Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) July 30, 2020

Surviving C-19
July 30, 2020
12.01 AM
190 Days since first US infection

I want to explain the divergent ideas defining the notion of ‘Defund the Police’.  This notion is being spun by the right as the disbanding of police, their abolishment.  It is no such thing.

Take a look at this photo. 

On the left are police very similar to those of my childhood, on the right are modern police. 

‘Defund the police’ is asking; “Why are we spending immense amounts of cash on militarizing the police in our towns, cities and states? 

“Why is so much money being spent on that while not spending money on drug rehabs, counselors, mental health specialists and so forth, all of which these militarized police have to deal with because we don’t fund those other programs?”

Why don’t we ‘defund the Police’ by spending less on further militarization of police and more on the other things they are forced to deal with, and often complain about having to deal with, because we do not budget for them. Thus police are left picking up those unbudgeted social issues and dumping them into the criminal justice system. 

Not abolishing the police or policing, everyone knows we need them.  Instead re-organize them to be able to deal with mental health, drug addiction and actual problems they both face and are ill equipped to deal with.  Instead of another street-tank, how about a rehab?

All the GOP spin this cycle is fear mongering, in a fucking pandemic.  It’s disgusting. GOP Senators are actually running ads darkening the skin of Black opponents and enlarging the noses of Jewish ones; this is an actual tactic used in actual historical Nazi propaganda.

That is a fact, they can spin it all they want but Goebbels did the same damn thing. 

Trump himself ends the Obama program designed to end real estate segregation, which had been historically racist and unfair.  Trump then tweets that he won’t let ‘low income housing’ move into the suburbs, that people living their ‘suburban dreamlife’, won’t lose value in their properties and that crime will go down, with no indication crime was up and no evidence for increasing property values.

This is a Wallace era race baiting tactic, insisting that if black folks move in, your property becomes devalued; i.e. ‘there goes the neighborhood’. Very Archie Bunker.  Openly racist by design.  Instead of Black say “low income housing”, instead of Black say “urban”, it is all double speak attempting to hide blatant racist ideology in plain sight, for the purpose of denying that racist meaning. Pushing all those old racist, cultural buttons while not directly racist in actual word, so he can then deny it is racist.

I wonder, will this wake up any of the GOP?
“Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dies after battle with coronavirus”

“Donald Trump calls for delay to 2020 US presidential election”
Trump cannot postpone the election under the constitution.  It has never been done, not during two world wars, nor during our civil war.  The election has never been postponed, and to do so requires a joint collaborative agreement from both the House and Senate.  Yet Trump is floating the idea, because he is failing at C-19 and everyone sees it.  So instead of bucking up and tackling C-19, he wants to postpone the election so he can fail longer and kill more of us in that failing?

“Nearly 30 million Americans reported not having enough food last week”
“US economy suffers worst quarter since the second world war as GDP shrinks by 32.9%”
“Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently”
The economy is tanking due to millions out of work, due to C-19. 

Yet Trumps staunchest supporters still deny the value of masks, and even blame masks for their C-19 infections.
“Gohmert Suggests His Mask Caused Him to Catch Virus”

The ignorance of science among our leadership is outrageous.

Point of Interest
“Protesters vary as much as their arrests, AP analysis shows”

“The Associated Press found in an analysis of more than 200 arrests: even those accused of breaking the law during the liberal city’s nightly rallies don’t neatly fit into President Donald Trump’s depiction of protesters as “anarchists and agitators.” A review of court documents, social media posts and other public records from people arrested by federal and local authorities since mid-June reveals a group whose motives are as varied as the acts leading to their arrests.

They’re Black Lives Matter activists who have been in the streets since George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police in May, groups of self-proclaimed parents using leaf blowers to drive away tear gas and black-clad provocateurs taking advantage of the nightly chaos that’s gripped downtown Portland for over two months and led Trump to deploy federal agents in early July.

The AP found that 95% of those arrested by police and federal agents were local. The vast majority have no criminal record in Oregon. Many appear to be college students. Their average age was 28, court records show. They’re mostly charged with misdemeanors like failing to comply with a lawful order, while some face felonies like arson and assault on an officer. Most people have been released, and some have been arrested more than once for similar offenses.”

Global Infected 17,126,081
Weekly running total 701,506+296,241=997,747

Global Dead 668,949
Weekly running total 15,485+6,652=22,137

USA Infected 4,464,906
Weekly running total 183,973+68,876=252,849

USA C-19 deaths 151,496
Weekly running total 3,302+1,462=4,764

Maine Infected 3,888
Weekly running total 52+22=74

Maine deaths 122
Weekly running total 2+1=3

I wonder why this song keeps playing in my mind?
“It’s the end of the world as we know it
It’s the end of the world as we know it
It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine . . . “

Since Wednesday of this week 997,747 people were diagnosed with C-19, 22,137 were exterminated by it, of those 4,764 were my fellow Americans, 3 were fellow Mainers.

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