Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) August 15, 2020

Surviving C-19
August 15, 2020
9:06 AM

206 Days since first US infection? I am no longer certain of that as my unit broke and getting it fixed, even by workaround, was problematic in a pandemic.  I think 206 is correct, but  . . . , it is close anyways.

I have to say what a damn relief it was that my machine broke and I was forced into a respite from the endless Tsunami of Newsspin. I was aware of the psychology involved but also drenched in the day to day reality by recording the Tsunami for historic purposes. I became more aware of how it was negatively affecting my day to day outlook when first, I gave myself a day off, and later said I think I have enough to make my point about us all drowning in competing newsspins.  However like many things in life, the experience of that psychological effect is far more than any description conveys.

Try describing sex to a virgin, they cannot grasp the topic until they are not a virgin, not in any real or complete sense.  It requires the experience.  So too with this psychology.

Having my unit crash and force me completely out of the news cycle for a week or so was profound.

I do not have cable TV, not for years and years, decades now I guess.  I hate commercials.  In recent years I have had streaming TV, which is commercial free through services like netflicks.  Lost all of that.  Mainstream real time news I tracked through mirrors and YouTube reposts, so all of that was removed for the duration, like going camping, out of the loop except for random radio news. 

The removal of all of the Newspins was profound.  My mood lightened over the days despite the frustrations of finding repairs in a Pandemic. It is not easy to convey how dramatic that loss was and I fear it is deeply affecting all our individual psychologies.

This new insight shows me with great clarity the ‘why’ of people putting their heads in the sand, or being willing to believe abject BS put out by the GOP about the virus.  If they ‘believe’, they lessen the psychological stress the simple awareness of the virus brings.  The more aware you are of it, the safer your actions around it are likely to be and the more stress on your psychology.  The more you are able to compartmentalize it, to disbelieve it, to deny it, the less strain of that psychological stress. 

Newspins inflates all those feelings.  So it seems to me now obvious that Americans are buying into BS just to feel a little less afraid, a little more in control, to reduce that psychological stress in any way they can, to simply continue functioning.  I cannot say strongly enough how dangerous that can be.

I can only imagine that Social Media inflates those issues even further; that is part of why I do not use it.

Trump is openly attacking the Constitutionally Created USPS, claiming mail in votes a problem when that is how all serving members of the Military vote.

Does he understand or care that he is stripping the voting ability of the Military?

I think not.  I think he is a cornered rat, willing to bite anything that gets near him.  He is all but indicted in several fraud cases concerning the Trump organization.  The Presidency itself is protecting him from these legal actions, if he is not elected he will be charged, perhaps many times.

He won’t want that, no one would, guilty or innocent.  His GOP enablers are also at risk of litigations or indictments should he not be re-elected.  So he hopes to disenfranchise as many votes as possible, to deny the vote to as many people as possible because he knows the majority of Americans stand for their families first, and he is not taking care of those.  The majority won’t vote for Joe Biden, they will vote against Donald Trump.

Right now the “Hero of Katrina”, General Russell Honore, cannot get his VA meds on time because Trump’s crony, new head of the USPS; (who is holding multimillion dollars stakes in other shipping companies like UPS), is actively deconstructing the USPS, removing sorting machines, creating rules which don’t allow overtime, which ensure mail received today will not all be processed today, an age old USPS axiom; which slows the mail to all and increases his personal profits by crippling the competition, the USPS.

If General Honre can’t get his meds, why would an ole grunt like me?

I suspect mine will be delayed, as are many of my fellow vets to whom Trump pays lip service but does not care about. Trump does not seem to care about anyone but Trump, his name, his legacy.  America is not that, and the United States Postal Service is not Trump either.

Such actions can kill me all by itself, so literally, the POTUS is out to kill me and all vets who need meds by delaying our meds to get himself re-elected.

These were the last numbers in my desktop file with today’s numbers. So let’s see how bad it all got eh?
Global Infected 19,193,661 21,240,306                                          

Increase during Computer breakdown    2,046,645

Global Dead                       716,735                                 766,429

Increase during Computer breakdown   49,694

USA Infected                     4,918,927                             5,314,116

Increase during Computer breakdown   395,189

USA C-19 deaths              160,737                                 168,458

Increase during Computer breakdown   7,721

Maine Infected                4,014                                     4144

Increase during Computer breakdown   130

Maine deaths                    124                                         127

Increase during Computer breakdown   3

So while I struggled to get my PC repaired in a Pandemic, 395,189 on my fellow Americans contracted C-19 and 7,721 died from it, of those 3 were fellow Mainers.

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