Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 27, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 27, 2020
9:00 AM
187 Days since first US infection

Legacy Media Headlines
Notre Dame withdraws from hosting first presidential debate due to coronavirus
Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 650,000
Coronavirus pandemic by far WHO’s worst global health emergency: director-general
Senate Republicans, White House seek to reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200
Target stores to close Thanksgiving due to COVID-19 pandemic, following Walmart’s holiday closing announcement
9-year-old girl is youngest COVID-19 victim in Florida
Europe braces for second wave of coronavirus
Google extends its coronavirus work-from-home order to summer 2021
Trump’s top security aide O’Brien tests positive for coronavirus
Marlins-Orioles game canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak resulting in at least 14 cases, per reports
Coronavirus: Hong Kong bans gatherings of more than two people after spike in cases
Coronavirus: Pet cat becomes first animal to test positive for COVID-19 in UK
Virus vaccine put to final test in thousands of volunteers
China reports 61 new COVID-19 cases for Sunday, highest daily domestic infections since March 6
Tropical storm Hanna sweeps the Texas coast amid COVID pandemic
Britain unveils plans to tackle ‘obesity time bomb’
Lewis Hamilton forced to explain position on Covid-19 vaccination
Should students return to school in the fall?
Republicans expected to unveil new coronavirus stimulus plan
Croatia welcomes American travelers despite EU restrictions
More than 16 million cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide
COVID-19 vaccine trials enter new phase in US
Belgium races to curb spread as virus resurfaces
New limits on travel as world comes to grips with second Covid-19 wave
Virus vaccine put to final test in thousands of volunteers
Experts fear France faces second wave in September
French tourist towns battle to attract visitors scared by virus
Belgium bolsters restrictions as weekly infections rise 89%
Spanish FM bids to reassure tourists country is safe
Online tool shows state of 218 vaccines in development
Global Covid-19 cases pass 16 million as China records highest tally since April
French shrug off ‘worrying’ increase in coronavirus cases
Trump Travels To North Carolina For Coronavirus Briefing
Some Teachers Leaving The Classroom For Good As Coronavirus Concerns Grow
Artist Donates 1,800 Paintings To Hospital Staff On Coronavirus Front Lines
Texas Hit By Hurricane Hanna As Coronavirus Cases Death Toll Mount
Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread
California Farmworkers Hit By Coronavirus, Putting Spotlight On Housing Crisis
Lawmakers Negotiating Pandemic Relief Bill As $600 Unemployment Benefit Set To Expire
With more protests, more gun violence and more coronavirus cases, Chicago is a city on edge
COVID-19 fuels growing concern over global hunger
Final-stage testing of COVID-19 vaccine begins
Trump visits NC to tout vaccine progression
2 MLB games postponed, Marlins deal with virus
Largest COVID-19 vaccine study underway in US
$52 million to aid Central Calif. amid virus surge
China orders closure of US consulate in Chengdu
QAnon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult
India facing coronavirus crisis with healthcare facilities under huge pressure
First phase 3 trial of a coronavirus vaccine in the U.S. begins
Hear from first US participant to receive Moderna Phase 3 trial vaccine
McConnell pushes liability protection in new COVID-19 relief package
Miami Marlins coronavirus outbreak causes MLB to postpone games
McConnell, GOP Senators hold presser on HEALS Act
Trump gives updates on ‘Operation Warp Speed’ during coronavirus presser
Pence, Coronavirus Task Force members participate in roundtable
NSA Robert O’Brien tests positive for coronavirus

Trump; the wannbe King headlines
Hezbollah fighters battle Israeli troops on northern frontier
Late Rep. John Lewis arrives at US Capitol to lie in state
Hurricane Hanna wreaks havoc on Texas
Rep John Lewis Crosses Edmund Pettis Bridge One Final Time
One Killed At Austin Protest As Clashes Continue Across U.S.
Three Injured In Accidental Shooting At Louisville Protest, Tensions High In Portland
Hurricane Hanna Hits Texas Coast With Storm Surge And Heavy Rain
With more protests, more gun violence and more coronavirus cases, Chicago is a city on edge
Clashes involving federal agents re-energize protests across the country
From peaceful rallies to chaotic confrontations: the daily evolution of Portland’s protests
Hurricane Hanna causes damage in South Texas
Trump won’t talk bounties; touts ‘very good’ polls
South Texas cleans up from Hanna
Congressional leaders pay respects to Rep. Lewis
Chicago Police: Violence drop is tenuous progress
Iraq War: ‘I am here today because another man died’
QAnon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult
Conservatives lash out at Chief Justice John Roberts after Supreme Court rules against Nevada church
Protesters and police clash in Seattle
Casket carrying John Lewis arrives at the Capitol Rotunda
United States Consulate in Chengdu no longer belongs to the US
National security analyst: This is one of the scariest things I’ve said on TV
James Clyburn: Honor John Lewis by voting like never before
Andrew Yang: Economic uncertainty is a ‘crisis on top of another crisis’
Rep. Gohmert talks push to ‘ban the Democratic Party’ over past slavery ties

Point of Interest
“McConnell pushes liability protection in new COVID-19 relief package”
Granting a carte blanche immunity from liability to employers for C-19 is an error.  That would leave all workers at the mercy of their employers, who could force them to work or lose their job no matter the risk and remain immune for any liability if their own c-19 practices turn out to be inadequate and they suffer a bloom.

July 26, 2020
4:00 PM–Numbers time

                                Yesterday           Today

Global Infected 16,128,334 16,350,348
Increase Infected 246,907 222,014

Global Dead 646,812 650,553
Increase Dead 5,516 3,741

USA Infected 4,212,057 4,275,346
USA increase Infected 61,758 63,289

USA C-19 deaths 146,732 147,285
USA C-19 deaths increase 650 553

Maine Infected 3,814 3,832
Maine Increase 24 18

Maine deaths 119 119
Increase Maine deaths 0 0

and Climate Change Keeps on Truckin . . .
Tropical storm Hanna sweeps the Texas coast amid COVID pandemic

While I worked in isolation on this another 3,741 of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 553 were my fellow Americans and none were fellow Mainers.

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