Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Wednesday November 4, 2020

So, I am up and watching early returns.  Amazingly I am still horrified that broadcasters are predicting based on as little as 20% of a vote total.  They base these predictions on how any given area, county sized or smaller, traditionally voted in past election.  As I said before, this is all to drum up viewership and increase ratings.

Reality is they don’t know any more than you or I.  They are making an educated guess and based on that predicting outcomes.  It is the because of these very ‘predictions’ that the nation thought Al Gore had won, only to have the networks say ‘Oops’.  It is the because of these very predictions and forecasts which cause Donald Trump to think they are the final vote tallies.  Any error by media will be leaped upon by the POTUS as an evidence of fraud.

Yet to the media corporations it is the ratings that matter, not the nation or trust in our electoral system.

Here in Maine we have ‘Ranked Choice Voting’, which encourages third, fourth, and fith party candidates by allowing people to vote for other parties, or no party at all without risking their vote.  For decades both the GOP and Dems have said ‘If you vote third party you take your vote from us, allowing the other guy to win.  Don’t waste your vote, vote for us.’  Here in Maine we shot that BS in the head via referendum.

What we have with the two party system is often a choice between Coke or Pepsi, when we want water.  In the Trump Clinton election that was the case for many of us, we felt compelled to vote one way to avoid another, not support for either.  Many feel that way now as well.

Many blame third party voters for HRC’s loss, but those numbers do not hold water.  What cost HRC was the ‘fuck it all I’m staying home’ voter.  In Maine it was that exact ‘forcing’ we objected to, so we fought like hell and got ‘Rank Choice Voting’. I wish it was a national policy, it just makes more sense and is a more accurate count of the actual preferences of the citizenry.

It works like this.  You do not vote for one person, like either Trump or Biden.  You vote for both in the order of your preference.  This allows us to have all kinds of indies and third parties run for office. 

Say we have 6 people running for a seat.  1. a GOP; 2. a Dem; 3&4. two independents; 5. A Libertarian; and 6. a Green.  We do not pick one of them, instead we rank them in order of our preference.  3,4,6,2,5 and I omit the GOP for reasons cited earlier.

When we tally the votes of everyone’s first rank choice.  If any candidate has 51%, a majority, they win.  If no candidate has 51% no one wins and the candidate with the least votes is dropped.  All voters who chose that candidate as their first rank pick move their vote choice to their second rank choice.  Totals are then recalculated to see if anyone hit 51%, a majority.  As soon as any candidate reaches the majority they win.  You can no longer be elected by 40% of the state, sorry Charlie, you failed to meet the majority threshold.

I do so wish the nation would adopt this system and put an end to the two party travesty we exist under, it is a false dilemma.

As it stands from early returns the race looks tight, like 50/50 tight, not what I wanted to see, but hey few states have even 30% tallied, and in my state, we might take a week or more.  Our rank choice system applies to Presidents as well as State representatives.  Serving for Maine requires majority support, or else. 

So I am going to watch TV, not news or exit polls or early returns.  I am going to watch TV, sleep and see if dumbasses burn the world down while I do so.  Not much else I, or anyone can do but wait and see.

Good Morning.

It is now 7:22 AM and the race is split near 50-50, which to me is very disturbing.  To me that indicates that it is not a third of my nation which is racist, not a third in denial of science, not a third in denial of C-19, but half.  Half are willing to endorse and support Trump, despite everything he has done to the nation.  Half are willing to at least turn a blind eye to White Supremacists, to Christian Nationalists or worse, are one themselves.

Half are willing to ignore C-19 to preserve and expand their business or keep their job, without grasping that jobs have no point if you’re dead, your job won’t feed your family if you’re dead.  Half are desirous of Trump firing Dr. Fauci? Half deny climate change?  To me this confirms a diagnosis of actual Idiotcracy and bodes ill for this Black Winter ahead of us.

Thankfully these are all projections and actual results will be weeks away, but I doubt that other half even knows or understands how our system is designed or works.  1/3 of my nation was bad enough, half of my nation being racist, blind to science and willing to sacrifice the unknown other for personal profit, is disgusting.  I do not know what else to say.  My opinion of humanity itself has been lessened as the veneer of ‘social norms’ is stripped away.  I think all of humanity can be reduced to barbarism under enough duress, but I did not think half of my nation was so close to the reality.

“All I can hear
I me mine, I me mine, I me mine

Even those tears
I me mine, I me mine, I me mine

No-one’s frightened of playing it
Everyone’s saying it
Flowing more freely than wine

All through the day
I me mine”-The Beatles

Global Infected                 47,542,998
Global Dead                       1,215,980
USA Infected                     9,385,506
USA C-19 deaths              232,638
Maine Infected                 6,926
Maine deaths                    148

So while Trump practiced divide and conquer on my nation and we Americans voted another 500+ American Citizens died of C-19, and his program of divide and conquer was so successful that half of the nation either does not believe that or does not give a fuck about it, because those people are black, or brown, or asian or whatever. 

They see them as ‘Other’, and once you’re labeled as ‘Other’ people have no issue running you down, or starving you out, or shooting you in the face.  The dehumanization of the ‘Other” is a main facet of every conflict.  We humans dehumanize the enemy so they become a target, not a person. 

America has done this to itself, and it has always been so in my experience. I did not think it was every other person but a smaller fragment of society.  The split in this election shows we have not grown much since the fucking Civil war. It shows that everything which looked like growth or progress was a façade that C-19 and the Trump presidency have ripped away.

I wrote this in 2001


I am Other
It does not disturb me
It does not blow angry winds across my heart
It simply is

So if I tell Another
Behold . . . I am Other
They deny, they resist
They protest, crying
Never let it be so!
None is Other, all belong

How do I then reply?
Should I attempt explanation?
Should I trust their reason?
To mine own self be true?

I did not choose to be Other
Nor would I put it away
And become . . .Another

Another, who re-invents war
“Drone swarms rain fire”
Another, who poisons for profit
“Complex chemical catastrophe”
Another, who twists life
“Biogenetic spider sheep”
Another, who falsely promises
“War over by Christmas”
Another, who bleeds misplaced faith
“Body count hits record high”

My similarities lie cased in flesh
My language, you speak
My knowledge, you know
My lessons, you teach
Wherefore springs your surprise?

I am Other

Are you Another?


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