On the Rise Again

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday June 27, 2021
7:45 AM

A historic heat wave threatens all-time records in the Northwest this weekend into next week with dangerous triple-digit highs in parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and western Canada.

The Jet stream is so bent out of shape it is almost a cul-de-sac.  This huge bend traps hot air under high pressure making San Diego 74 degrees and Vancouver near 115 degrees.  A true inversion would be closer to “normal”.  This dome also traps the rain systems coming out of the Gulf of Mexico into a repeating pattern causing floods in the southern plains and south east.  The dome also causes another repeating pattern of severe thunderstorm and tornadic events in the northern plains.

This is not the new normal.  Rather it is the end of what we thought of as normal because there will be no new normal.  Abnormal will become the new normal, and abnormality will not remain static.  The effects on crops, on cattle, and on every aspect of life is affected.  It will cause hardship for some, and that number will only increase.  It will eventually affect all our bottom lines as food will become more and more costly to produce, that is if the weather lets you produce at all.

The Gulf stream has slowed and the influx of cold fresh water from Greenland’s glacier melting has slowed the great conveyer belt. Ramifications of that are profound, leaving warmer southern Atlantic waters free to produce more frequent and powerful hurricanes. We have know for decades that all ecosystems are interconnected. We are on a path to see exactly what that means, we do not really know.

We have highly educated and experienced scientists guessing because these environmental conditions have never existed during the existence of human society. We have no data, even the ancient ice cores, hold no evidence for a world with carbon at 415 PPM. There was no ice when the earth was that hot.

Humanity is playing craps with the survival of the species on the table.

On the Corona front global numbers are showing the increased infectivity of the Delta strain.  Numbers are up globally and nationally.  As I said last week this is causing a flattening of the curve.  Last year many Americans learned what flattening the curve meant and see that as good. 

That was flattening an upward curve, to halt infections and slow the spread.  We were on a downward curve, which had slowed and now has turned up.  This is the direct effect of the delta variant and vaccine hesitancy, as well as outright refusal to be vaccinated by far too many.

Global Infected      178,230,119                                   180,862,494                       
Increase             2,632,375
7-day average        376,053 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead          3,860,720                                          3,918,516
Increase             57,796
7-day average        8,256 deaths daily –DOWN

USA Infected         33,538,037                                       33,622,105
Increase             84,068
7-day average        12,009 infections diagnosed daily –UP

USA C-19 deaths      601,741                                         603,891
Increase             2,150
7-day average        307 deaths daily –UP

Maine Infected       68,794                                             68,963  
Increase             169
7-day average        24 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

Maine deaths         854                                    858
Increase             4
7-day average        0.5714 deaths daily –DOWN

I hope, every day, that humanity will wake the hell up about climate change and the pandemic, but history and current events tell me that is not going to happen.  It is boiled frog syndrome and far too many of the frogs are in denial.  So, while many deny these realities, the rest of us face palm as we watch the damage done.  Damage these same people will deny is from climate change or the pandemic, despite watching it happen themselves.

While I remained in my hilltop retreat 57,796 more of my fellow humans died of C-19.  Of those 2,150 were my fellow Americans, and of those 4 were my fellow Mainers.

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