Living with Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday March 21, 2021

9:57 AM

I received the first Moderna Vaccine this morning, making me inoculated and semi protected from the original wild strain of SARS-CoV-2.  In three weeks’ time I receive the booster for full effect, about 94% protection from the worst symptoms of C-19.  We do not know how these vaccines will fare against variants, but in general any of these vaccines will provide a lot of protection against the most severe outcomes even if it is a variant.

That means it is a lot better to be vaccinated against the wild C-19 than not to be so vaccinated, even if you wind up with another strain variant.

The jab was simple, a non-issue as vaccines go.  I did not even notice it; the needle was tiny.  As of now I have had zero side effects, which range from soreness at the injection site to flu like symptoms.  We shall see as the week goes on how I fare.

So far, we have about 1/6th of the nation vaccinated, around 45 million or so people.  Herd immunity would be at about 5/6ths, so roughly 30 million infected and 45 million vaccinated makes about 75 million Americans holding some type of resistance.  That is close to ¼. A long way from ¾ inoculated, so called ‘herd immunity’.

Natural resistance from having had C-19 seems to have little effect with the newest variants.  Either the antibodies are incorrect or the antibodies are not present as folks who have had the wild C-19 have also caught the variants.  We have more to study about this.

Not a lot of re-infections, but with a virus which has 50% asymptomatic cases, we will have no way of knowing how many new variant patients previously had C-19 as an asymptomatic person.  So, learning how many people get re-infected is next to impossible as the patient may not realize they had it previously.  The best course of action at this juncture, vaccinated or not, is to remain in your viral posture, mask, distance and wash hands frequently.

It was odd going out, as I have not been outside in months, never mind out and off the property.  Nice to be mobile and go anywhere, better to be out getting some level of protection.

On April 1st, this record is a year old.  I am amazed with the science. I am amazed I am still alive to record anything.  I am amazed that Crisper tech created this, in truly record shattering time.  I am glad we have the tech to even attempt this, never mind pull it off.  In a years’ time we cracked the virus, modified its underlying DNA/RNA to create a new type of vaccine.  Then we mass produced it, and distributed it with great rapidity.  I hope it is not too little too late though.

This pandemic is different than all previous ones because of how entwined and interconnected our world has become.  In 1918 they did not have air travel, never mind air commerce.  Our society is magnitudes faster and more interconnected than the world of WW1.  This allowed the bug to be truly global in scope, and to become endemic to the globe entire.  The only way to win this pissing contest is to vaccinate the entire planet.

That requires a level of co-operation I do not expect to see.  Since that is our reality our new normal will be Covid normal.  If we inoculate America, we will get flares of variants.  We will get blooms of virus among those unwilling to be vaccinated.  People will travel and bring us new strains. That will be our new normal.  Those who resist masking in public will cause outbreaks and give the virus room to procreate, and that gives it opportunity to mutate and create more new variants.

Already the news this year reeks of what people did last year.  Spring is coming so Spring break celebrations will cause blooms as long as people get drunk and ‘do not care’ because of that, or because they are young and feel invulnerable, or because they detest being told what to do, even for their own health for a short time.  Miami is in a lockdown from spring breakers going hog wild, only this year the mayor had learned from last year and went public telling folks not to come to Miami.

Too little too late, they were a viral mob just last night.

Despite our overall numbers being down, 21 states are up.  Again, just like last year, those who opened up early for business, they also bloomed.  We shall see if these next blooms are of the variant or of the original.  Wherever the variants have been detected, they rapidly outpaced the original and become the dominant, most often seen strain.

So really nothing is changed, but it feels like it has to many.  I think this wish think, ever hopeful, less careful reaction to the vaccinated increasing will lead many to lessen their viral posture, and that will give the bug a chance to respawn in new variants.  That might become a problem as time goes by, if people do not accept this new viral reality, and insist on ‘the good ole days’ being how they choose to live, then creating viral free zones will be a pipe dream.

Global Infected 119,620,761                        122,933,242
Increase        3,312,481
7-day average   473,211 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead     2,649,919                               2,711,429
Increase        61,510
7-day average   8,787 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected    29,401,167                            29,784,371
Increase        383,204
7-day average   54,743 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

USA C-19 deaths 534,315                                               541,919
Increase        7,604
7-day average   1,086 deaths daily –DOWN

Maine Infected 47,025                                   48,464  
Increase        1,439
7-day average   205 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths    724                                         729
Increase        5
7-day average   0.71428 deaths daily –DOWN

As I wrote this in my bubble again, 61,510 more died of C-19, of those 7,604 were my fellow Americans and 5 were my fellow Mainers.

One thought on “Living with Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday March 21, 2021

  1. I can’t figure out how you managed to stay in the house all these months. I was forced to go out for groceries and medicine, wearing a mask, of course. But I started getting enough groceries for longer period of time. I also had to go to work; I’m a substitute teacher and my school district is open. We wear masks, but we can take them off when we eat lunch. To be honest, I’m avoiding the shot. I’ll probably get the JJ shot when it comes.


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