Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Election Day November 3, 2020

7:24 Am

Well America, here we are.

As I pen these lines we all stand in a nation where 1/3 of us exist in a right wing media bubble.  They hold a cognitive bias for Donald Trump despite any and all evidence of his failings as a POTUS.  You can list lies by the thousands and they say “it’s not relevant, he is just trolling, owning the ‘Libs’”.  The left is cast as a radical mob by Trump as Trump supporters form actual Mobs on the Texas Highway and force a Biden Campaign bus off the highway.  Memes on this follow using wrecked busses celebrating the actions of those Trump supporters.

Business in cities all over the nation are boarding up for the election as the president predicts violence and in so doing gives his tacit approval of such by his followers.  Record numbers of Americans have already voted early or by mail, but the POTUS is insisting that all ballots must be counted election night, something which has never been the case.  51 districts have 51 sets of laws governing how the election works, state by state.  The vote is certified in December when the Electoral College votes, not on election night.

The whole notion of election night results is a construct of the media when news became 24 hour nonstop media in the late 70’s.  Then they sought to increase ratings and started with the exit polls, and early counts, seeking to up anticipation and interest and thus ratings.  This is unabated even now, media having learned nothing and still seeing ratings and not nation as the determinate factor of importance on Election Day.  Many of these networks were already counting votes days prior to the election.  Endlessly talking about how many early votes there have been, and what polls say about that, predicting while claiming not to predict.  All for ratings, not Nation.

Both sides of the Red vs Blue motif expect the other side to resort to violence.  Both are anticipating it.  This anticipation will likely be used by groups like the Boogaloo Boys, who desire a new civil war.  Trump has said ‘we have the tough guys’, many time in his speeches, implying that if things do no go his way these tough guys will step up and make it so by force of arms. 

He claims this includes the police, the military, and of course the bikers. (Note: no self-respecting One Percenter I ever met would have shit to do with a coward like Trump. They would exploit him and have no use for ‘Law and Order’ claims, ever).  Trump sees every dentist on a Harley as a ‘Biker’, and in one sense they are, but Trump is using the term Biker as a catch all for Brando’s portrayal of Bikers in ‘The Wild One’.  Easy Rider would not vote Trump, he would not bother to vote, and oft is not allowed by law.

This Cognitive Bias is dangerous as the people in it see little or no threat from C-19, and so they spread it to you and yours.  This bias is dangerous because all Cognitive Bias become entrenched, you believe A and so think A, shown evidence that A is actually B, you disbelieve the evidence because it is psychologically painful to admit you were in error about A. Cognitive Bias is an ever present reality for all humans. We all must face our biases in order to overcome them. Failure to do so is detrimental to our well being and is thus an endless task for all humans who desire to grow and become better people.

For many of these people this Trump bias is rolled up in their religious beliefs and worldview. This makes overcoming such especially difficult if not impossible because of their worldview. For many leaving Trump means shedding closely held religious convictions something few are wont to do.

They believe ‘God Chose Trump, we don’t know why, even if he is evil, he is God chosen and thus we must support him because God will use an evil man for an ultimate good we cannot see or understand’.  Thus not electing Trump would refute their religious ideology forcing them to either admit their religious ideology is in error or that Satan won and God lost, and since other Americans voted for Biden, they must therefore be evil or manipulated by Satan.

This psychology plays into the Q Anon conspiracy and into the hands of both many white nationalist groups and the Far right Religious groups like ‘The Family’.  It is dangerous and the POTUS keeps encouraging it.  Leading many to fear that today we vote and no matter the outcome tomorrow we burn. 

Vladimir Putin could not be happier about this.  A Nation divided against itself cannot stand.

All of this transpires against the backdrop of C-19.  We set records all last week for infections, for rates of infection and I expect the death rates to climb as the hospitals become taxed, as the hospital workers become exhausted and overworked, as PTSD takes its toll on them.  If it continues unabated it might break health systems, overwhelming thier capability.  If that happens on scale we will see subsidiary deaths, from car wrecks and heart attacks, lives which could have been saved under normal circumstances.

I voted weeks ago, in person, all Mopped up.  I voted blue down ticket.  I do not feel as if I have any choice as an Independant.  As I have said before, if you have a political party, and Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and White Supremacists come to your door seeking entry into your party and you say “Come on in, you can be a part of our Grand Old Party, you can even run for office as GOP”, you have made your Grand Old Party either a Grand Old Nazi Party or one that supports, condones, or at least tolerates such ideology. 

So I am forced by this action of the GOP to see all GOP as either members of the Grand Old Nazi Party or tolerant of that ideology.  It does not matter what they say anymore, the party changed and they remained. The GOP was painted by Trumpism, painted as Grand Old Nazi Party members whether they embrace such ideology or not. 

A politician who openly admits such ideology faces a steep uphill battle. If their party has members who hold such an ideology it inevitably stains all members of that party. Conservatives who do not embrace such ideology must either break from their party, or be stained by it.

That is what “The Lincoln Project” and other such new organizations are doing in resisting Trump’s re-election.  They want to use a stain remover on the GOP, but I fear that swastika in the O of the Logo is in Trump Sharpie, and that is permanent maker.  These actual conservatives need to see the GOP as the Whigs, and let it die while making a new conservative movement, one which also supports the democratic ideals the Nation was built upon and not Authoritarianism.

So I voted Blue down ticket, and see no other option. 

Today as we vote we have . . .

Global Infected                  46,972,539

Global Dead                       1,207,975

USA Infected                     9,293,310

USA C-19 deaths              231,566

Maine Infected                 6,926

Maine deaths                    148

This selfsame Cognitive Bias drives many of the Trump Base to believe that the Pandemic is false, overblown, or a ‘Democrat Conspiracy’.  They believe ‘Jesus will protect me from Covid, and if it is my time, that is what Jesus wants’.  Concern for you and all others is also regulated to Jesus, whether you believe in him or not.  Trump rallies tell these people that wearing a mask is an infringement on their liberty, even on their freedom of religion.  The Virus is downplayed to all our detriment.

I hope Biden wins and things go smoothly, that he begins during the transition to address the virus.  However we have a toddler in chief with a base of people who have already shown a penchant for violence, which he has encouraged for years now.  If trouble breaks out I expect it to be from right wing provocateurs; Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, Aryan Nation and so forth.  If Trump wins and the left protests these folks will infiltrate, as they have already done, and instigate rioting, hoping to start a race war, fulfilling Charlie Manson’s Helter Skelter wish. 

If Biden wins Trump will scream and claim is a fraud, a hoax, that Dems are stealing the election, attempt to blame state governors for the theft when state governors have no say in our elections at all.  In this case we might see more armed protests at state houses, after all if you want to start a civil war, and you’re also in support of the POTUS, you do not protest your own guy do you?  You need a target, and Trump has been telegraphing whom the target is to be for years, it’s the Democrats, the Democrat States and Cities.  So another kidnapping attempt or armed insurrection in these states is possible. 

I wonder if they know it will be Trumps FBI and ATF which respond against them.  That the wheels of such organizations are always turning and they too will become the next poor deluded bastards, mostly young white men, now on TV for conspiring to kidnap and murder.  That Trump won’t save them, but claim them as patriots and the justice system as broken while they languish in prison. Lives destroyed by a Cognitive Bias in a corrupt Real Estate salesman who won the presidency and only cares about himself.

I made this blog for the future historians to peruse and I wonder now what will they think of us then.  Will we be seen as the German Liberals who lost control to Hitler?  Who failed to stand up in enough numbers to counter Nazism?  Who were cowed by Kristallnacht?  Or will they see the bulk of America rise up against fascism despite it being wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross?

Will we ‘E Pluribus Unum’?

I do not expect trouble here, at my residence.  I already have 6 inches of snow, and my road is not oft plowed. We do it ourselves, it is our road.  So it is just plowed enough for our trucks to get in and out.  If there is trouble it will be ‘over there’, like everything except weather and the Virus.  I see Trump like a wrecking ball smashing into our democracy, we won’t know until after it hits how much damage it did.

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