Vaccine Booster Day

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday April 18, 2021

9:37 AM              

I went this AM for my second dose of Moderna vaccine against C-19, SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes covid-19 disease.  That makes me at about 70% resistance headed toward 95% resistance.  The reality that we created and made available these vaccines in record time is offset by the anti-science segment of society which refuses to take these lifesaving vaccines out of fear.

Some folks fear the vaccine is the ‘mark of the beast’, because it has been preached about in that fashion, others think it is a Q Anon conspiracy to ‘chip’ the global population, and still others think it is all blown out of proportion by political whim.  None of these ideas is valid and all allow the virus room to infect, grow and mutate into new strains.  Ignorance is not bliss in this case, but actually threatens all of us because some people are fearful.

I watched Jim Jordan rip into Dr. Fauci about mask wearing.  Jim Jordan is well educated, so how he fails to grasp how virus spread fails the smell test.  Instead, he paints mask wearing as removal of personal liberty, and it is, just like your seat belt.  It is for everyone’s good that people wear seat belts and wear masks.  Wearing a mask in a pandemic is not a restriction of your personal liberty. It is an inconvenience to protect your fellow citizen and yourself as well as your family from a still novel virus.  Mr. Jordan wants to make it a personal liberty issue when it is a public health measure.  I doubt Fauci’s words had any impact.

Since this is my final booster for Moderna’s vaccine, I expect my immune system to react to this booster, and I may well feel ill or very ill today from it as the feeling of illness is a result of the immune system reacting to the vaccine after having been prepared to react to the virus.  We shall see, so far it is nothing more than a tender arm and barely that.  With the first shot my arm got more and more sore for hours and was sore for a few days.  Therefore, I expect any reaction I have to the booster to follow a similar path.

The VA did find a polyp in my throat, so I am up for CT scans and surgery to remove that.  My chronic cancer watch, “come in and let us look around for Cancer please”.  Like Shampoo’s rinse and repeat axiom, so too is testing people in my boat, with a risk of developing cancers of all sorts.  Technically all growths like Polyps are cancers, the issue is if it is a malignant cancer of a begin tumor like the last one in 2014.

Like I said before, I was in the at-risk category before C-19 was discovered. SARS-CoV-2 just added something else I am at risk for.  For the majority SARS-CoV-2 is a low-risk disease.  1-5 % of infections need hospitalization and often those cases are dire.  That makes the majority have 99.6 or so chance of it being a nothing burger to them personally.  This reality drives many to say “I have a 99.6% chance to have little or no issue with C-19?  So why lock down and mask?” 

The answer to that is because it is novel.  We do not understand it fully and every time it infects someone it reproduces thousands of times, and with reproduction comes mutation.  Already it has become 100% more infectious, in a single year; already it is asymptomatic half the time, and with minor symptoms which are easy to overlook or credit to allergies; and already it has mutated several times.  If a future mutation makes it 100% more lethal, or makes it immune to the vaccines, then we are in trouble.  The fact that so many GOP, 40-60%, claim they won’t take the vaccine, that makes plenty of room for the bug to spread undetected and giving it ample chances to mutate.

Take India right now.  India is having 200,000+ new cases every day.  Mostly of the new UK variant which is so much more infectious it is outpacing the original wild strain everywhere they compete for human hosts.  The UK and Brazilian variants are the reason why viral warfare is unsound.  If China unleashed C-19 as a weapon, but the UK variant mutates into a strain resistant to the vaccines and antibody treatments, then when the bug returns to China, they will have problems like India or Brazil. That is why viral warfare is unsound strategy.

As things stand, we are in the new paradigm, and will remain in such for quite some time.  Years certainly, as we will not be able to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 globally for a long time.  Doing so requires trust and compliance, nation to nation and state to state, but more so individual to individual.  As long as we have politicians making a virus political, we will have problems.

It is of interest to note that the bulk of vaccine resistance comes from the religious among us and that is true globally.  In India it is festival season and large religious festivals are underway, and like fundamentalist churches here in the states the religious are not following viral protocols because they conflict with religious ideas they believe in.  The second biggest resistance to vaccine demographic is those who hold conspiratorial/political ideologies as of equal or more import than public health measures.  All of these folks aid the viral enemy every time they fail to follow viral protocols based on something they believe. Everywhere religious ideology holds sway over scientific fact will be a breeding ground for future mutations.

Viral protocols in my home are responsible for me avoiding the pox thus far, something I did not expect.  I might well survive the Pandemic only to fall to cancer or my underlying issues.  Death is a certain as the tide, but there is no need to bury oneself in sand as the tide comes in, is there?  That is what these folks refusing to follow simple masking procedures are doing to themselves and their loved ones: burying themselves in sand up to their neck as the tide comes in while screaming the tide is ‘fake news’.

Global Infected 135,459,908                        140,821,384                       
Increase        5,361,476
7-day average   765,925 infections diagnosed daily –UP by a Million

Global Dead     2,929,679                               3,013,042
Increase       83,263
7-day average   11,909 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected    31,151,780                            31,629,036
Increase        477,256
7-day average   68,179 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN slightly

USA C-19 deaths 561,783                                               566,905
Increase        5,122
7-day average   731 deaths daily –DOWN

Maine Infected                 53,745                                   57,285  
Increase        3,540
7-day average   505 infections diagnosed daily –UP by almost double

Maine deaths    750                                         765
Increase        15
7-day average   2.1428 deaths daily –Up by more than double

As I hid in my hilltop retreat 83,363 more of my fellow humans died of C-19, of those 5,122 were my fellow Americans and 15 my fellow Mainers.

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