Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday November 8, 2020

6:24 Am

A virus does not care. It does not care about you or your family and friends.
A virus does not care. It does not care about me or the people I love.
A virus does not care. It does not care about Party or lack of political affiliation.
A virus does not care. It does not care about Economics or anyone’s job or business.
A virus does not care. It does not care about Ideology; Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, or Fascist.
A virus does not care. It does not care about Religion; Hebrew, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu.
A virus cares about three things. Eating humans, reproducing in humans, and acquiring new humans.
Humans need to care about virus. Not Party, Ideology, or Religion. Not business, jobs, or markets.
Humans need to care about virus, first, or virus will damage and destroy everything we do care about.
A virus does not care, so we humans must.

Global Infected                    46,142,598                           49,938,804
Increase                               3,796,206
7 day average                    542,315      infections diagnosed daily

304,148 More new Global infections than last week

Global Dead                       1,196,266                             1,252,079                            
Increase                              55,813
7 day average                    9,788       deaths daily

9,788 More new Global deaths than last week

USA Infected                     9,127,109                             9,861,898
Increase                             734,789
7 day average                   104,969     infections diagnosed daily

184,518 More new US infections than last week

USA C-19 deaths              230,566                 237,123
Increase                            6,557
7 day average                  937        deaths daily

890 More new US deaths than last week

Maine Infected             6,638                                     7,603
Increase                         965
7 day average               137

464 More Maine infections than last week      

Maine deaths             147                                         152
Increase                      5
7 day average             .71428    deaths daily

4 More Maine deaths than last week

In the early 70’s when I was a boy we often played pickup football.  This was a pickup game played in someone’s yard or nearby field big enough to run plays.  We played tackle football with no pads or gear, just young boys and a football.  The big issue every time was who has a football, and is their football a good football or a worn out beat up one?  A new football would allow even the worst player to be picked by captains chosen by drawing straws.

Often this would bring some rich kid to the game who rarely if ever played.  A rich kid with little experience, less practice, and a brand new football.  Every time this happened those of us who played all the time would dread what we saw as inevitable.  At some point there would be a hard tackle, and the rich kid would feel pain, and then they would scream, and cry, and protest how unfair it was that they got tackled, or that they were tackled too hard.  Getting no sympathy they would then pack up their ball and go home.  Forcing us to use a crappy ball or killing the game entirely if we did not have one.

This commonality in my childhood became a stereotype for spoiled brats with poor sportsmanship, epitomized in ‘South Park’ by Cartman always saying ‘screw you guys I’m going home’.  I bring all this up because Joe Biden tackled Donald Trump, and now Trump is acting just like those spoiled brats of my childhood.  I suspect those who grew up playing sports see this as well.

Often these games resulted in some minor injury.  A hard tackle could result in skinned knees and elbows, fat lips, bloody noses, and rarely a broken arm or collarbone.  An injury ended the game if it was serious as we brought the injured home and caught hell from their parents for playing, till next time.  This was a commonality all young boys knew then, expected then, and most were prepared for.

The privalaged rich kid was not.  Those kids always complained, they always tried to have someone punished for ‘playing too hard’, to which everyone would reply ‘It’s football’.  Dissatisfied and upset they would take the ball and go home often in tears at the unfairness of the game which they knew all about before they joined.

Donald Trump is still that spoiled rich brat unable to cope with the hard tackle.  Unlike those spoiled brats this one is POTUS and seeks to punish half the nation for exercising their voting rights, because they did not pick him.  All of that was expected but it will remain a stain on American history and character for a generation.  That, while undesired but anticipated, does not disturb me nearly as much as the closeness of the election.

I heard some democratic pundit saying that Democrats should not consider all Trump supporters racist, and I agree.  However all Trump supporters voted for Trump, by choice.  After everything we have seen and been through, they still voted for Trump.  They willfully, with full mind and intent, chose Trump. Trump voters account for just under half of all Americans.  Races were tight all over.  The largest voter turnout in American History, and almost half of them voted for Trump.

That makes all those voters, not racist by definition, but supportive of a racist president they don’t think is racist, when his words and deeds scream so loudly.  That makes all these voters supportive of a racist worldview they share but do not see as racist.  All of these people supported, by choice, a man who banned Muslims, called Latinos rapists, and disparaged more women than I can keep track of.  All of them chose Trump, and that choice is a problem.

That near even split illustrates that we have not progressed far from our Civil War positions on slavery. Half my nation is in denial to themselves that they are in support of racist and xenophobic views.  Social Media plays into this in an extreme way and I urge people to watch the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ made by the creators of social media about social media.  This documentary explains why I left social media in 16 and why I do not own or use a smartphone. It also explains the bubbles we live in, that I have been railling about since I began this work.

The USA elected Joe Biden. We elected someone who will try to address the Pandemic not ignore it, but half the nation is not up for that, in denial of both science and reality.  That reality bodes ill for America. 

Now Trump, acting like the spoiled brat he is, is filing worthless lawsuits and refusing to admit he lost.  He is a shit stain on the presidency, which is shit stain on the Nation. The more he whines and complains, the bigger the shit stain gets.

Since Trump’s campaign visit to Maine, we have bloomed with C-19.  We went from 20-25 cases per day to an average of 137 per day, and from 0-1 deaths per week to 5.  The bloom directly coincides with Trumps campaign rally, to which his supporters came from all over the state, and then returned home with a C-19 gift for their town.  This is the Trump legacy in Maine, and nearly half of Maine thinks more Trump is a good idea?

While I ‘hid in my basement’ 6,557 more Americans perished from C-19, and 5 more Mainers lost their lives to the Virus.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday November 8, 2020

    1. Of course, large gatherings in a pandemic are folly and against the CDC’s guidelines. Trump made all attendees sign agreements that they were at their own risk. He knows that large gatherings are dangerous spreaders, and that maskless ones are even more problematic.


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