Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday November 1, 2020

6:24 Am

This week in C-19 . . .

We Americans were number one. We set records five days in a row for most number of new infections, we increased our daily deaths back to near 1,000 per day, and we are climbing still every day. Even here in Maine, after Trump came to rally, we bloomed for over 100 cases for days, 3.5 times our previous infection rate. We were between 25-30 cases per day but added 501 after Trump’s Rally, a new average of 71 per day.

This is the bloom I have been talking about.  It may well last till Easter.

Global Infected 42,650,540                          46,142,598
Increase        3,492,058
7 day average   498,865      infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead     1,150,241                               1,196,266                            
Increase        46,025
7 day average   6,575       deaths daily

USA Infected    8,576,838                              9,127,109
Increase        550,271
7 day average   78,610      infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 224,899                                              230,566
Increase        5,667
7 day average   809        deaths daily

Maine Infected 6,137                                     6,638
Increase        501
7 day average   71        infections diagnosed daily (up from an average of 25 since Trump’s visit)

Maine deaths    146                                         147
Increase        1
7 day average   .14285    deaths daily (Recall these lag 14-21 days)

So here we are in the bloom.  The bloom includes the entire northern hemisphere, of which America is a part.  Here we had three wave peaks so far, of the same viral tsunami.  Everywhere else had only two, the initial outbreak and this bloom.  The left blames it all on Trump, who has failed at every juncture and still has his head in the sand. 

However I think that second wave only America had has three causes.  Trump’s failure to address the issue, the Virus’s preference for inside environs over outside environs, and air conditioning.  If you look at where and when things bloomed here in that second wave peak you see most of it was in the south, in the hot desert south, in the Bayou south, in the palm tree south, and in California.  Here in America all those environs are heavy on the AC use during the summer, so folks hid indoors from the heat and caught C-19 as it spreads more easily indoors.

Now the entire northern hemisphere is indoors avoiding the cold, snow and ice.  C-19 loves this, and it has buddies who also become epidemic in the ‘Flu’ season.  Now we face a viral team, of C-19 and everything else we get every winter.

The media Tsunami I charted for months continues unabatted, making it very difficult or impossible for the average American to get unfiltered, unspun, news. This misinformation age we have entered will be deadly. Imagine this threat as something more straightforward, like a fire, with half the news outlets saying it was started by anarchists and the other half by lightning strikes; the size, intensity and locations of burning blazes are not shared or do not match the on the ground reality.

How many burn to death in such a model?

Last night I sneezed several times in a row, rapidly and hard.  Then the snot factory started.  This happens every year to me when we button up for the cold, dry heat and dust make for allergies and sneezes.  This year however I have a new consideration, C-19.  I cannot rule that out so I have to assume I caught it, stay in my room, avoid the downstairs as much as possible and monitor my health for two weeks.  A sneeze cost me two weeks of fear, like an Aids test, “will it or wont it reflect disease?”

I extrapolate that to my nation and the world writ large and wonder how many millions are in the same boat?  How many are in that boat and working because they need food and rent more than they fear a sniffle?  How many will rationalize the threat away because it is so inconvenient, and how many more will that infect and perhaps kill?  How many more will simply assume it is the dry heat and dust allergy and ignore the first symptoms?

Trump is the main spread vector of the USA, gathering large crowds of people, with an asymptomatic disease about, let them infect one another asymptomatically, and then return home to spread the disease in an asymptomatic fashion, unknowing. Trump is the only person on Earth doing such things. This is the rationalization of the staunch Trump supporter, an “I won’t get it and even if I do I will be fine, I won’t give it to grandma or my wife.  Not me.”  There is an 82% correlation between rapid rises in C-19 in the areas Trump rallies in and those very rallies.  It is not a co-incidence.

I predicted this when Trump became infected, but got a mild disease and primo medical care.  That he would see an easy course of the disease as a verification that the disease is being overblown politically, despite a quarter million dead Americans. Americans won’t get that level of medical care, and he is ripping away the insurance of 20 million more Americans after job loss ripped it away from many more.  Trump is creating a medical financial crisis for the Nation, unless you’re the 1%.

Militias are very active, making threats and plans, far right provocateurs mingle in BLM marches and start looting, we have already caught some and arrested them for it.  Not much news on that is there?  Russia, China, and others are hacking our nation.  Someone changed the Governor of Florida’s address so that he could not vote and had to fix the address issue.  Easy for the governor, impossible for a young black mom to do the same in the time allotted.  Ransomware attacks are hitting hospitals in the bloom.

Is our POTUS on that?  Nope, he is too busy spreading the virus at rallies and still bitching about HRC’s e-mails.

I have said this before and will say it again, this is the beginning.  We shall be in this boat between now and 2022.  I have little or no faith in the vaccines, not because the science is flawed or the process politicized, but because we have already seen re-infections, documented re-infections.  In 8 months’ time people have got C-19, gotten very ill from it, recovered, and caught it again.  This does not bode well for either herd immunity via vaccine or for antibody resistance, it seems negligible or non-existent, like for C-19’s sister the common cold.

50%, half of all C-19 cases are fully asymptomatic.  That means every other person can and will carry C-19 unwittingly, and only about half of us are masking consistently.  The other half is in denial of the seriousness of the bug and not wearing masks.  All cases have serious pre-symptomatic spread.  That is you catch C-19, have no symptoms for 14 days or so and spread it for 14 days before you have a symptom.  So expect it to bloom big and loud. 

Wear a damn mask, keep your distance even from your loved ones, you won’t know you have C-19 until after you share it with them.

What we saw in April in NYC is coming to a city or town near you, with a lot less medical resources. Less hospitals, less beds, less Doctors and Nurses, and more patients, all over he nation and all simultaneously.  It won’t be two or three large well-funded NYC hospitals being overwhelmed but many rural, underfunded and understaffed hospitals.  Expect overflow tent hospitals in the dead of winter and corpses ‘stacked like cord wood’, a quote from the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

Forty Six Thousand of my fellow humans died of C-19 this week; that is a large football stadium of Covid corpses. 5,667 of those folks were my fellow Americans and 1 a fellow Mainer.  Donald Trump Jr calls this ‘almost nothing’.

3 thoughts on “Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday November 1, 2020

    1. 19 is the year in which it was discovered, that why it is 19. We cannot create virus, we can and study and alter virus seeking to make vaccines and to improve our knowledge of them. It is possible that C-19 ‘got loose’ from a lab, but it is more probable we got it from nature. As the climate shifts and humans expand into wilderness due to population we expose ourselves to virus which lived there. The ‘wet food’ live animal markets of Asia are petri dishes for all sorts of virus, and is the most likely source of this outbreak.
      Even if we think or believe the virus was retro engineered in a lab and escaped or was let loose we could never prove it, as the mutations we do in labs are replications of what happens in natrure. Trying to blame another nation for the outbreak is taking our eyes off the ball, which is and shall remain C-19. Only a madman like Dr. No would release a virus retroengineered into the world because that virus will mutate, and whatever vaccine Dr. No made to combat it might well be worthless when it comes back to them, as it would. All pointing fingers does is make some folks feel better by having someone to blame and many folks prefer having somone to blame than accepting that life in our universe is in nature, and nature does not care about humans.


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