Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday, August 16,2020

4:20 PM

Let’s try some seven day averages for a while. We had been at around 20,000, give or take, in the April bloom.  Now we are around 50,000 per day globally.  We here in the US are a significant contributor to that despite having a lot less people than many places.

Global Infected-F/21,240,306-Sa/21,298,762                                     

Increase 1/58,456

Global Dead-F/766,429-Sa/767,892

Increase 1/1,463

USA Infected-F/5,314,116-Sa/5,347,953

Increase 1/33,837

USA C-19 deaths-F/168,458-Sa/169,313

Increase 1/855

Maine Infected-F/4,144-Sa/4,144

Increase 1/0

Maine deaths-F/127-Sa/127

Increase 1/0

So closer to Sixty Thousand new cases globally and America is half of that, a little more than half the new cases.  Think about that, we, with 328 million people have 50% while the other 50% comes from the other 7 Billion people across the entire planet. 

This is America being “Great”?

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