Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) August 7, 2020

Surviving C-19
August 5, 2020
4:00 PM
197 Days since first US infection

I have been thinking, what films or books would one use to describe the Pandemic we are expereincing. I though ‘Groundhog Day’ + ‘Outbreak’ ” “Stripes” covers it pretty well.

5:11 PM
Global Infected 18,650,322
Weekly running total 705,952+269,706=975,658

Global Dead 703,320
Weekly running total 14,850+7,312=22,162

USA Infected 4,816,509
Weekly running total 146,738+66,601=213,339

USA C-19 deaths 157,854
Weekly running total 2,286+1,579=3,865

Maine Infected 3,992
Weekly running total 38+17=55

Maine deaths 123
Weekly running total 0+1=1

This week 975,658 people were diagnosed with C-19, 22,162 were exterminated by C-19, of those 3,865 were my fellow Americans and 1 was a fellow Mainer.

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