The Jab

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday April 11, 2021
7:24 AM

‘The Jab’ is the British term for a vaccination.  I got my first Moderna jab two weeks ago.  My daughter in law got her Pfizer jab well over a month ago as a health worker.  My son got his Johnson and Johnson jab just the other day. So, my home is a mini petri dish of vaccine side effects and reactions.

After her second Pfizer jab my daughter in law had the chills for days.  Sometimes like a flu chill where you’re shivering from chills and sweating at the same time, and at other times just a feeling of inescapable cold.  An inability to keep warm.  She also had a mild headache.

My son had the single dose J&J jab, and had “the flu” for a day, more or less.  He experienced tiredness, chills, and a 103-temp accompanied by muscle aches.  His symptoms put him in bed for 24 hours with no symptoms afterwards.

I have only had the first Moderna jab and the only effect I had from the first jab was a sore arm.  I will find out a week from today what the second is like.  After that I will have 2-3 weeks for full protection to be in effect.  All three vaccines appear to be fully effective against the variants we now have.

The news keeps using the term wave to describe outbreaks and peaks at certain geographical locations.  I find that term is not an apt description.  A wave indicates a wall of infection spreading across the nation but viral blooms won’t spread like that in the modern world.  We are too interconnected and moving too fast.  Instead of a wave rolling across the land we will have hot spots.  Areas where the virus is spreading fast and infecting a lot of people.  I prefer to call such outbreaks blooms.

Right now, 25% of the nation is in bloom with rates as high as previous blooms.  What differs between these blooms and previous ones?  These blooms are of the UK variant, which is between 50 and 100% more contagious than the original wild bloom.  The UK variant is twice as catchy as the original and replacing the wild strain as the nation’s dominant strain. 

The area in bloom is the great lakes area.  Following Dr. Brilliant’s circle or target technique we stick a pin in Michigan and draw a circle big enough to include Wisconsin and Illinois, that is our current bloom area.  In this new paradigm it behooves us to see where blooms are and avoid those areas, and if it is our area blooming to return to a full viral posture.

My own viral posture has relaxed slightly as my home is mostly vaccinated and still following full viral posture at work. This amounts to not masking to use my own bathroom. If I go to the store, a Dr’s appointment or out for a coffee, then I will mask up, distance and Purell.

I expect this to be the new normal.  Blooms of new strains, which may or may not be covered by the most recent vaccination.  SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious, that is how it became a Pandemic.  It spreads easily and half of infections are covert, we do not know we have the bug.  That is asymptomatic virus, a covert viral infection which keeps on spreading undetected.  SARS-CoV-2 (UK) is 50 to 100% more contagious, and that is what is blooming.  It is also asymptomatic, a covert viral infection seeking new hosts.

We need more testing capability so we can catch those covert viral infections. Without more testing it is viral ‘Whack-a-Mole’ for the foreseeable future.

Global Infected 130,917,035                        135,459,908
Increase        4,542,873
7-day average   648,981 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead     2,848,439                               2,929,679
Increase        81,240
7-day average   11,605 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected    30,673,277                            31,151,780
Increase        478,503
7-day average   68,357 infections diagnosed daily –UP

USA C-19 deaths 554,781                                               561,783
Increase        7,002
7-day average   1,000 deaths daily –UP

Maine Infected      51,763                                              53,745  
Increase        1,982
7-day average   283 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

Maine deaths    745                                         750
Increase        5
7-day average   0.7142 deaths daily –DOWN

As I hid in my hilltop retreat C-19 exterminated another 81,240 of my fellow human beings, 7,002 of those were my fellow Americans, and 5 were my fellow Mainers.

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