Desperate Bolivians seek out toxic bleach falsely touted as Covid
U.S. coronavirus cases rise by over 70,000 for second day in a row
For first time, world records one million coronavirus cases in 100 hours
Australian PM seeks to delay parliament due to COVID-19
COVID-19 Antibody Test Passes First Major Trials in UK With 98.6% Accuracy
Trump says he won’t issue national mask mandate
COVID-19 cases cross 14 million worldwide
Gov. Hutchinson on masks: ‘Example needs to be set by our national leadership’
Report: White House blocks billions of dollars needed for COVID-19 testing
Locked down Down Under
Coronavirus cases surge in Texas
90-year-old says final goodbyes to wife as COVID-19 deaths increase in 26 states
‘Rosie the Riveter’ back on the job to make face masks to stop spread of COVID-19
Calif. governor outlines strict school guidelines
Arkansas governor defends state mask mandate
‘Black Ink: Chicago’ self-shot much of season due to pandemic
Coronavirus: India’s Covid-19 cases surge past one million
Working from home should continue says UK’s chief scientist, contradicting Boris Johnson
UK accuses Russia of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research
Coronavirus in a devolved UK: England
South Africa endures coronavirus crisis as health services collapse
Coronavirus in a devolved UK: Northern Ireland
Coronavirus in a devolved UK: Scotland
Coronavirus and devolution: Wales
Coronavirus: How to talk about conspiracy theories
Stelter pinpoints when Trump ‘changed his tune’ on testing
White House coronavirus task force aware of 18 ‘red zone’ states
US breaks daily record for Covid-19 cases 9 times in 1 month
Rep. McCarthy: We need liability protection in next stimulus package
Reporters dig into ‘major mistakes’ reported in Florida’s coronavirus data
11-Year-Old Boy With Special Needs Dies One Week After Coronavirus Diagnosis
Trump Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Distracted’ By Pandemic Adviser Tells WAPO
Laurie Garrett: U.S. Does Not Have ‘Any Strategy’ For COVID-19 Testing
‘Wrong Way For America To Be Exceptional’: Dr. Murthy On U.S. COVID-19 Failure
Coronavirus Takes Toll On Patients With Alzheimer’s And Their Families
Federal Coronavirus Testing Sites Open In Phoenix Black And Latino Communities
Lester Holt On Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘We’re In This Together’
Basil Smikle: ‘The President Is Fueling The Energy Against Him’
Trump Turns To A Strategy Of Covering Up Vital Information About Coronavirus
Florida Governor Says White House Accelerating Remdesivir Doses To Hard-Hit State
Nurses Across The U.S. Head To Arizona As Morgues Approach Capacity
Why it’s so difficult to calculate the coronavirus death toll

Point of Interest
“Oregon attorney general announces lawsuit against federal agents for their tactics on protesters”
“Federal Agents in Unmarked Vans Are Detaining Portland Protestors”

These are unmarked, unidentified men in Camo, not announcing they are police, not wearing anything they can be identified by.  In the Army that is “Spec Ops’, special operations, black ops. In other nations such things are derided by us as ‘secret police’, and by not identifying themselves they are breaking the law and our constitution.  This is the same behaviors engaged in by Pinochet, which became death squads very quickly.

If I were confronted by such I would not assume them police from a small yellow label on their web gear, with no badges, and no nomenclature at all on their uniforms.  Rather I would assume they are intentionally hiding such things to flout the law, I would assume a Militia of some sort, and I would not go quietly with them. Thugs masquerading as police do not inspire obediance from me, but resistance.

Amendment IV

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

July 18th, 2020

4:00 PM–Numbers time

                                                                Yesterday                                           Today

Global Infected                 14,126,035                                           14,360,451
Increase Infected            204,336                                                 234,416

Global Dead                       598,098                                                 603,482                
Increase Dead                   5,026                                                     5,384

USA Infected    3,676,942  3,744,061                                            
USA increase Infected      54,233                                                   67,119                  

USA C-19 deaths              139,098                                                 140,369
USA C-19 deaths increase            188                                                         1,271

Maine Infected                                3,646                                                     3,687
Maine Increase                                10                                                           41

Maine deaths                    117                                                         117
Increase Maine deaths                  2                                                              0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Floods in India, Nepal displace nearly 4 million people, at least 189 dead
Shocking images show illegal fires raging in the Amazon rainforest
Buildings partially collapse after another night of raging seas on the NSW Central Coast
Giant swarm of flying ants spotted from space over UK

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