India’s Blooming

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday April 25, 2021

8:00 AM

India is in a viral bloom.  300,000 new cases a day, over 2,000 deaths per day, and its on an exponential growth curve.  It is going to get worse there.  A few weeks ago, their leaders were saying they were in the end game, but then came the religious festival season and millions of faithful Hindus went and bathed in the Ganges with no viral protocols in place.  A major super spreader event which led to this huge bloom.

Hospitals are overrun and lack O2 and treatment medications.  This bloom is the UK variant, almost 100% more contagious than the original.  Crematoriums are running nonstop and are overflowing.  Mass burnings are taking place.  Brazil is also in a major bloom.

There is not enough vaccine for the globe.  There will not be enough vaccine for the globe for a long time, perhaps years.  300,000 new cases per day, each presenting the virus with hundreds or thousands of chances at mutation, how long till another, even more effective variant appears?  Under these conditions it is as inevitable as the morning tide.

I wish more people, especially more Americans, grasped the science and followed it.  We are witnessing evolution in real time as the virus creates variants of itself, several of which are already more problematic.  The UK variant has changed the demographics of infection.  It was majority elderly, that is 70+ years, who were most at risk.  In India right now, entire families are becoming infected as the UK variant is so much more effective at spreading.

Around 25% of Americans are fully vaccinated, another 5-10% are partially inoculated.   We need 70-85% inoculated or having survived infection to reach ‘herd immunity’.  All totaled we might be at 40-50%, counting people who think they had it but do not know for sure.  On the other hand, we have a large swath of religious evangelicals and political conservatives who refuse to take the vaccine.  So we have about half the population having some protection while the other half refuses to protect themselves out of religious reasoning, or political signaling, or conspiratorial fear.

That creates a large opening for the virus to spread, reproduce and eventually mutate yet again.  Half of Americans are playing some form of viral Russian roulette.

I got my second jab last Sunday.  That day my arm was sore at the injection site.  Over 12 hours the injection site got more and more sore.  In my left deltoid the soreness expanded down that muscle over 12 hours until I could not lift that arm, it was too sore.  I treated that with warmth, forced stretching, and massage over the next three days.

At 12 hours in other symptoms took effect.  I ran hot and cold, fever and chills, including night sweats so heavy all my bedding had to be washed afterwards.  I was so exhausted as to be nonfunctional; all I did was lay down for three days.  I suffered muscle aches and bone aches like you get with a flu all throughout those three days.  Exhausted, sore and shivering or sweating, or both at the same time was the main experience. I am about 70% resistant to the wild strain and will be 95% resistant to that and 75%+ resistant to the current variants.

Friday, I drove down to the VA for testing.  Two hours one way, for CT scans and blood work.  I enjoyed the drive, just being outside, out of my bubble, was enjoyable.  Once again, they are looking for cancers and once again I get to wait on results like we all did in the 80’s with AIDS tests.  Test and wait with baited breath for a phone call you hope you never get.  If the line rings Monday it is not a good sign.  No call is a good call.  I went through all this in 2014 and I am back again for a repeat.  Early June is my surgical date for the polyp in my throat.

“Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I shall ever know
Live and die on this day.
Live, and die, on this day”
—Poem from the film ‘The Grey’

Global Infected 140,821,384                        146,560,631                       
Increase        5,739,247
7-day average   819,892 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead     3,013,042                               3,101,512
Increase        88,470
7-day average   12,638 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected    31,629,036                            32,045,473
Increase        416,437
7-day average   59,491 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

USA C-19 deaths 566,905                                               571,922
Increase        5,017
7-day average   716 deaths daily –DOWN

Maine Infected 57,285                                   59,612  
Increase        2,327
7-day average   332 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

Maine deaths    765                                         772
Increase        7
7-day average   1 deaths daily –DOWN

As I hid out in my retreat another 88,470 of my fellow humans perished from C-19, of those 5,017 were my fellow Americans, and of those 7 were fellow Mainers.

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