Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday January 10, 2021

5:50 AM

Black Winter is here.  We now average more deaths per day from C-19 than 9-11.  C-19 is now the leading cause of death in America.  Let that sink in.

Hospitals are reaching or exceeding max capacity, which means battlefield triage is becoming the new standard of care in some places.  Battlefield triage mandates that the EMT who is in the ambulance will have to decide, on the spot, if you have a chance of survival from your heart attack in the overcapacity hospital, they are required to bring you to.  So instead of transporting you with no pulse they will declare time of death, because they cannot waste resources on the chance you might be revived.

The ‘warp speed’ Trump vaccine program was bungled and is not preforming enough vaccinations fast enough for it to break the near exponential swell of the bloom.  About 6 million have been vaccinated instead of over 20 million, and they all need a second dose for the vaccine to be effective.  One dose gets you a 50-50 resistance, 50% or less.  Two doses places you at that 90%+ level they all touted.  There is not enough vaccine and it is not being made fast enough.  We need 660 million doses for the states alone, 16 billion globally to break this pandemic.

That will take about two years at the pace we are going, two years from now.

Global Infected 84,662,676                           89,711,341
Increase        5,088,665
7-day average   726,952 infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead     1,837,397                               1,928,023
Increase        90,626
7-day average   12,946      deaths daily 

USA Infected    20,430,088                            22,138,418
Increase        1,708,330
7-day average   244,047 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 350.214                                               372,522
Increase        22,308
7-day average   3,186 deaths daily

Maine Infected 25,245                   29,019  
Increase        3,774
7-day average   539 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    358                         432
Increase        74
7-day average   10.571   deaths daily

Meanwhile Trump and the right wing propaganda media have managed to convince 15 million or so people that the election was fraudulent and incited them to insurrect.  To rise up against the USA while carrying American Flags, believing they are patriots; just like the Taliban.  Mainstream media is now talking about the big lie, which I have been writing about for some time. 

Repetition works because repetition works because repetition works because repetition works.

Truth becomes irrelevant.

Nonetheless the only counter to the big lie is truth, in repetition.  Truth must be repeated as the lie is and more to counter the efficacy of the big lies repetition with our own repetition of truth.

The disparity between the police reaction to the BLM protests and the inaction against white nationalist protests is self-evident.  We can all see it.  No storm troopers blocked their access to the Capitol.  In fact, it looks like some of those police let them in and led them to select locations.  The Capitol building is a labyrinth.  People who work there often need to ask directions to certain offices which the insurrectionists found with ease.  That requires advanced planning or an inside accomplice who knows their way around, or both.

These insurrectionists believe they are patriots as they attack the counting of votes mandated by the constitution.  They have been spoon-fed the big lie for years and are convinced of it with no supporting evidence.  They believe they are doing good as they vandalize and loot the Capitol after decrying the vandalism and looting from BLM protests, which were a tiny fraction of those protests.  The hypocrisy is enough to activate one’s gag reflex.

These folks were not shot with pepper balls and charged with cavalry, they were politely escorted out after killing a cop because they were not black folks.  They carried the “Stars and Bars” into the Capitol, the battle flag of the confederacy.  They were chanting “Hang Pence”, carrying nooses and even erected gallows.  One is on video carrying a bundle of zip cuffs.  The only reason they would have such a thing is to take hostages or to capture and execute elected leaders they did not like.

Fortunately they did not succeed, the ballots were not burned and our representatives were not killed. In this action these rioters attacked the Capitol of every state. They attacked you and me by proxy, we we need to see that, all of us.

This was an insurrection against the nation in favor of the guy they like, and committed at his and his lackeys urging.  They pumped up Trump’s “rally” and sent them to the capitol and then watched the event unfold on TV.  Now they want to distance themselves from they dead cop and 4 others murdered as if they were not responsible.

They were, and are responsible. 

They asked for a ‘trial by combat’, they urged them to ‘be strong’ and ‘fight back’, told them they are patriots, and they believed that and committed a treasonous act while believing they were at Bunker Hill.  This is why blind faith is dangerous.  It is what religion does, convince people they are the good guy and the other is the bad guy which allows people to psychologically justify unjust and violent acts in their own minds. 

This Trump mob proves that the followers of Trump are in a “Cult of Trump”, where their misplaced faith in Trump has them convinced that they are the good guys even as they kill police.

At long last social media corporations, responsible for the birth and nurturing of this ‘Cult O Trump’, responded by permanently blocking his Twitter feed.  FB, Instagram and others are following suit realizing that allowing a person a platform from which to spread propaganda and the big lie is not good for them as they too are part of the nation he is attacking.

This is the insurrection created and initiated by Trump which took place this week.  Expect more of the same for the inauguration.  This is what our POTUS did instead of working on the deadly pandemic we all suffer.

While I hid out in my cabin and worked on this, 22,308 of my fellow Americans died of C-19.  C-19 which now has over twenty variants, of which three are much more contagious.  When there are enough variations in a virus it becomes a new virus, making the vaccines useless.  We are not there yet, but are rushing toward that end zone with the passion of a 1st year running back in the NFL.

Black winter is here, even here in remote Maine.  For months my Maine tallies were 0.00 something deaths per week. This week it is 74.  We have less people in Maine than in many large cities, about 1.1 million total.  74 exceeds our ICU capacity statewide.  Fortunately, most C-19 cases do not require the ICU, about 20% do, but 20% of 74 cases per week is at or exceeding our max capacity.  It is the same nationwide as the bloom expands, as the virus mutates and becomes more contagious, and as the POTUS golfed, incited rebellion and ignored the plight of the people.

Black Winter is upon us.

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