Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday December 6, 2020

4:30 AM

So, there is a lot to get done this morning.  First, I had to purchase and set up this new laptop as my old desktop had died.  That is all set and done and I can get on to the POTUS and his utter lack of C-19 response.

President Trump did nothing about c-19, Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), literally nothing.  As the outbreak transpired, The POTUS took no national actions and instead passed the buck and all responsibility onto State Governors.  He then politicized the virus by claiming Democratic states, those with a current democratic Governor, were infringing on citizens personal liberties by mandating citizens follow public health measures for controlling and outbreak.  GOP Governors who resisted public health measures based on economics and politics were celebrated by the POTUS.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

He started a Coronavirus task force to replace the preexisting pandemic response team which he disbanded in 2017.  He then took it over, made false claims about hydroxychloroquine, false claims about how soon it would end and even pondered using injected bleach as a treatment publicly.  He pushed out all the veteran epidemiologists and countermanded their advice at every turn, even threatening to fire Dr. Fauci at the national institute of health where he is, and has been, the leading epidemiologist for decades.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Trump derided Governors trying to combat the virus, even going so far as to ask his supporters to ‘Liberate’ their States as if public health measures were somehow enslaving their populations.  One group of supporters was arrested for plotting to Kidnap and murder the Governor of Michigan, a State our POTUS screamed ‘Liberate’ at on Twitter.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Disavowing his own CDC guidelines our POTUS held rally after rally nationwide.  It has been documented that many supporters followed his rallies like Deadheads followed the Grateful Dead’s tours, from place to place by caravan.  Each rally was followed by a local bloom of C-19.  He did this several times each week for months during his campaign. 

The end result is more spread of C-19.

He disavowed mask use, politicizing a simple and effective public health measure embraced globally.  He spun mask wearing as ‘unmanly’, as ‘soft’, as ‘weak’, and as ‘Liberal’.  As a result of this many of his supporters still refuse to wear masks.  This has become coached in as a political flag, if your masked your ‘radical left’ and if you’re not you’re a ‘Good ole Boy’, one of the ‘in’ crowd of Trump supporters.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Trump has not attended a Coronavirus task force meeting in months.  He fired or pushed out all the actual professionals and installed a quack DR (a radiologist not an epidemiologist) to push for ‘herd immunity’.  Uncontrolled herd immunity would kill millions of Americans.  He installed loyal political hacks to head all the vital departments involved removing career professionals trained to cope with just such a crisis.  He did this to have his message of ‘nothing to see here’ be uniform.  Anyone who spoke out got canned, so few even bothered.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Trump lost the election, fair and square, to President elect Biden.  He did not concede.  Instead, he has pushed lawsuit after lawsuit in swing state after swing state to attempt to overturn the election results.  Lawsuit after lawsuit failed due to lack of evidence.  The director he put in charge of elections himself stated this last election was the safest, cleanest yet.  That got him fired via twitter. Even his personal ‘Roy Cohen’, US Attorney General Barr said that no evidence of widespread voter fraud had been found by his department of justice. During this time he has taken no national action on Coronavirus but continues to falsely claim the election was stolen from him.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Now Trump is fundraising like a madman.  He has raised over 200 million since the election under the guise of funding his lawsuits.  The fine print on those web pages says different.  That print says that 80% or so of all donation will go to his ‘Leadership PAC’ (Political action Committee).  Fun fact, a leadership PAC has almost no restrictions on how funds be spent.  Trump is free to buy a new Jet with those funds, pay down his debt with those funds, or gold plate another toilet for himself.  Out of the 207 Million raised less than 9 million went to the legal effort, the rest went in his pocket. It has also been revealed that the Trump and Kushner organizations took millions in PPP loans with almost no employees to protect. Investigations are only beginning on that and I expect him to pardon all of them before the investigations even get underway. He has taken no action on Coronavirus during these days.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Trump is actively pardoning confessed criminals.  Trump is allegedly planning on pardoning everyone around him, all his children and staff, and even himself.  He is not doing anything about Coronavirus.

The end result is more spread of C-19.

Trump is changing rules and replacing key people all over the government, not to fight C-19, but to hamper the incoming administrations ability to deal with C-19.  This is an obvious political move to smear those incoming as failing on Coronavirus when he encouraged coronavirus.  It is a setup for him running in 2024. Trump has not even mentioned the ill, dying, or dead Americans. 

The end result is more spread of C-19.

I suspect future historians will see this Pandemic as a mass murder of Americans via both ineptitude and a lack of caring or concern from the POTUS, his administration and the GOP who remain silent or openly support his disinformation campaign.  As a result of all the above, of Americans refusing to follow public health guidelines, and of the Thanksgiving Day holiday which many Americans travelled for while ignoring the CDC’s requests not to do such, we are in what Dr. Fauci calls “a spike on a spike’.

The numbers are through the roof.  The possible plateau I mentioned last week was a staging platform for the next bloom on top of the previous bloom.  Now instead of a Titanic a day (1500 or so dead per day) we are at a 9-11 a day (2500 or so dead per day).  We had a million new infections in five days.  Hospitals are at or beyond capacity.  Hospital staff are suffering PTSD and exhaustion, yet working.  What choice is there?

America has a population of 331,002,651, only India (1,380,004,385) and China (1,439,323,776) have more citizens. Both of those nations have 4-5 times our population, yet we lead the world in Coronavirus cases and deaths.  That is on Trump, the Trump administration, the GOP and all those individuals who bought what they were selling, who believed the bullshit they have been spewing for months.  All that blood is on the GOP party, they truly are a red party now.

The vaccines are a great hope, but just that, a hope.  Running full steam, as the corporations have been since last January, we will be lucky to vaccinate health professionals before the end of January 2021.  Then we start with the most at risk, first responders, soldiers, essential personnel, elderly, aged with underlying, and so forth down to the average American.  The Average American will get vaccinated in late spring or summer.

Now the science is amazing, with great early results, but it is also brand new.  There will be no time to test for rare side effects, one in a million type side effects.  There is no time for long term trials to see if weird or horrid effects take place five years in the future either.  Such effects would be rare by what we know, but we are in a new, novel virus outbreak, so we cannot really know.  Our best, most well educated and experienced guess is ‘nothing to worry about’.  We do not have the luxury of time to test for a decade to see what might be a rare or unknown effect.  To do so would be to promote the possibility total societal collapse from Pandemic. We need to be vaccinated anyway, despite any concerns.

Black Winter is upon us. Expectations are grim.  These numbers, as bad as they already are, are expected to double unless the Trump administration takes action.  National action, proactive action, ‘I’m taking responsibility type action’ from a POTUS who has said he takes no responsibility.  I do not see that happening.  What I expect is more of the same and then the Biden administration trying valiantly to try and play catch up, but you cannot catch up in this situation.  All you can do is mitigate the damage. It is estimated that by the time this record is one year old, on April Fools Day, we will be at a half a million dead here in the States. That is no fucking joke.

Global Infected 62,311,483                           66,623,914
Increase        4,082,770                   4,312,144
7-day average   616,020 infections diagnosed daily
230,000 More new Global infections than last week

Global Dead     1,453,467                               1,530,296
Increase        71,645                  76,829
7-day average   10,975       deaths daily 
5,184 More new Global deaths than last week

USA Infected    13,246,647                            14,584,706
Increase        1,156,178                   1,338,059
7-day average   191,151 infections diagnosed daily
181,881 More new US infections than last week

USA C-19 deaths 266,063                                               281,206
Increase        10,158                                         15,143
7-day average   2,163 deaths daily
4,985 More new US deaths than last week

Maine Infected 11,288                                   13,127
Increase        1,165                                            1,839
7-day average   262 infections diagnosed daily
674 More Maine new Maine infections than last week

Maine deaths    191                                         227
Increase        17                                  36
7-day average   5.1428    deaths daily
19 More new Maine deaths than last week

In closing let me say a few easy to grasp things.  Coronavirus (C-19) is now the leading cause of death in America.  An American is dying of Coronavirus (C-19) about every thirty seconds or so.  The math tells us this is likely to nearly double during this Black Winter.  Vaccines will be after the fact; survivors of Black Winter will be vaccinated.  As I sat in my retreat penning these lines, 181,881 Americans contracted this Virus and 15,413 perished from it, of those 19 were my fellow Mainers. 

ADDENDUM: It is Dec 7th, 2020, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. For the first time in my life the news broadcasts are not talking about Pearl Harbor but Coronavirus and Trumps authoritarian instincts. The disinformation campaign waged by the Trump’s GOP on our electoral system, on the very roots of our democracy is not, and has not been resisted by the GOP. Ostensibly because Trump has taken it over making them all complicit, or at least tolerant of disinformation at the cost of American lives.

The end result is more spread of C-19 and more hospitalizations and deaths in it’s wake. As a matter of raw ethics I am going to break my own rule, my own standard about social media. I still will not participate because I will not market others or myself for corporate profit. However I am ethically obliged, I think, to link this C-19 Blog to my old account. If only one person masks up and practices basic public health measures then perhaps a life could be saved.

I feel obligated to shout into the stormy canyon of disinformation on social media in the hopes that someone might hear about the reality of C-19 over the din of disinformation. There can be no ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness without Life itself. It is this maxim which drives my action this morning as I link this historical blog (record) of this Pandemic to my old, unused Facebook account. I will not return to social media, but the grim reality of the ‘Black Winter’ we are entering demands that I shout out a warning. So I shall, by linking this blog to Facebook.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” and the propaganda being spewed all over social media platforms which is telling nearly half of us to not conform to public health measures.

The end result is more spread of C-19 and the deaths associated with it making all of social media complicit as well. So I will shout in the void, hoping beyond hope that someone listens and saves their lives and their families and friends lives.

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