Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 29, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 29, 2020
4:00 PM
189 Days since first US infection

I am not wasting any more time doing the headline Tsunami.  I expect if anyone ever needs evidence of that I have already recorded about 100 days of them.  They are unending and create an information overload in all my fellow citizens, to which we react very differently.

Some wind up buying into all sorts of conspiracies, which are by default, unfalsifiable claims with no evidential support. 

I fear for our nation, I fear for our species, but I suspect our social structures, globally, are shifting under our feet.  This is not abnormal in a pandemic.  The disreputable will strive to exploit the crisis for personal gain.  The political for political gain. Both see the corpses produced as an inevitable byproduct and not their problem, until of course it actually becomes their problem.  So in the beginning of such a Pandemic, like we are in, the shifting can become radical and we must remain aware of this as we go on day to day.

To any real timer reader I urge you and yours to keep your heads down, stay out of congested areas and crowds as much as possible and use all the protections you can between now and when we gain control of the global outbreak.  We are near geometric levels of spread globally, which can become very, very bad, literally overnight in any given area.  Recall the infection develops over a period of 14 to 21 days during which time people have no symptoms and are most infectious.  Death rates will climb 14-21 days after, so the numbers will always have a strong wobble to them in real time.

It is the trends which count.  Is it trending up?  How fast and where?

The global trend has been consistently up, up, up.  At an increasing rate.  The global curve was never bent, some local curves were, but those are useless on the global scale.

If you want those comparative news headlines, go here, I am not wasting anymore time documenting the Tsunami of information thrown at us; it creates information overload and I have documented it well enough. It continues and will continue every day for any foreseable future, unabated and agitaed by social media of all shapes and sizes.

Many headlines come directly from these links as Ground News is seeking to provide comparative news, which we need to be informed.  Most of the rest is sourced through you tube via Legacy Media Links from all the leaders, it is just very time consuming to ferret it all out. Time few Americans have

Global Infected 16,783,622 16,829,840
Weekly running total 655,288+46,218=701,506

Global Dead 661,349 662,297
Weekly running total 14,537+948=15,485

USA Infected 4,363,191 4,396,030
Weekly running total 151,134+32,839=183,973

USA C-19 deaths 149,407 150,034
Weekly running total 2,675+627=3,302

Maine Infected 3,866
Weekly running total 52

Maine deaths 121
Weekly running total 2

Since Wednesday of this week 701,506 people were diagnosed with C-19, 15,485 were exterminated by it, of those 3,302 were my fellow Americans. I sure hope the powers that be wake the hell up and take the neccessary steps to fight back.
As it is Trump derides ‘defunding the police’ as he defunds not only the police, but all first responders nationwide by not helping cities and then blaming Democratic Mayors and Governors for the budget crisis created by his ignoring of the States needs due to C-19. All this as he strives to remove insurance from 2.5 million Americans in a Pandemic.

When will my nation awaken?

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