Surviving Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday February 28, 2021

8:21 AM

The FDA approved the use of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine.  Although its efficacy is slightly less than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines; it’s ease of use, 1 vaccine no booster, and lack of need for special refrigeration make it much easier to disperse on the Global market.  It makes truly rural use viable.

It is of worth to note that J&J has made a lot of vaccines over the past decades, whereas both of the others have not, they are new to vaccines and using brand new scientific technology to do so now.  It is why they were first out of the gate, J&J trusted to the ‘old reliable way’ not the newest technology.  All three of these vaccines have high levels of protection from the worst symptoms of C-19, meaning like a Flu vaccine, you might still catch C-19, but you are very unlikely to get seriously ill.  Instead, you will suffer cold like symptoms or no symptoms (asymptomatic), this is the most likely outcome of the vaccinated who also become infected, they won’t even notice they are.

The news streams are all over this, but not so much on the ascendence of new strains in overall testing.  I mean that of the total number of strain tests conducted, the amount which show new mutagens is rising overall.  This not only shows that the new strains are more infectious, but hints they might be more resistant or even immune to the vaccine.

Not one epidemiologist has said that, nor will they without concrete proof that is happening.  It is a possibility, and with the distribution of the said vaccines only those strains which can survive the vaccines will remain in the population.  Think on this after this manner and see what I mean.

We have a virus and a vaccine which is 100% effective against it.  The bug gets loose and we begin vaccinating everyone.  We can vaccinate about twice as fast as the bug is spreading. Then we discover a new strain and our vaccine is only 75% effective against that, then another strain with only a 50% chance, then a resistant one for which the vaccine is not relevant.  As we are catching and killing the bug it is mutating to resist our weapon, until we need another weapon, a new vaccine.

The last one was designed in less than a year, can they tweak that to work on the new strain?  Right now, in a lab somewhere, someone is working on that very problem.  It’s a real-life game of whack a mole, in the science.  A fast paced, life and death game of whack a mole.  A game of whack a mole which you started with no hammer, and developed a hammer which is nerfing in front of your eyes.  With every week seeing your hammer resemble more and more, it’s nerf ideal, until it is useless at whacking moles and a new hammer is needed. We made our whack a mole hammer into a nerf hammer. We did this because humans want to hold our own opinion as fact despite a reality in their very face.  So many of us disregarded the public health measures believing our own BS and not wanting to feel deprived of “Liberty”.

Our denialism is nerfing our own weapon against the virus.

Too many of us have been in or remain in denial and this has allowed the bug to spread widely enough to begin mutating.  Every infection carries a tiny chance of mutating the bug, if it spreads enough times it will mutate, it is inevitable. It is evolution in real time..  So “Stop the Spread” is really “Stop the Mutations”, because the mutations might be drug resistant.  If you stop the spread you reduce the chances of a random mutation. The more it spreads the sooner we will see mutations.

So far we have original flavor from Wuhan, the Italian flavor from Europe, then we got the UK strain, and the Brazilian strain all in under in a years’ time.  In flu the new strain would be next year, so C-19 is a fast mutagen as compared to Influenza.  4 or 5 times faster in fact. So, STOP THE SPREAD!

Three new strains are problematic, the NY, CA, and South African strains are all increasingly found among new C-19 patients in both NY and CA.  The South African strain has shown the ability to reinfect someone who already had Covid.  This ability is expected to be found in both the new strains as well.  This brings up the grim ghost of “will the current vaccine protect against it?”

The answer to that is the unsatisfactory IDK, unknown as of yet.  We will find out in real time, but even if it is not effective, get the vaccine to prevent spread of the other strains and thus prevent them also evolving into something for which we need new vaccines and therapies. a “Your Home Town” strain immune to the vaccine and treatment we use against it; a drug resistant variety.

This is the very nature and problem with all novel virus, and exactly what we are seeing.  It is fucking ‘NOVEL’, in other words IDK is our baseline.  We don’t know and are trying very hard to learn all about it before we die of it, or are maimed by it, or lose loved ones to it.  This is why it remains very important to distance and mask, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes with unwashed hands, and stay out of public spaces where all those things are required.

Get the vaccine as soon as you can to prevent spread of the strains that already exist out there.  You will at least be protected from many of those and you will remove a hole through which the mole(C-19) can pop out.  Each vaccination reduces where the moles can come out.  Eventually you have one left, and then we can triumph as we did with Polio.  That took door to door inoculations of rural India, the same will be true with Covid, or we will see SARS-CoV-2 (C-19) become SARS-CoV-3 (C-21).

Global Infected 111,157,192                        113,873,450
Increase        2,716,258 
7-day average   388,036 infections diagnosed daily 

Global Dead     2,242,102                               2,526,906
Increase        284,804 
7-day average   40,686 deaths daily 

USA Infected    28,078,638                            28,554,887
Increase        476,249 
7-day average   68,035 infections diagnosed daily

USA C-19 deaths 497,670                              511,998
Increase        14,328
7-day average   2,046 deaths daily

Maine Infected 43,367                                   44,634  
Increase        1,267
7-day average   181 infections diagnosed daily

Maine deaths    658                                         703
Increase        45
7-day average   6.4285 deaths daily

As I hid out on my hilltop 284,804 died of C-19, of those 14,328 were my fellow Americans and 45 mt fellow Mainers.  More Americans have died of COVID-19 than in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and all modern wars combined.  In one years time.

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