Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) August 4, 2020

Surviving C-19
August 4, 2020
4:00 PM
195 Days since first US infection

So Florida lucked out but we have over 3.3 million without power in a Pandemic, has to be an issue.

Trump continues to attack voting, the GOP even trying to get Kanye on the ballot in key places in the hopes some Black folks will vote for him and not Biden.

Beirut exploded, a fire in a storage building ignited a bunch of confiscated ammonium nitrate, and BOOM!  the damn city blew up.  Locals of war torn Beirut have never experienced an explosion like it.

“Up to 300,000 left homeless by Beirut blast: Governor”:  “A huge blast in Beirut has left 300,000 people homeless and caused damage across half of the city estimated to cost more than US$3 billion (S$4.1 billion), its governor told AFP on Wednesday”

In comparison we counted about 500,000 homeless in America last year (2019), none of whom count toward the jobs/employment numbers.  They are omitted.

Trump falsely claims it is a bomb because it’s Beirut.  No racist ideology in that is there?

Ground news’s app was reconfigured.  It functions well on smart devices, but half of it no longer works on my Computer. I do not do ‘smartphones’, I do not need a computer in my pocket.  Few of us do, but most of us have become addicted to or utterly dependent upon ‘smartphones’, I do not think that is ‘smart’.

I must say omitting the headlines has greatly reduced my personal stress bubble.  The whole experience has made me wonder about my fellow humans.  How many are stuck in a stress loop bubble by being ‘news junkies’, people who watch Fox, or CNN, or MSNBC all day every day?

What does that persistent bubble do to our perceptions?  How twisted and stressed out will they become on a steady diet of only one station, one favorite network?

Trump did an interview with Axios.  Trump measures death as a proportion of infections.  That measures how well our health infrastructure deals with C-19, and there we have expected low death percentage of cases.

The question was about how many Americans have died from C-19, and in that sense we have many more deaths than almost everywhere.  Trump has convinced himself that the % of Americans dead in the op0verall population is not relevant, when it is most relevant.

It is measuring how deeply the infection has spread.  Trump shows no compassion for the victims at all.

4:00 PM
Global Infected 18,380,616
Weekly running total 482,715+223,237=705,952

Global Dead 696,008
Weekly running total 9,543+5,307=14,850

USA Infected 4,749,908
Weekly running total 93,403+53,335=146,738

USA C-19 deaths 156,275
Weekly running total 1,176+1,110=2,286

Maine Infected 3975
Weekly running total 33+5=38

Maine deaths 123
Weekly running total 1-1=0

This week 705,952 people were diagnosed with C-19, 14,850 were exterminated by C-19, of those 2,286 were my fellow Americans and none were fellow Mainers.

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