Living with Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Sunday March 28, 2021

8:05 AM

In three days, it is the one-year anniversary of this record.  As I document these times it needs to be noted that it is also the start of the George Floyd trial and that the GOP, Nationwide, has started over 200 new bills all designed to curtail the American vote.  All these bills lie under the pretense of securing the vote after the GOP itself spent months demeaning and belittling the vote, after they caused a riotous insurrection based on the false idea that the election was stolen.  Millions of Americans came to believe that the Congressional validation of our votes was in fact a fraud and had to be stopped, when there was never any evidence it was fraudulent at all. GOP lies and misinformation led millions to lose faith in the vote, which the GOP seeks to fix through new uses of Jim Crow style restrictions designed to curtail the vote.

This to me seems like an Anti-Civil Rights movement inside the GOP, and makes me ashamed to be an American. Ashamed to admit that so may Americans are, in their hearts, not interested in democracy itself, only the retention of power. Ashamed that so many Americans are still so willing to enact racist laws to retain power.

The election brought out the most voters ever in history in spite of the pandemic and the Democrats won by a narrow margin, all three branches of our government.  The GOP wants none of that, so they have systematically gone about brazenly resurrecting Jim Crow laws.  The current laws which produced the least problematic election in our history are not good enough because too many people voted.

Too many poor people that is.  Too many minorities, too many people not voting for the GOP, so they set about, in 43 states, creating bills to make the voters have to jump through hoops to vote.  Insisting on voter id for absentee ballots, something I cannot get without voter id anyway, now has to also have id presented when it is returned.  Prove who the voter is twice, once is not good enough.  They also want to remove locations, so people will have to travel further and wait longer to vote.  They have even gone so far as to make it a crime in some states, to give water to people waiting in line for 8 hours in 100 degree heat.

All of this is aimed at disenfranchising the minorities of America, which have the collective presence of a majority.  This last election showed that when everyone votes the white ethno-centric GOP loses, so rather than widen their appeal, they want to restrict the vote, State by State.

To counter this the Dems seek to create a national law which enshrines, restores, and improves the voting rights act of 64.  The GOP has promised to fight that tooth and nail, which leaves the Dems forced to remove or restore the filibuster.  The filibuster has been stripped of its original use, which most Americans are familiar with.  The days of one lone senator valiantly standing against a tide by talking endlessly are long gone, that filibuster has not existed for some time.  The GOP, years ago, changed the senate rules to allow the mere threat of a filibuster to act as one, leaving opposition to a bill powerless unless they can get 60 votes. In a split Senate that is impossible, and the Senate has been so closely split for many years, enough so that 10 votes in an impossibility.

What currently exists is a perversion of its original form and intent.  Dems need to end it, so they can actually enact legislation for voting rights and many other urgent crises that exist.  They need to protect the minorities from having new state laws so restrict their right to vote as to make voting impractical to impossible for legal voters. 

The reality that we still exist in a Pandemic seems not to concern the GOP at all.  The fact that the GOP suffers from a racist image problem because there are racists among them concerns them not at all. The image of the GOP is being ratcheted up to all GOP being racist because they are willfully restricting the rights of minorities access to the vote, and the GOP cares not at all.

If someone calls you a Nazi, and your a proud Nazi, do you take offense? In the same manner the GOP seems to take no notice of the racist ideation of their new laws. If they are racists why would they take offense at people calling them such?

So now this mess looks like this to me, if you are GOP and think your not racist, you are nonetheless supporting a racist agenda which is nationwide.  Thus, unless you leave that party, history will see you as a racist, your family as a racist family, and your party as racists or supporters of racists.  History will see it that way because of the actions being taken right now by the GOP in 43 states to restrict minorities and the poor’s ability to cast a vote.  It is an attempt to resurrect Jim Crow era legal restrictions under a new guise.

This effort by my fellow Americans makes me ashamed to be called an American.

Viral variants are our biggest issue now.  Even as we get people vaccinated the virus shifts and mutates, and variants are the new spread vector.  As new infections continue, they are more and more often of a variant strain.  Brazil’s health care system is at overload again, and Doc’s on the ground there expect it to break and for things to get much worse because the Brazilian variant seems to not care about our vaccines or whether you have had C-19 already.  It is also affecting a much wider age range with more severe effects.

Yet Americans in their privilege bubble act like nothing is happening.  The privileged youth who see spring break as an earned holiday for studying in universities only the privileged can afford to attend act with abandon, virus be damned. I personally never heard of spring break until the 80’s.  It was ‘Easter Vacation’ in schools I attended, never heard the term ‘Spring Break’ until the 80’s at all.  MTV glamorized it in the 90’s and it bloomed from there, so that now a whole generation of privileged white kids think a ‘Spring Break’ is owed to them.

For me it was first associated with rich, white youths of privilege blowing a lot of their parent’s money partying on break from a costly university education. I could not afford the school and had no parents to fund me doing anything, never mind wasting lots of money on booze and vacation trips.  This was a privileged person’s holiday started in 1936, which over the decades became a University Tradition. A tradition which many University Students now look forward to like Xmass, they expect to have a Spring Break.  To me that entire line of thought is ludicrous.  I had no rich parent to pay my University Fees and also, willingly, fund a drunken party for two weeks in Miami or Cancun.

It is an illustration of the wealth disparity and white privilege in America that so many people now see ‘Spring Break’ as a normal standard holiday, when only the wealthy can dream of such a thing.  So now the privileged once again will cause another super spreader, which will in turn cause blooms all over the nation, this time it will most likely be with variants.  It is not enough that these ‘students’, each holding a slot in a University most folks can’t dream of attending, feel it is their ‘right’ to get drunk and act the fool while spreading a deadly virus.

This is the so called ‘woke’ generation?

We Americans keep repeating the errors of our past, and we will pay a price for that.  I already am; now I am ashamed to call myself American because of what the GOP and its supporters are doing, in all our names, in 43 states.  If your elected representatives are racist, then is it not you who elected racists to office?  Ought we not be ashamed of what we elected?

On a personal note, this has been my most active week in months.  I went out, of my room, of the house, off the property, not once but three times.  First to get my first vaccine, then to get a Covid test, and then to a medical appointment to see how my underlying conditions are faring in all this.  Turns out not so well.  Soon I will go for surgery, again; and again, I will have to await the biopsy afterwards to see how cancerous the polyp in my throat is. 

Global Infected 122,933,242                        126,821,835
Increase        3,888,593
7-day average   555,513 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead     2,711,429                               2,778,429
Increase        67,000
7-day average   9,571 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected    29,784,371                            30,219,071
Increase        434,700
7-day average   62,100 infections diagnosed daily –UP

USA C-19 deaths 541,919                                               548,828
Increase        6,909
7-day average   1,086 deaths daily –DOWN

Maine Infected 48,464                                   49,653  
Increase        1,189
7-day average   169 infections diagnosed daily –Down

Maine deaths    729                                         736
Increase        7
7-day average   1 deaths daily –UP

As I sat on my hilltop 9,571 of my fellow humans died of C-19 every single day;  of those 1,086 were my fellow Americans, and of those 1 was a fellow Mainer.

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