Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 28, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 28, 2020
9:00 AM
188 Days since first US infection

My own health laid me low today, and so I accomplished nothing.  I spent my day listening and watching the hearing on Attorney General Barr.  I became morosely depressed from doing so.  As the day went by I began to, and still question the point in doing this project at all.  In real time I am watching our POTUS and all his supporters deny, distract, and shift responsibility for not acting cohesively on the Pandemic.

These are exactly the same actions Woodrow Wilson took during the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918, with similar results.

During the hearings the right/GOP, was back on about how fraudulent the Muller report was, when it indicated repeated abuse of power by the POTUS.  The GOP ignores all the politicization of the AG’s office, of the department of justice, even of the sovereignty of states.  Unidentified Troops are tear gassing and arresting citizens for using their free speech to protest.  All the Democrats are being labeled as Anarchists by the right and all that is required for such a label is to protest. Barr’s actual words yesterday, “They are violent leftist extremist anarchist terrorists”, as a description of all people involved in the recent protests, not just the rioters.

Barr wants to label any protester as a terrorist, and used ‘Stingray’ to harvest all the meta data of all those protesters.  So the Gov. now has all their phone numbers, and all their contacts, and their addresses.  Label Americans as extremists, as terrorists, gather all their data and then what?  What is left except gathering them all up and lighting the fucking ovens?

This whole thing has me seeing the futility of this effort. 

Humans do not pay attention to history now, by what measure do I think some future people will pay attention to this history?  I see this as a global Darwin event, we either adapt or we perish, as a species.  That is the climate change reality I have not been able to get people to see and face head on all my life since the late 70’s.  As more and more data pile up, instead we get more and more excuses, more denialism, and no real action of merit.  Three years ago we were warned if we did not take drastic actions on climate we would reach catastrophic global climate changes in 12 years, 3 of those are gone already and we have done nothing.  Catastrophic in this sense is a science term, meaning a radical alteration of environmental conditions.

No one even blinks.

This Pandemic to me is climate change, but on 78 speed.  The population denies what is in front of our eyes, our leaders fail to act and deny the reality on the ground.  The rich re-invest in different companies and make money despite the global slowdown, but the poor cannot make rent or food while the GOP wants guarantees for employers (the investor class), when there are no such guarantees for employees.  For workers it is go to work or become homeless, and if work gives you Covid, it is not your bosses fault for making you work in a Covid environment.  They want to be immune from responsibility for making people work in Covid.

It is a Global Darwin Award Competition and we are winning.

So I am shifting gears for my own well-being.  This BS is making me sick in real time, it is making me depressed, making me hopeless for humanity et al.  I keep watching them all make excuses, blame the other guy, and take little or no action of actual crises.

So why should I continue this?  For whom? 

Some future generation who will magically pay attention to science and history, while I watch the globe ignore and deny both every damn day now in real time? Who the hell am I kidding besides myself?

Is this just how I have been processing the Pandemic, and the history an excuse? Is this all just the weight of the Pandemic upon me, the weight of these endless headlines ignored, by necessity of survival, by most of us?

I do not think I am going to bother with any of that anymore, none of it.  What the hell am I doing it for, to help a future generation I no longer think will be there to even read it and use it?  I feel like I am watching the human extinction event in real time, as everyone ignores it. I have felt that way for years now due to climate shift and our ignoring of that crisis, but the Pandemic is the same type of thing much, much faster. 

We ignore that too. We politicize it, twist it to use it for our own ends.  Do we, as a species, deserve to keep on living, did we earn our own extinction through hubris?

Will there be a human race 100 years from now to learn from this?

I doubt that, I doubt that whatever might be left will care, they will deny, deflect, and decry anything they do not like, but they won’t take action against it, because to do so is to tell your political base it is a real threat. They do not want that now, They did not want it 100 years ago, or 1,000 years ago, who am I kidding that someone in our future will be any different?

To acknowledge the issue is to resolve to fix it. Thus they deny and downplay the issue to dodge any responsibility for fixing it.  This is the people we selected to be the leaders.  So why the hell am I doing this? I did not do any numbers yesterday while ill, and I see little point in continuing this endeavor when the world does not care about itself.

I will continue to track the numbers and comment, but I am not wasting any more time and effort on logging the endless headlines of spin.  I think I have enough examples of both sides twisting and using both the Pandemic and the behaviors of our POTUS to their own ends, not caring about the nation, but only about their vision of it, their understanding of it.  All others are wrong, or extremists, or terrorists, or demeaned in some other fashion.  Demeaned so that the masses never hear their point, because they were already told their point is invalid because the speaker is corrupt.

We treat scientists like this now, Fauci, our most renowned epidemiologist, is blamed for the virus he is fighting, and the right sees that as ‘just politics’.  It is not, it undermines Americans hope, trust, and love of America; because it twists America into the caricature they want to spin for political leverage, for yet another accusation without merit. It is like our entire political, social system has devolved into a middle school cafeteria, replete with separate cliques all screaming hate at the others.

I took these numbers today, so the span is longer because I was ill.

                                   Monday              Wendsday

Global Infected 16,350,348 16,783,622
Increase Infected 222,014 433,274

Global Dead 650,553 661,349
Increase Dead 3,741 10,796

USA Infected 4,275,346 4,363,191
USA increase Infected 63,289 87,845

USA C-19 deaths 147,285 149,407
USA C-19 deaths increase 553 2,122

Maine Infected 3,832 3,866
Maine Increase 18 34

Maine deaths 119 121
Increase Maine deaths 0 2

While I worked in isolation on this another 10,796 of my fellow humans succumbed to C-19, of those 2,122 were my fellow Americans and 2 were fellow Mainers.

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