Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday November 29, 2020

5:20 Am

Global Infected 58,228,713                          62,311,483
Increase        4,252,256                    4,082,770
7 day average   583,252 infections diagnosed daily
169,486 Less new Global infections than last week 

Global Dead     1,381,822                               1,453,467
Increase        69,880                                          71,645                  
7 day average   10,235       deaths daily  
1,765 More new Global deaths than last week

USA Infected    12,090,469                            13,246,647
Increase        1,185,578                                    1,156,178
7 day average   165,168 infections diagnosed daily
29,400 Less new US infections than last week

USA C-19 deaths 255,905                                 266,063
Increase        10,305                                          10,158
7 day average   1,451 deaths daily
147 Less new US deaths than last week

Maine Infected 10,123                                   11,288
Increase        1,332                                            1,165
7 day average   166 infections diagnosed daily
167 Less Maine infections than last week   

Maine deaths    174                                         191
Increase        11                                  17
7 day average   2.4285    deaths daily
6 More Maine deaths than last week

The holiday season is upon us.  Thanksgiving is followed by ‘Thankless Takingday’ (Black Friday, the holiday for consumerism and Greed) followed by Xmass.  There are a slew of midwinter holidays, most of which involve community congregations and all of which present the very real potential to become super spreader events.  CDC recommended avoiding these events until next year, but many Americans did not and will not.

In two weeks’ time we shall see if the first two holy days, one of thanks and one of greed, were indeed a mass super spreader event.  Holy Days are the root for Holidays so the hypocrisy of having a day of thanks followed by a day of greed does not escape me.  I wrote about that years ago, that is where I got the term ‘Thankless Takingday’, it is the title of that work.  At least the pandemic removed the annual trampling’s for this year.

I do not celebrate any of these holidays personally.

On the whole the numbers look to be the beginning of a plateau, but I think that is an illusion.  I think rather that they reflect an end of Trump’s super spreader rallies.  The lack of these rallies reflects the slower infection rate from the last two weeks, while the overall trend is still steeply up.  If this trend continues for three weeks we might say we are at viral plateau, which is when the virus, unchecked, spreads as fast as it can, limited by all environmental issues affecting it.  A so called ‘natural’ plateau.

A Plateau of infection rates at a half million per day Globally is horrific.

Hospitals around the nation are as stressed as NYC was last spring.  We are at a Titanic a day level of death again while the POTUS plays golf and refuses to admit he lost the election.  Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

He insists on fraud when there is no evidence of it.  Over thirty lawsuits filed by the administration and/or campaign have been tossed out for a total lack of evidence.  In every case the judges have admonished the law team for spurious assertions with zero evidence, many of these judicial comments have been harsh.

Trump does not care.  He is tearing apart many departments inside the government, changing rules to allow him to fire anyone without cause, changing rules and petulantly causing issues designed to hamstring the Biden Administration, ostensibly so he can say how much of a failure they are for the next 4 years and run again in 2024. 

The first priority of every POTUS under the constitution is to protect and defend the Nation. Trump is sabotaging the nation’s governmental gears to make the next guy have problems.  Hampering the Governments functions so he can claim they are inept. 

Sacrificing the nation’s well being and functionality for his own personal gains.

He has begun to pardon the guilty like General Flynn, who pled guilty.  Expect more such pardons and more nefarious BS to hamper the next POTUS. He does not care if he starts a war with Iran, or lets your family suffer C-19 deaths and disabilities. I expect he will pardon himself or put Pence in charge for a day to have him pardon him in an attempt to protect himself from the consequences of his own corrupt actions while POTUS.

While I wrote these words, hiding in my remote hilltop homestead, over 10,000 Americans died of C-19. The President and the GOP party act like they could care less. Some may claim they care but those claims ring hollow as they remain silent about the POTUS, afraid he might tweet about them. They do not act for relief to Americans even as Food Banks all over the nation shatter records with givaways for Thanksgiving. !/3 of my nation is now food insecure and 1/3 is at risk of becoming homeless as we suffer this viral bloom.

Welcome to the Black Winter of 2020.

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