Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)Sunday January 17, 2021

8:16 AM

Hell of a week.  We have become ‘Franklins flag’, the diced-up snake above, which I have used as a banner since I began this project.

We finally see what it takes to make C-19 the second story and not the lead; unrelenting revelations about the people who stormed the Capitol. 

They chanted “Hang Mike Pence”, the second in line of ascension after the Pouting POTUS.  They sought out Nancy Pelosi, house speaker and third in line of ascension.  They assaulted police with American Flags, Trump flags, and Thin blue line pro police flags.  They made flags out of baseball bats and spears. This was fore planned and put into play by the damn POTUS.

Tell me, can you see anyone not white in these images, anywhere, except for police?

The Secret Service has remade our capitol into the Iraq Green zone, with barricades and fencing and 25.000 armed troops because these people claim they want more violence; in all fifty state capitals and our nations capitol.  Elected representatives may well have been conspirators, may have given aide and advice to the insurrection.  They may have given them a tour for recon.  15 Capitol Police have either been suspended or fired for a ‘failure to act”.

Trump inspired his Q Anon mob into a riot, the core of which is hard core white nationalist and Nazi, and they assaulted the Capitol with the same aim as Hitler; “burn the Reichstag and the government will collapse”.  Trump sat and watched it all on TV delighted and surprised others there were not happy.

I have been saying for years that Trump sounds like the young Hitler from the early thirties.  Q Anon is a rebranding of the “Protocols of Zion”, written by Czar Nicholas and re-branded by the Nazis.  It claimed that a secret cabal of Jews ran the world and held people down financially, that they stole Christian children, killed them and used their Blood to make Matzah bread.  Q Anon claims a secret Cabal of Democrats and Celebrities steals children for Pedophilia and cannibalism, that this Cabal is the “Deep State” and holds us down, and that Trump is out to shut it all down.  Trump has become their Hitler, their strongman solution to a “Big Lie” created by him.

Make no mistake; the insurrectionists were White Christians, and proud of that. Trump has indoctrinated many White Christians just as Hitler did in the thirties. A major problem with religion is it leaves people open to be misled, just as those German Christians were misled by Hitler in the thirties, Trump has misled many American Christians here. This is a White Christian Insurrection.

Trump whipped these people up for weeks on Twitter and told them to go to the Capitol.  Inside the mob were some serious actors using the mob as a cover, inciting the mob to more violence, telling them how to take the building.  This is sedition and insurrection by the Right wing of the GOP and it got Trump impeached in days. Impeached for the second time, a new historical low for America.

Twitter finally saw the light and banned him permanently, killing his misinformation machine.

Arrests are coming fast and furious because many believed they would be successful, and hence no arrests would ever happen. They took selfies and even livestreamed what they did on FB and social media platforms: now it is all evidence against them. The core does not care if there are arrests, they want a Civil War. 

Only 1% of Americans now serve, so very few grasp what a real civil war here would look like.  A Civil War would be like the on the ground reality of Baghdad all over America.  Collateral Damage will be your loved ones who were not involved in the insurrection.

Meanwhile the Coronavirus does not give a fuck, all of the above are spread vectors in its favor.  Instead of uniting against the invisible viral enemy, we are turning on each other like rats deprived of food.  I hope we wake the hell up soon.

We have had new variants since spring but the amount of variation and speed of new variations is not good at all.  We now have three strains which have increased infectivity and are rapidly becoming the dominant strains.  If this keeps up we wont have SARS-CoV-2 anymore, it will cease to be C-19 and become C-21, and then the vaccines will be a real issue as they might not work at all or have greatly reduced efficacy.

Speaking of vaccines, the Trump administration fucked their “Operation Warp Speed” all up.  They told all the states here is your first dose, come back to the stockpile for the second dose, but never made the stockpile for the second dose at all and are now telling the States to talk to the corporations.

35-40% of Americans are “anti-mask and anti-vaccine” being convinced of Trumps big lie that its all a hoax.  They believe the world is out to get Trump and only they, the loyal supporters understand him: only they, the loyal supporters, “Get It”.

Reality Check; Trump may have gotten what he claims, he may well make the world out to get him. 

Corporations are dropping him like flies.  Even the PGA dropped him. Social media banned him and is finally looking at themselves to find the monster they helped create. The “Trump Insurrection” attempt would never have occurred without Social media and the echo chambers it creates and to which its users become addicted. 

Now a significant sector of our nation has become radicalized on social media.  They believe the “Big Lie” and disbelieve all other news, they believe what the media bubble they exist in tells them but not what they see with their eyes as to them, that is fake news.

And the Virus keeps right on truckin . . . as we count down the days till a wartime inauguration, 4 . . .3 . . .2 . . .1
The FBI warns us of possible armed and violent protests, nationwide, at every State capitol and in D.C., on all these days.

The term ‘armed protest’ is a fucking oxymoron, if you are armed you are no longer protesting, you are now rebelling.

All these events increase the Coronavirus spread vector, all work in favor of the viral enemy.

Global Infected 89,711,341                           94,579,284
Increase        4,867,943
7-day average   695,420 infections diagnosed daily

 Global Dead     1,928,023                              2,023,914
Increase        95,891
7-day average   13,698      deaths daily 

USA Infected    22,138,418                            23,759,711
Increase        1,621,293
7-day average   231,613 infections diagnosed daily                           

USA C-19 deaths 372,522                               395,851
Increase        23,329
7-day average   3,332 deaths daily

Maine Infected 29,019                                   33,219  
Increase        4,200
7-day average   600 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    432                                         507
Increase        75
7-day average   10.714   deaths daily

While I hid in my hilltop hideout, my personal viral bunker, 95,891 people died of C-19, of those 3,332 were my fellow Americans, of those 75 were my fellow Mainers.  I wonder how many were insurrectionist supporters?

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