Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday October 18, 2020

7:39 Am

This week in C-19. . .
Global Infected                    37,288,362                           39,735,801
Increase                               2,447,439
7 day average                    349,634      infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead                       1,074,276                             1,110,823                            
Increase                             36,547
7 day average                   5,221       deaths daily

USA Infected                     7,729,108                             8,107,404
Increase                             378,296
7 day average                   54,042      infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths              214,573                                 219,311
Increase                            4,738
7 day average                  676        deaths daily

Maine Infected              5,723                                     5,913
Increase                          190
7 day average                27        infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths                143                                         146
Increase                         3
7 day average               .42857    deaths daily

Stark isn’t it?  Observe the contrast between the 676 deaths per day nationwide and Maines contribution to that; a mere .42857.  All of that is the difference between Rural and Urban environments.  This bug loves tight, cramped, packed places, like the NYC subway, football games, bars, church; all those places where people like to congregate and gab.

Observe the Contrast between candidates and it too is stark.  Trump, following my own worst case scenario, is now claiming to be immune, that his strength allowed him to beat the bug.  He both fails to consider and discounts the disparity that the Average American will not get a free medivac and world class team of doctors on their side.  In fact they will have a hard time getting a test, or treatment unless they are gravely ill. 

Having a slight shortness of breath and a temp will get the average Joe and Josephine a “Go home and rest” response, unless the bug is seen as life threatening to them already.  We Americans don’t have the insurance for the treatments Trump got, and do not have 100K lying about to pay for it either.

This is what I feared about Trumps infection, if he does not get sick enough for him to be very ill, then he would see that as a confirmation of his assessment that the Dems are blowing it out of proportion.  Now he is jetting about holding rallies, without proper precautions, all of which will spread the bug to others, all of whom are unwitting, who won’t know they got the bug for 2 weeks, but will expose to the infection everyone they come into contact with for two weeks.  After that two week period they might develop symptoms, and they might not, flip a coin.  If they do develop symptoms then they might see the damage they have done, but half never will.

So we have large gatherings of thousands to Trump rallies, and we already know a bunch of these folks are not locals, but travel like Deadheads following the rallies.  That has already been documented.  So these asymptomatic and presymptomatic spreaders will go to the rally, then travel to the next, exposing everyone they contact en-route.  Others will travel from home to the rally, then back home after being exposed and for 14 days spread the bug without their knowledge.

Trump does not consider and does not care about this.  He thinks ‘they chose to take the risk, therefore they are brave’.  No, they are not brave, they are foolish and dangerously inconsiderate like Trump himself who infected his own family and cabinet.  As if in a thunderstorm, with the power blinking off and on, they stuff their own hands and yours into the garbage disposal, taking risk with their own and your life.

A total failure of ethics and morals created by personal political bias and misinformation/disinformation spread by Trump. The GOP’s silence on all this makes them as guilty as Trump himself.

Then we have plots to overthrow the government by the far right, to kidnapp a Governor, and Trump, Mr. Law and Order now, says nothing about that because it is a Democratic Governor he does not like. We have Trump claiming to not know what Q anon is, which is BS, everyone does and as POTUS he should have been briefed. IDK is not a valid answer for a POTUS, that means your ignorant, and an ignorant POTUS is a danger to the nation.

OF course he knows, but they support him, see him as a savior, carry Q signs at all his rallies for years now. He wont disavow their extremism because they will vote for him.

Meanwhile all of Europe is starting their second wave, long predicted for the fall and coming in like a lion.  Blooms there already look like March and April or exceed that infection rate.  Deaths follow 20 days or so later.  American however is not starting the second wave, but the third. 

We are the only nation on Earth experiencing a thrid wave. This is because Trumps policy of opening up, disavowing masks and guidelines, created the second wave costing 100,000 or so lives and increasing the size, extent, duration, and coverage of the third wave. Meaning many more of us are going to die a slow agonizing death seperated from loved ones.

C-19 came here in Jan, bloomed in March and April and we locked down but before we crushed it the GOP and Trump insisted on opening ‘for the economy’, and created the second wave.  This raised the baseline.

Imagine if you will a BB player like Jordan or Kobe, preparing to jump for a tip off.  One stands on the floor, another on a two foot platform, and a third on a four foot platform. From which position would you be able to jump the highest? 

This is what we did for c-19, built it a four foot platform for its fall tip off, and we are the game. 

So as we bloom we do so from a baseline, not of zero or less than one, but from 40,000 new cases a day.  Thus this bloom will be like NYC nationwide and will last all damn winter.It will wax and wane, but each waxing or waning will likely be elevated from the previous, like a staircase going up, or in the worst case like a vertical wall. 

Our POTUS is taking no actions. Hell . . . he already had it, it won’t hurt him right?  Even Chris Christie, who got very ill, came out and admitted he was under a false sense of security and he was wrong, ‘wear a damn mask I should have’.

Trump won’t even acknowledge him, or what he said.  He is still telling his base, we are rounding the corner, but I see the Normandy Beaches ahead not R&R.  The hypocrisy of the entire GOP, to ignore the aid packages on the docket in order to slam through a corporate Supreme Court pick illustrates the disconnect of the GOP from main street.

Games of Thrones said “Winter is Coming’, The Walking Dead references ‘Black Summer’, I fear we are entering our very own ‘Black Winter.’

Addendum: Perparing myself for the upcoming bloom

My best chance as an elevated at risk person is to avoid C-19 for as long as possible. Therefore my best chances of survival are to be overprecautious, if you are underprecautious you will find out via infection. To do this I have done the following:

  1. I moved from a small town outside the nearby city to a hilltop in a town of less than 200 people.
  2. I sealed my interior door with weather stripping to reduce and restrict airflow from the downstairs into my room.
  3. I live in my room isolated.
  4. When I venture downstairs or interact with my own family, I am masked. Often they are as well, but not always.
  5. No one enters my room but me.
  6. I am adding a HEPA filter for my room, it will arrive Monday.

If you overprepare you might waste money, or look foolish to friends and neighbors who do not see the need. If you underprepare you will catch C-19 and discover what your unknown underlying conditions are the hard way. In NBC you always overprepare because underpreparation equals death.

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