Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 23, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 23, 2020
7:33 AM
183 Days since first US infection

Legacy Media Headlines
Face masks mandatory in shops, takeaways and stations in England from Friday
US weekly unemployment claims rise to 1.4m after four months of decline
Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant Owner Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Australia reports highest coronavirus deaths in 3 months
Trump ‘comfortable’ with son, grandchildren returning to school
World leaders to send videos instead of traveling to U.N. in September
Tesla hits milestone in reporting a profit for its fourth straight quarter
Liverpool lift Premier League trophy for first time after 30-year wait for league title
Convent outside Detroit lost 13 nuns to Covid-19 with 12 dying in one month
The Bolivian Police collects 420 bodies from streets, vehicles and houses in less than a week
Migrant children held in US hotels, then expelled
Global coronavirus cases went from 10 million to 15 million in less than a month
Life inside the NBA bubble: $5,000 Amazon orders, social justice reform and more
White House worker tests positive for coronavirus
Latino workers largely affected by COVID-19 as essential jobs expose them to risk
Coronavirus cases soar amid possible stay at home orders, testing issues
Mayor of Tucson’s new steps to stop COVID-19 spread
Family-run event space turns food truck into main source of business during pandemic
Unemployment benefits set to run out amid COVID-19
Trump ‘most tested man in America,’ White House claims
Coronavirus cases in children are rising nationwide, CDC memo says
White House and Republican senators reach tentative deal on new coronavirus stimulus package
Coronavirus crisis: India’s low death toll sparks skepticism
Bill Gates says “serious mistakes were made” in U.S. pandemic response
Congress working on another coronavirus relief package as unemployment benefits are set to expire
Trump touts coronavirus vaccine research
President Trump holds coronavirus briefing
The relationship between Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci
School superintendent discusses reopening plan amid coronavirus pandemic
Trump resumes coronavirus briefings as polls show him lagging
Japan’s PM eyes re-opening of country despite record daily high
Japan fears second wave as Tokyo infections spike
Pandemic pushes Australia into recession for first time in decades
Florida Governor DeSantis Holds Coronavirus Briefing
Schumer: Republicans Are ‘So Divided’ They Cannot Come Up With A Coronavirus Plan
Trump Is ‘Blaming Black And Brown People (For Covid-19 Surge)
Trump Claims Children Do Not Spread Virus Easily
U.S. Orders China To Close Houston Consulate After COVID-19 Hacking Allegations
Trump On Coronavirus Vaccine Deal: ‘We Think We Have A Winner’
Airline Industry Struggles As New Coronavirus Surge In Cases Stalls Recovery
Full NIH Director Interview: ‘All Americans Need To Recognize, It’s Up To Us’
Full Polis: ‘National Testing Scene Is A Complete Disgrace’
Full DeWine: ‘We’re Going The Wrong Way’ On COVID Infections
College plans, tourism and GOP convention in flux as Florida coronavirus cases continue to spike
Schumer: GOP virus aid response ‘unsatisfactory’
New mental health practices help frontline workers
One Good Thing: Donated bikes help amid pandemic
Everything _ Including College Football _ is Connected in a Pandemic
Calif. surpasses New York in confirmed virus cases
Trump on plans for nursing homes affected by virus
Minnesota governor orders mask-wearing in public
Pfizer: Vaccine trial has ‘robust immune response’
Coronavirus in South Africa: A day in the life of a contact tracer
Coronavirus will remain a threat “for a very long time” warn leading scientists
China harboring military-linked fugitive scientist at San Francisco consulate, FBI says
‘Like living a real nightmare’: Hear family’s Covid-19 warning
Reporter asks Trump if he’s comfortable sending son to school
‘You think everything is fine?’ Keilar grills GOP lawmaker on Covid-19
Senate GOP pushes back against Trump’s stimulus plan priorities
Pelosi: Republicans Are ‘Not Facing The Reality’ Of Impact Of Coronavirus
Why Trump’s Failure To Lead National Response Prolongs Coronavirus Crisis
Isolated Coronavirus Antibodies Offer Hope For Vaccine, Treatment
Dire U.S. COVID-19 Death Rate Seen In Graph Excluding NY, NJ, CT
Watch Donald Trump Implode On Fox News Over COVID Falsehoods

I am disturbed at the actions this administration has taken by using federal employees, prison guards, Homeland Security, and ICE agents, to kidnap protesters off our streets with no warrant and no probable cause other than ‘you are there’.  When asked by what authority they were doing this by a large Navy Vet, they attacked him, broke his arm and pepper sprayed him in the face.

This is a violation of the Constitution, federal agents are not allowed to police the States, that is a States sovereign right.  This is the act of a despot, a tyrant, an authoritarian, or a king.  We began this grand American experiment with the notion of ‘No Kings for us thanks”, and I retain that notion.  I am not alone in this sentiment. 

As such I will begin tracking these actions by our POTUS for posterity also.  This is Wallace and McCarthy combined, to intentionally target cities with Democratic leadership.  I will call this record of headlines . . . King Trump’s Headlines.

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”–John Adams

King Trump’s Headlines
Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tear gassed by federal agents
Trump announces ‘surge’ of federal officers to Chicago as he campaigns on ‘law and order’ mantle
Trump campaign ad criticized as misleading over photo of protesters taken in Ukraine
Trump faces criticism for possible involvement in British Open
Federal clashes with Portland protesters raises legal questions about use of force
Trump delivers remarks on ‘Operation Legend’
Trump announces surge of federal officers to several cities as part of “Operation Legend”
Questions about legal authority as federal agents crack down on Portland protesters
Federal agents under scrutiny after clashes with protesters in Portland
Trump pushes to overhaul 2020 Census, faces legal challenges
Militarization of US democracy? Trump deploys federal agents to Portland protests
Win at any cost? Donald Trump’s ominous anti-Biden campaign ad
Trump deploys federal agents to Portland: “He’s trying to foment conflict”
Hear from the ‘Wall of Moms’ on the front lines of Portland protests
What’s the status of police reform in Congress? ‘No formal negotiations’ says Rep. Karen Bass
Portland protester says he hid from federal officers in unmarked vans
50 nights of protests: What you need to know about the tension in Portland
Protesters gassed by federal troops in Portland
Federal agents tear gas Portland Mayor
Portland Mayor tear gassed alongside protesters
Fact check: Trump suggests protests led to rise in Covid-19 cases
Trump announces federal law enforcement to be sent to two cities
McEnany: Chicago mayor needs to admit she needs federal help
Portland mayor tear-gassed, shouted down during address to protesters
Hannity: Trump takes action as Democratic mayors watch their cities crumble
Fmr. DHS Chief On Trump Deploying Federal Officers: ‘It’s Wrong And It’s Irresponsible’
Albuquerque Mayor On Fed Forces: ‘Our City Will Hold Them Accountable’
Federal Judge Orders Michael Cohen Be Released From Prison
Federal Agents Coming To Chicago
Portland Mayor Caught Up In Tear Gas At BLM Protest
Classified Status Hides Fired IG Report On Trump Golf Club Scheme
Trump Following Nixon ‘Law And Order Playbook On Steroids’: Jeh Johnson

Point of Interest: “Canada court rules US ‘not safe’ for asylum seekers”

“Canada’s federal court has ruled that an asylum agreement the country has with the US is invalid because America violates the human rights of refugees. The Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA), in place since 2004, requires refugee claimants to request protection in the first safe country they reach.

But on Wednesday, a judge declared the deal unconstitutional due to the chance that the US will imprison the migrants.”–BBC

July 23, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

Yesterday Today
Global Infected 15,033,861 15,321,211
Increase Infected 258,974 287,350

Global Dead 618,061 625,888
Increase Dead 6,462 7,827

USA Infected 3,935,211 4,007,859
USA increase Infected 76,525 72,648

USA C-19 deaths 142,595 143,846
USA C-19 deaths increase 1,169 1,251

Maine Infected 3,723 3,737
Maine Increase 0 14

Maine deaths 118 118
Increase Maine deaths 1 0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Tropical Storm Gonzalo on path to become hurricane

While I worked in isolation on this another 7,827of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 1,251 were my fellow Americans and 0 were my Fellow Mainers.

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