Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday January 24, 2021

6:28 AM

This is the one-year anniversary for my own personal awareness of C-19, plus one day.  Last year on Jan 23rd 2020 I first heard of the full quarantine of Wuhan China.  I mean quarantine, not the stay-at-home orders we faced with half the country complaining and demanding their liberty back.  Full Quarantine, go out your door and you find troops with loaded weapons in your face and folks in bug suits arresting you for violating the Q, then sticking your demanding ass in a jail/hospital for the duration.

Locking down Wuhan was the biggest Q in all of human history, to grasp how big it was you need to think about total military control of all our biggest cities, NYC, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Oakland, Houston, Boston Philadelphia, Miami and more, all at once, at gunpoint, for nearly three months.

That is restricting your liberty, not asking folks to wear a mask and social distance.

China has a population of 1.4 billion people, whereas we are not even the .4 of that number.  China has 99,047 cases and 4,803 deaths while we have about that every single day.  The Chinese quarantine worked, even if China is underreporting.  Our lame ass, ‘don’t do too much it will piss off the base’ approach, did not.  The Trump/GOP denialism and persistent downplaying of the virus caused nearly half our people to not take any precautions and thereby endangers us all.

That is what public health measures are for, to protect the public, all of us.  Failing to follow them endangers us all.  Telling people, by word or action, to disregard public health measures endangers the public, a public those in power were sworn to protect.  In my view all the GOP with Trump at the helm, have been a public health threat for a year now, which makes them all a national security threat as the public health endangers national security.

So, on this anniversary of the Wuhan lockdown China’s one year death toll is our daily death toll, because the politicians feared Americans would be upset by an actual quarantine so much, they would rather let us die.

For some of us concern for others simply does not exist.  The ‘I, me, me, mine’ mentality is so great that the inconvenience of a mask rises to a restriction of liberty in their minds that is so dire they must protest, science be damned. These individuals are as much responsible for our death rates as the Trump administration and the GOP who either joined him in denialism or remained silent.  They all have blood on their hands and history will record that.

One year ago, when Wuhan locked down in the world’s largest ever quarantine, I took notice.  I informed my son and his wife and said, “you do not undertake such actions lightly, this is a dangerous bug.”  I took personal action then, I bought disinfectant wipes and masks then and still wound up in the hospital from RS virus.  After that I took increased precautions which have remained in effect since April 1, when I began this record.

Trump ignored the threat while downplaying the threat and passed the buck to the states rather than institute a national plan.  As a result of his dodging and inaction tens, even hundreds of thousands died.  The GOP and Trump’s base pushed and propelled the virus as a conspiracy, a hoax, a democratic political ploy, and then tried to blame China because the bug got loose after Trump removed our medical team from the ground in Wuhan.

Trump blamed everyone but himself.  He blamed China, he blamed the WHO, he blamed the governors he refused to help and those he helped inadequately because they were in a ‘Blue” state. He refused to take any responsibility and said so.  We ought never forget that.

After the Trump insurrection attempt and his leaving office while being banned from Twitter and social media the misinformation online about Covid-19 and the election dropped 73%.  This is proof positive that Trump has been gaslighting the nation for personal gain all along. It is also proof that the social media bubbles created by their algorithms are a ‘clear and present danger’ to us all.

Social media has allowed people to say and do a lot which would never be tolerated in ‘the public square’; the very basis of our notion of free speech.  Back during our revolution public speech was just that, a person standing on a soapbox proclaiming this or that.  If you were rude and nasty people would throw fruit at you and you would shut up and leave.  Social Media wants to claim they are the new public square, but they are not.

First the companies control via algorithms which square you are in, not the user.  Second, you are not you, not really.  You are an avatar created to represent you, but you are anonymous.   You are using a sock puppet to spew forth in their social media square, and oft it does not even share your name.  You yourself share no reactions to what you spew, at worst your sock puppet gets banned and then you make a new one to spew with.  Trump being banned from social media is not a restriction of his free speech, it is the corporation finally enforcing their own code of conduct for their platform.  You or I would have been banned years ago if we spewed as Donald Trump did.

I think that forcing these companies to ensure the identity of users was true would go a long way to fixing social media.  If your FB account was confirmed like your Amazon account, then if you screamed vile hateful bullshit and threats, police would know it was you and so would your neighbor and your wife.  So would your Mother and Father, your brothers and sisters, your fellow congregants at church. You would no longer be asshole168, but Joe six-pack who lives next-door.  It is one thing to consort with neo-Nazis online anonymously and another to be identified as such by your neighbors.

Trump has used the Big Lie and spread it via social media since before 2016 election, calling it all rigged against him and repeating that lie for years. He repeated endless lies about C-19 through social media.  Is it any wonder his ‘base’ believed that?  It is Goebel’s 101, repeat the big lie often enough, and loud enough, and the masses will believe it.

Now with Trump off social media, he is not manipulating the news cycles with angry tweets.  He cannot use outrageous claims and rants to spin the news away from reality.  Trump’s ‘fake news’ was his own creation and with him off social media the silence is a relished deafening.

The Q Anon followers, radicalized to the point they attacked their own capitol in the false belief this is ‘The Storm”. That the assault on the capitol was how Trump would root out the pedophile Satanists running the world in his second term. They now sit in stunned disbelief.  Like so many religious folks of the past sat dumbfounded when the pastor they believed, who predicted doomsday, the rapture, or Armageddon, turned out to be full of BS. 

Some of these folks will become further radicalized by the extremist groups who see them so dumbfounded.  They will scoop them up like lost children, like Fagin in Oliver Twist, and turn them out to their own needs and desires.  Others will sit stunned, in depression and shame, unsure what to think or believe with a dire wound to their self-esteem.

The Insurrectionists must have consequences.  They must be brought to justice whether they were POTUS, or are Senators or Representatives, whether they were just tagging along or beating Cops with ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags.  They must all face justice or we will encourage others to follow suit and never again have a peaceful transfer of power.  This was Christo-Fascism in action even as it was in Germany in the 30’s, and we must learn the lesson Germany did not in the 30’s lest we repeat history here. Remember that the SS wore a belt buckle which read “God’s with us”.

We were fortunate that Trump was so lazy and inept an autocrat, as it was, they nearly murdered many of our representatives in the name of Q and Trump.  Insurrectionists tore down our American Flag that day and raised, in its place, a Trump campaign flag.

Meanwhile the virus exploited all of that to spread further and faster.  New strains increase its infectivity 50-70%, which will cause deaths to increase along with infections.  The newest strain might be more lethal as well.  The vaccine ‘Warp Speed’ lacks dilutetium crystals and Scotties not around to fix the engines.

POTUS Biden has his work cut out for him.  He has a plan, which is good, and seeks unity, which is necessary. POTUS Biden is listening to the experts and trying to take action but already the GOP is resistant to it.  Now they care about the bottom line, the price tag, whereas under Trump the price tag of tax cuts for the same amount was not relevant at all.

 However, one cannot unify with insurrectionists as they stand firmly against America itself; or they did, and now deny that reality and want to avoid just punishment.  They want a pass on punishment for a failed coup and they should never receive it.  We must have both accountability and justice for that blight on the history of America or it’s stain will be everlasting, as blood stains often are.

The death to infection wobble continues but the trend is ever upwards.  One is up and the other down, but overall, it is all rising, and rising fast.  Many hospitals are at or exceeding max capacity and morgues and funeral homes are overwhelmed.  We are not far off from mass graves. The “Black Winter’ is upon us, batten down your hatches and mind your PPE.  All the epidemiologists say the worst is yet to come, and the numbers bear this out.

Global Infected 94,579,284                           98,817,191
Increase        4,219,907
7-day average   602,843 infections diagnosed daily

 Global Dead     2,023,914                              2,122,179
Increase       98,265
7-day average   14,037      deaths daily 

USA Infected    23,759,711                            24,995,419
Increase        1,235,708
7-day average   176,529 infections diagnosed daily                           

USA C-19 deaths 395,851                                               417,441
Increase        21,590
7-day average   3,084 deaths daily

Maine Infected 33,219                                   36,958  
Increase        3,739
7-day average   534 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    507                                         544
Increase        37
7-day average   5.2857   deaths daily

As I hid in my hilltop retreat and worked on this 98,265 were taken by C-19, of those 21,590 were my fellow Americans and 37 my fellow Mainers.  Most of these American deaths were unnecessary.

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