Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) August 2, 2020

Surviving C-19
August 2, 2020
3:40 PM
193 Days since first US infection

I have to say it’s palpable.  A tangible weight lifted by simply not recording the Tsunami we news consumers live under.  For 100 days or so, I cataloged the endless Tsunami, for posterity.  My point was to illustrate the sheer volume and endless spin we are forced to survive under.

News is meant to inform people so they can make good decisions.  What we have now is opinion overload, where competing commercial news outlets all try to spin whatever did happen (the actual news) according to the biases of their viewership/readership.  Thus we have a story (Say a train accident), which all networks report upon.  Each network also includes their opinions about it, raised to a higher volume and of more duration than the report itself.  A two minute report can end with many hours of opinions about that report. The train crash was the fault of the engineer, or poor track maintenance, or politicians who defunded it and so on endlessly.

Bad enough we have news outlets mistreating us all in such a fashion, worse to have the POTUS support some conservative networks and decry the others as false, making the slogan ‘Fake News’ a common term.  Still yet worse are the number of such outlets, all competing, all trying to outdo the other one, and all using opinion more than the news they report.  It is the sheer volume of these outlets which is perhaps most detrimental.

In order to have some idea of what is going on you need to use news comparatively, realizing the truth is somewhere in between.  The effort it takes to do this and the psychological wear it produces, makes it far easier for us all to listen to what fits our bias.  Gradually, over 25 years we have been forced into these bubbles to a point where we no longer see others as Americans, but instead as Red or Blue.

Now it comes out in news that the Trump administration did not enact a national testing program because at first it was a NY problem, a “Democrat’ Problem.  In that way of looking at the world, to fail to react to American needs because the Governor is a Democrat, and you want him to fail so you can point at the poor Job the Democrats did?  If true, such neglect is criminal and of course it will be accusation and denial.  Most especially of the documents on the canceled national testing program, the cancelation of no one can explain.

4:00 PM
Global Infected 17,864,492
Weekly running total 189,828

Global Dead 681,158 — 679,838-WTF?
Weekly running total -1,320

USA Infected 4,657,207
Weekly running total 54,037

USA C-19 deaths 154,779
Weekly running total 790

Maine Infected 3,958
Weekly running total 21

While Florida is a hot point of infection let’s add a tropical storm/hurricane skirting the cost causing power outages up and down the east coast.  Seem like a good idea?  Over 100,000 Puerto Ricans are without power in the same Pandemic, and PR is also a bloom, but I see no coverage of that.

This week 189,828 people were diagnosed with C-19, -1,320 less died than we thought the day before, of those 790 were my fellow Americans and none were fellow Mainers.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) August 2, 2020

    1. Interesting nome de plume there. Opening schools will be a nightmare spread vector. We have no infrastructure and our POTUS has not worked on creating one for schools in a Pandemic. Kids can carry, get ill from and die from C-19, teachers are often in high risk groups for C-19. I think the Pandemic exposes the fraility and problems of our school systems, and since they are all shut down we could have used this moment to entirely re-think schools and how we teach our kids. We still have a school shooting issue and a safty issue parents feel surrounding schools.

      Trump wants to maintain the Status Quo, which cannot be maintained in a Pandemic. Rather the Status Quo must meet the Pandemic and address it, or die.

      Whyy did you name yourself “newworldorderconspiracieschristianitysatanism”?


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