Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 ) Sunday November 22, 2020

5:49 Am

Global Infected 53,976,457                          58,228,713
Increase            4,037,653                            4,252,256
7 day average   607,465      infections diagnosed daily
214,603 More new Global infections than last week 

Global Dead     1,311,942                               1,381,822            
Increase            59,863                                    69,880
7 day average   9,982       deaths daily  
10,017 More new Global deaths than last week

USA Infected    10,904,891                  12,090,469
Increase        1,042,993                    1,185,578
7 day average   169,368 infections diagnosed daily
142,585 More new US infections than last week

USA C-19 deaths 245,600                                        255,905
Increase        8,477                                            10,305
7 day average   1,472 deaths daily
1,828 More new US deaths than last week

Maine Infected 8,791                                     10,123
Increase        1,188                                       1,332
7 day average   190 infections diagnosed daily
144 More Maine infections than last week   

Maine deaths    163                174
Increase        11                  11
7 day average   1.5714    deaths daily
0 More Maine deaths than last week

So it is all bad news.  Rate of infections increased, rate of deaths increased, 7 day average of infections and deaths increased, this is what I have been talking about for months.  We will be damn lucky if this plateaus before spring and such a flattening requires human compliance with public health procedures.  Those insisting their personal ‘Liberty” is diminished by wearing a simple cloth mask will infect and kill the vulnerable.  That is a real time fact we are charting numerically.

That makes the Trump administration and the silent GOP directly responsible for tens of thousands of American deaths.  The propaganda machine they created has worked.  It created a bubble of people who do not believe science, a bubble that believes only things already inside their cognitive bias.  These same people are upset by the facts, so rather than have FB or Twitter label misinformation as misinformation, they left and joined a new social media platform which won’t label misinformation as such, allowing their bubble to flourish, grow, spread false information and sow disunity.

The polar opposite of E Pluribus Unum.  An isolationist, separatist social media platform.  Exactly the kind of place where radicalization occurs.  The opposite of what the nation needs to survive this Pandemic.

As this occurs the whining snowflake in chief is attempting a Coup de Ta by pressuring GOP members at the state levels to not follow the will of their states.  To discount the votes cast by members of their states, to declare their voting populace as ‘illegal votes’ so they could be thrown out and only GOP votes counted.  They are claiming that your local town hall is full of communists, powered by dead dictators and all organized to get Trump.

Trump cannot admit to himself that he has divided the country; that half of it hates him and the other half loves him, or is at least willing to tolerate him for personal profit or ideology.  So he is discounting half of the nation, labeling it as the ‘Other’, as communist, like the 70’s, like McCarthyism in the 50’s.  It is disturbing that the entire GOP is silent on this, McConnell told the Senate to go home rather than work on C-19 issues, I suspect largely to dodge the questions actual media would present them with.  If you are not around, you do not look like your dodging and refusing to answer.

Meanwhile we are losing ten thousand Americans per day; that is more than a Vietnam per week.  More than a Titanic a day, and the entire GOP is still ignoring it.  That makes more than half the states and just under half the population ignoring the virus.  To me this all amounts to collaboration with the enemy, by giving it room to grow, spread and kill more and more Americans.

It is impossible for me to not see this lack of response in a racial light.  Because of many historical effects the virus has affected those citizens with melanin more severely than it has the white folks.  Blacks and Latinos and Natives all suffer much worse outcomes on the average than do white people.  It makes it impossible for me to not see that ignoring it is saying on the down low “Ah fuck it, it’s only killing the (insert racial slur here)!”

Instead they go home for Thanksgiving when 1/3 of the entire nation does not have food for any Thanksgiving.

The Dow Jones is up as we have food lines which make the Great Depression’s lines look short.  The insulation of both White privilege and American Privilege insulates these GOP members.  They have long feared the shift in demographics from a dominate White population to a diverse population, and here comes a disease killing off that section of the population 2 and 3 to 1 compared to whites.  As it does this they take no action and drag their feet, like watching a drowning person drown rather than getting wet to help.

Looks to me like half the population is as racist now as before the Civil War, but a significant part of that group is in denial of their own racism.  They shift the blame: Blame China, Blame the Virus, Blame the car for the wreck but not the fact they did not use the brakes. They feel no shame for this because they have labeled everyone else as ‘Other’, de-humanizing us all.

Much of this takes place under the auspices of ‘Religious Freedom’, since others may not believe as they do they become the ‘Other’, and then it does not matter if they die, they do not count, they don’t love Jesus like you do.  They are ‘Of the Devil’ and thus get whatever they deserve.  During the Civil war Christian preachers worked both sides of the fence, both for and against slavery.  Now we are seeing the same thing here, with a virus, with climate change, and with science in general.

We are now entering the ‘Black Winter’ and the only ray of hope is the vaccine(s).  Trump is still stamping his feet about losing, refusing to concede, refusing to admit he lost and falsely claiming he won by a landslide, that is if you do not count California.  California counts, so does NY and every other state, not just those citizens who voted for you.  E Pluribus Unum is needed for a vaccine response, the logistics for 330 million doses, twice, are quite intense.  The Trump admin is uniquely unqualified to undertake that task and are hampering the Biden administration from preparing to do that as well.

Why?  Do they, as it looks on its face, want Black lives dead in the streets so they cannot vote against them?  Do they assume White folks are immune?  Do they think money shields them?  Or are they just plain selfish greedy people who only care about themselves, and having a greedy selfish POTUS who does not hide that part of himself gave them all permission to act as they have always wanted to?

I am ashamed of my nation today, and I fear for its survival both in the political sense, and in the very real medical one. 

How many Americans need to die before the GOP gives a fuck?
OR should that question be . . .
How many rich White Americans need to die before the GOP gives a fuck?

History, if we survive to have an American History, will judge this harshly.  It has revealed a major flaw in our entire Democratic process.  We have assumed only decent humans would ever become President and elected a narcissist with authoritarian tendencies and desires.  We based a lot of things on traditions and norms, and they need to be actual laws.  Laws that require divestments from business as a POTUS, revelation of tax records as a law, senate confirmations of all offices, no acting anything’s.  Donald Trump just threw norms and traditions out the window to do what he wants, and unless we make them laws that might be the new normal.

While I isolated and documented these dark days 1,472 Americans died every day and neither Donald Trump nor the Republican Party seems to give a single shit about it.  At least the Dems are trying to help, trying to pass legislation to help the tens of thousands made homeless by C-19, trying to help those hungry families, legislation the GOP then blocks or refuses to allow on the floor for discussion and voting. 

The GOP has become the party of Scrooge, “Best to let them die and decrease the surplus population”. This is the GOP’s Christian values?  Guess they never read Dickens.

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