Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday February 21, 2021

8:14 AM

The trend line remains down slightly, but not so much as to hide the death-infection wobble.  That only occurs when the line is steeply up or down, in a minor decline it is readily visible.  We have declined from a 9-11 event daily, to a Titanic level event daily.  Thus, not good, but better than before.

As I said before this may be just the end of the Xmass spike, but it appears to be a continued decline.  That makes me hopeful that we are seeing the front edge of ‘herd immunity’; that enough people have gotten over C-19 or gotten vaccinated that the spread vector is declining and slowing the transmission of disease.  There is no hard evidence of this, it only appears so.

Nonetheless, for the first time in a year my mind thought “Hey I might actually live through this!”  I had to tramp that down right away to remain vigilant because that is my only hope of surviving this pox, to avoid it long enough to get a vaccine, which hopefully gives me enough resistance to the disease to live through an eventual infection.

In truth I have avoided it much longer than I thought I would.

I cannot remark enough the impact Twitter has created by banning Trump’s account.  An action anyone else would have suffered years ago had they said the things on Twitter that Trump did.  They did not ban his account because he was President and feared his backlash, but letting him tweet all the time drove the news cycles.  It gave him a steering wheel with which he manipulated news cycles.  Did he or his administration get caught doing something?  Tweet something outlandish and watch the news forget what he did yesterday as they consume themselves with the contents of said tweet.

He also used it to radicalize a large swath of America with misinformation, disinformation and lies.  A singular characteristic of those arrested for the insurrection attempt is they feel betrayed by Trump.  They expected Trump to call out the National Guard to help them on Jan 6, they expected his justice department to toss out arrests like theirs.  Trump never planned to do anything like that, but just like at his rallies where he promised to pay the legal expenses of violence, he says so loudly and does not at all.

The size and thickness of the news Tsunami has decreased since they removed Trump from Twitter.

Global Infected 108,610,510                        111,157,192
Increase        2,546,682
7-day average   363,811 infections diagnosed daily

Global Dead     2,395,252                               2,242,102
Increase        153,150
7-day average   21,450 deaths daily 

USA Infected    27,576,340                            28,078,638
Increase        502,298
7-day average   71,756 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 484,250                                               497,670
Increase        13,420
7-day average   1,917 deaths daily

Maine Infected 42,219                                   43,367  
Increase        1,148
7-day average   164 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    647                                         658
Increase        11
7-day average   1.5714 deaths daily

As I hid from the virus in my hilltop retreat 153 Thousands more human died from it, of those 13 thousand were my fellow Americans and of those 11 were my fellow Mainers.

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