Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday October 25, 2020

6:21 Am

This week in Covid-19 . . .

Global Infected                   39,735,801                           42,650,540
Increase                               2,914,739
7 day average                    416,391      infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead                       1,110,823                             1,150,241                            
Increase                             39,418
7 day average                   5,631       deaths daily

USA Infected                     8,107,404                             8,576,838
Increase                            469,434
7 day average                  67,062      infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths              219,311                                 224,899
Increase                           5,588
7 day average                 798        deaths daily

Maine Infected              5,913                                     6,137
Increase                          224
7 day average                32        infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths                146                                         146
Increase                         0
7 day average               0    deaths daily

“Truth be told, I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, small-government, strong-defense and a national-anthem-standing conservative, But, I also believe that black lives matter, that the Dreamers deserve a path to citizenship, that diversity and inclusion are essential to our national success, that education is the great equalizer, that climate change is real and that the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy.”—Retired U.S. special operations commander Adm. William McRaven, who is known for leading the Navy SEAL team that conducted the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in 2011, said he voted for Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden for president.

Ok folks we are back to where we were to where we were last spring and summer.  The world has had 2 peaks so far, the USA has had three because our POTUS and GOP are both inept and uncaring, concerned only for themselves, their wealthy donor class and the retention of power. 

We are rapidly approaching the Titanic a day level we were at again. Infection rates and numbers already exceed those and deaths lag 14-21 days or so as C-19 kills you slowly unlike a merciful .38 to the back of the head.  Bam, all over and done.  C-19 wants to flay you alive from in the inside out in slow motion.  If you are lucky, lack pre-existing conditions and have great health care and insurance you will likely be fine, the rest of us will not fare so well.

Already hospitals are nearly as stressed as they were, filling up or full; but now not just in NYC or Miami, but in 75% of the country.  This is the beginning. 

Trump is mocking Biden for warning us it will be a dark winter ahead as he says it is just going to go away, as rates and levels spike everywhere in the wake of his rallies.  No one else on the planet is holding events like Trump, regardless of the Virus, in denial of the basic science.  He is literally killing Americans via virus and I think history will remember him that way, and the GOP along with him.

Trump seems to see taking precautions against the virus as weak or fearful.  He is a POTUS giving US an all clear without it being all clear, because he thinks it looks bad, looks weak, looks ‘unmanly’.  Mano a Mano Machismo sentiment has no place in virology.

I live in a rural area of a rural state.  I am isolated by distance.  I have contact with 2 humans, 2.  If by some stretch of circumstance I see other humans in a given month, like voting this month, I am still not in double digits for human contact, and that contact was brief and masked.  I live alone in my room, leaving only for food and the facilities.  I do that masked.  I bought and run a HEPA in my room.  I do not see my actions as either fearful or lacking Machismo. I am following the science as an elevated at risk person.

Trump is obviously willing to spread the virus and kill Americans, most especially his own followers, in order to retain power.  His niece finds this unsurprising as he pulled the insurance from his own nephew, an infant in neo-natal care, because he was angry with the baby’s family, a branch of his own family which failed to toe his line. 

If we do not remove Trump I am not sure we retain America itself. The façade would remain, the buildings, some Government calling itself American, but the reason we created America to begin with, to be free of Kings and Despots, that will be dead in the water. 

A dark fall is leading into a Black Winter the likes of which none of us have ever seen.  I will take precautions as science demands.  I hope to live long enough to survive this Pandemic, but I fear I will not despite all precautions.

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