Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday December 13, 2020

7:58 AM

Global Infected 66,623,914                           71,820,706
Increase        4,312,144                   5,196,792
7-day average   742,398 infections diagnosed daily

 Global Dead     1,530,296                              1,607,296
Increase        76,829                                         77,000
7-day average   11,000      deaths daily 

USA Infected    14,584,706                            16,067,965
Increase        1,338,059                   1,483,259
7-day average   211,894 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 281,206                                297,843
Increase        15,143                                         16,637
7-day average   2,376 deaths daily

Maine Infected 13,127                                   15,620  
Increase        1,839                                            2,493
7-day average   356 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    227                                         257
Increase        30
7-day average   4.2857    deaths daily

The numbers speak for themselves; C-19 is exploding across the globe.  The news is full of news about the vaccines.  While this is significant news and some damn fine science by all appearances, I suspect it will create a false sense of security by bombarding the airwaves.  Vaccines become truly effective when people have been vaccinated, not when they are beginning to ship out, and we have no data on whether the vaccines prevent spread of C-19 at all.

Meanwhile court case after court case has been rejected over Trump’s false claims and inability to admit defeat.  Two were rejected by the Supreme Court, one for lack of evidence and one for lack of stake.  The State of Texas tried to invalidate the legal votes of millions of citizens of other states.  Think about that; do you think it is remotely ok for any state to tell another state how to run their own elections?

128 Congressmen and women signed onto that bogus claim, as did 18 State attorney Generals.  That is 19 States trying to claim in court that the other states votes don’t count, so their guy can win.  One of these supporters is even calling for secession from the USA, in order to support the constitution no less.  A Constitution which clearly states that all States have the right to conduct their elections as they deem best.

A new phrase has appeared, “Armed Protests”.  There is no such thing.  An Armed protest is an act of terrorism.  An attempt to terrify the other side into complying with the desires of the “Armed Protesters”.  This is a by product of “Open Carry” laws which were never instated to allow for armed protest groups.  The Trump administration gassed and even Cavalry charged nonviolent, unarmed protestors last summer because a tiny percentage of those protestors were rioting.

Yet the administration is silent about armed protest groups terrorizing a mother and child, because the Mothers job was to ensure the votes were counted accurately and these Trump supporters do not like the result.  So, they set out to scare the hell out of her and her child. The entire GOP is silent about that, which cannot be other than an act designed to terrify the Mother, by definition an “Act of Terror”.

This is “Christian” behavior, like from the witch burnings, from the inquisition, instigated by the liar in chief and his supporters.  Since Trumps has a large swath of “evangelical” voters and supporters, and since, many of their televangelist preachers had assured them “GOD chose Trump, so Trump cannot lose”, many of these people feel conflicted.  Either God was wrong, their preacher was wrong, they were wrong, or the other side is “rigging” the election. Trump takes advantage of that, as does Right Wing media, to the tune of millions of dollars.

The election was not rigged.  This is not a GOP vs DEM issue either, it is the Trumpets wanting things their way, being convinced that God wants that too, so therefore they conclude the other side must be Satanic.  Otherwise, their entire world view comes into question, their religion, their God, and everything they base their life on is wobbling in their minds.  Much easier to blame the ‘other’ with no evidence than admit you assumed way too much in your own world view.

The continued actions of these Trumpets amounts to sedition: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.  They are openly courting the idea of secession, without any concern for what that would mean.  For instance, the Red Rural states which signed onto the last bogus court case are essential for food, but without the Blue Metro States they have no market for their goods.  Here in America, we are entwined, co-dependent upon each other, Red, White, and Blue.  Their idea is to terrify the “Blues States” into compliance and that is not Democracy, that is a Christian Taliban at work in America.  A Christian demographic being manipulated by mis and dis information.

They terrify a mother and child while believing in faith they are correct, just like the witch burners thought they were correct.  They are a wounded and very vocal minority of Christians who do not see other non-evangelical Christians as real Christians either.  Trump is winding up this demographic and as a narcissist has no concern for where that might lead.  Right now, with Trump as POTUS this seditious conduct is in support of the POTUS and against the constitution.  After Biden is inaugurated, if this continues, then Trumps words and his supporter’s actions would be openly seditious.

The Christian holiday of Christmas is upon them too, and they feel restrictions on the virus are restrictions on their religion.  Few understand that Christmas was outlawed by our Puritan founders at Plymouth rock.  That Christmas itself is no really Christian, by the Christian annexation of preexisting festivals of other religions they called ‘Pagan’. 

The Christmas tree, the Holly, the Mistletoe, and the Christmas Party are not in fact Christian.  Christmas is a failed rebranding by Christians of previously existing midwinter celebrations.  Same thing with Easter, but damn few Christians are even aware of these facts because they exist inside an evangelical cultural bubble, and many desire to force you and yours into that bubble.

So Happy X-Mass everyone, while I penned these lines in solitude in my remote home 16,637 Americans died of C-19.  A 9-11’s worth every day of the week.  257 of them were my fellow Mainers.

Now what kind of loving God, for whom everything is in their control, allows that?  That is the issue driving so many evangelicals to ignore ‘Turn the other cheek’ and instead get the pitchforks and torches.  To blame the non-evangelical for pissing God off, rather than admit they made false assumptions about  God and the reality we both occupy, and most pointedly, about our Democracy and one Donald J. Trump.

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