Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday September 13, 2020

11:46 Am
This week in C-19 . . .

Global Infected 26,909,934>>>>>>>>>>28,807,891
Increase 1,897,957
7 day average– 271,136 infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead 880,097>>>>>>>>>>921,022
Increase 40,925
7 day average — 5,846 deaths daily

USA Infected 6,246,203>>>>>>>>>>6,492,744
Increase 246,541
7 day average — 35,220 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 188,553>>>>>>>>>>193,734
Increase 5,181
7 day average — 740 deaths daily

Maine Infected 4,667>>>>>>>>>>4,863
Increase 196
7 day average — 28 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths 134>>>>>>>>>>136
Increase 2
7 day average — .28571 deaths daily

Some week eh?  Trump is revealed to have disparaged anyone who serves in uniform as suckers and losers.  Coming from a silver spoon who used his father’s wealth to slime out of the draft 5 times I find this unsurprising.  It is further revealed that he knew what I suspected back in early February, that the Virus is fully airborne and five times as deadly as a very bad flu like H1N1.

Knowing this he purposefully downplayed the severity of the virus, intentionally misinforming the nation as to how dangerous it is, and encouraged his own base and the entire nation not to follow standard medical protocols for a novel virus.  In so doing Trump has killed more Americans by that action than most of our wars already, and he is still at it.

Now the VP is attending a Q Anon rally.  Q Anon is a loose confabulation of conspiracy theories with no evidence, which also see Trump as ‘God Ordained’ to root out the evil, hidden, Satanic, pedophile ring inside the government, Hollywood and the Democratic Party.  There is no evidence for any of this,  just fear mongering onto a population of people already suspicious of every damn thing and seeking someone or something to blame for it all.

That is dangerous.

This aspect of Q Anon ties in with aspects of the far Christian right, as one needs to believe in Satan to take “Satanists” in anything other than an odd offshoot of religious philosophy.  There is a core group of far right Christians (Read Jeff Sharlet’s ‘The Family’) who see whomever is elected (as long as it is their guy) as ‘Jesus’s choice’, and thus no matter what such a POTUS does these folks assume that must be God’s will.  If a Democrat is elected these same folks see it as the Devil at work.  It is these far right Christians which are buying into Q Anon.

If they keep pushing this they may create the very civil war they keep warning of.  If you convince the fringe that the majority are evil, by nature; that they are Satanists, then believers can rationalize smashing your infants head in.  This is the very effect sociologically that took place in Germany.  Too few stood up, too few spoke out, and those who did were trampled upon. Others took note of that and shut up, going along to get along, and within a couple of years you had a Nazi State.

This is how one creates an autocracy, a kingship, or a dictatorship.  You mobilize your base and convince them anyone not in it is by default the villain.  You make them the other which you dehumanize (anarchists, extreme leftist, Satanists) and cause your base to fear them and the reactions will follow (17 year old locks and loads to protect someone else’s property without their consent; and kills 2, maims a third).  It is already happening, let’s hope we can stop these effects.

To create a puppet regime you destabilize the existing Government and then pounce in to ‘rescue’ the population from what you caused covertly.  Trump is doing the very same to America as the damn POTUS, in the open, dividing America against America and claiming only he can rescue America from the ‘radical anarchist left’ he is branding all non-Trump supporters as.  Claiming the only way he can lose the election is if those radical Democrats rig it against him, as if the Dems are in charge while he is POTUS.

How long till they begin the actual witch trials, hunting down alleged Satanists like McCarthy did alleged Communists?

How long till someone claims you are the Radical,  The Anarchist,  The Satanist, simply because you do not agree on a point of policy or ideology?

Meanwhile California is ablaze along with Oregon and Washington and several others.  Gigantic climate fueled fires merging into vast Superfires, creating the world’s worst breathing conditions for many tens of millions.  America, that is more than 30% of your fucking food burning, or smoked out, or deprived of water via drought and fire response.

As this all happens the POTUS still downplays C-19.  He wants to call it a victory that the death rate has declined.  That is no victory, but the result of studying 193,734 deaths in the last 6 months and millions of infections.  Those corpses taught us a lot about what Covid does, but not all and not enough.  Trump keeps pushing the vaccine, but even if it was available next year at this time, that would be groundbreaking speed. To claim it next month is to push the science aside for politics which we already have ample record of him doing.

Riddle me this.  Why do we not have a vaccine for the common cold, a corona virus?  Answer: Because it mutates so fast whatever you made would be worthless in a few months and the antibodies your body makes to it do not last but a month or two.  That is why we always re-catch colds.  I suspect Covid will be the same and any vaccine will be of little effect and/or short lived.

The Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines are very important this year, even if they are only 50% or more effective.  It reduces severity when at 50%, and reduces infection at rates above that.  Again, it is an educated guess; ‘which way will the flu evolve this year?’;   an educated guess based on the gathered data. We then make vaccines for the strain most likely to bloom, but if it is another strain which blooms, then the vaccines are less effective.

We face this same problem in spades with C-19.

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