Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday December 27, 2020

Happy Xmass.

 Xmass being a generic label for all the religious and secular midwinter traditional holidays and festivals.  I find it odd that so many Americans see Xmass as an American tradition when the original colonists eschewed the Christmas holiday, seeing it as it actually is, a rebranding of midwinter festivals of both Roman and Pagan traditions.  The Puritans saw Christmas as a week-long drunk fest and against the Christian Moray.  It was illegal during the colonial period and did not become a norm until after the revolution.

As a result of this tradition, we are set up for the next bloom, the next surge, the next spike.  Stacking again on the baseline of the previous bloom with hospitals as max capacity already.  To me this all seems like watching a horror movie I know too well.  I know where the monster is, when it will jump out, and how stupidly the victim will behave.  I know they will get eaten, and when, and I am powerless to warn them.

Millions of Americans travelled and celebrated this holiday against warnings from the medical establishment.  Only now are we seeing the crest of the wave from the Thanksgiving holiday, and we set up to spike from that baseline of 2200 deaths a day on average.  Spikes well exceeded that 2200, and now we will spike again from a 2200 baseline.  All to celebrate what?  Greed?  Jesus’s Birthday?  The angel of death not marking your home?  Or the position of the sun?

As we set up for this new bloom, we are beset by a POTUS openly abusing the powers of the office.  Like that spoiled brat taking home the new football, he is crashing the nation to spite it’s not re-electing him.  He veto’s the military budget and refuses to sign the COVID-19 package, wrapped up in the budget thereby threatening to cause another government shutdown during this crisis.  Then, like Nero, goes golfing instead of fiddling.  Trump golfs while America dies, literally.

Americans desperately need to grasp there are two Americas, one for the donor class, the investment class, and another for the rest of us.  Trump represents the donor class, that is the people who have wealth.  Wealth is when you have enough money that your money makes money for you and you no longer have to work, your money works for you.  When Trump says “The economy” he means the investment economy, not the working man’s economy.  The issue is that many working people hear that phrase and think “Jobs”.

For the donor class “Jobs” are an indicator of economy, but it is not relevant where those jobs are.  They need not be American Jobs, they can be Chinese, or Korean, or Mexican, makes no difference to the donor class.  It makes a huge difference to the working class.  The donor class has enough money to guarantee world class health care if they catch COVID-19.  The working class will be triaged by overworked medical staff in underfunded hospitals, maybe they can get a bed.

This is why the rates of illness and death are so much worse among the working class, amongst the minorities, and amongst the poor.  It is why the nation needs a national health.  The donor class wont realize there is a real problem until all the baristas die off, until their maids all die, until their drivers do not report for duty and their caddies fall ill.

Meanwhile Trump golfs and pardons murderers, pardons his loyal lackeys, pardons the corrupt politicians he calls “The Swamp”.  Trump golfs as we die and the GOP stands by and watches, or golfs with him.  Why? Because most GOP politicians are of the donor class and have not been working Americans for a very long time, if ever.  They feel insulated. Protected, wrapped in an armor of wealth the rest of America does not have.

In the modern day the working class is represented by OAC, who was a working class bartender until her election.

Global Infected 76,372,407                           80,412,311
Increase        4,039,519
7-day average   577,074 infections diagnosed daily

 Global Dead     1,687,304                              1,758,886
Increase        71,582
7-day average   10,226      deaths daily 

USA Infected    17,659,271                            18,985,154
Increase        1,325,883
7-day average   189,411 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 316,202                                               331,916
Increase        15,714
7-day average   2,244 deaths daily

Maine Infected 18,739                                   21,547  
Increase        2,808
7-day average   401 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    292                                         319
Increase        35
7-day average   5    deaths daily

Happy Xmass.

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