Living with Coronavirus
Sunday July 18th, 2021
7:35 AM

Maine adopted it’s slogan “Vacationland” in 1936, and with the interstate highway system’s creation in the 50’s, vacationing and tourism became the states main source of income, with Lobsters, Potatoes, and Lumber taking the back seat.  As I said before, I am wary of how much Covid-19 will be brought to Maine during the summer.  Again, I am unhappy to report I was not incorrect.  Our infections went way up and our deaths doubled, all due to vacationers bringing in the Delta strain unawares.

At the Capitol a slew of Texas Democrats, all vaccinated, gathered to protest the new Jim Crow voting laws being enacted in Texas, and all over the country in ruby red states.  3 of those Texas Dems tested positive for C-19, after being fully inoculated.  Yet more evidence that being vaccinated does not prevent a person from catching and spreading the delta variant while asymptomatic.   

The numbers are up again, way up in some places.

Global Infected      186,506,329                   190,089,665                       
Increase                  3,583,336
7-day average        511,905 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead          4,025,993                                          4,084,395
Increase                 58,402
7-day average        8,343 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected         33,848,726                                       34,070,262
Increase                221,536
7-day average        31,648 infections diagnosed daily –UP

USA C-19 deaths      607,132                                         608,898
Increase                    1,766
7-day average         252 deaths daily –UP

Maine Infected       69,219                                             69,474  
Increase                   255
7-day average        36 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths         862                                    882
Increase                  20
7-day average        2.8571 deaths daily –UP

This has led to a slew of news reports on C-19 this week, all saying what I have been saying for weeks, that there will be viral blooms everywhere there are large groups of unvaccinated.  Add to that proof that we all can carry the bug, vaccinated or not, and it becomes apparent that to break the cycle we still need to mask in indoor public settings.

“CDC declares covid in US a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, every case is fully preventable and yet was not prevented by vaccination, by the choice of the patient.”

“LA reinstates mask mandates due to delta variant and the unvaccinated vulnerability.”

“Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he “will not expend our limited resources” to ensure residents are following the order. He instead asked for voluntary compliance.  “Forcing the vaccinated and those who already contracted Covid-19 to wear masks indoors is not backed by science and contradicts the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines,” he said.”

“Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the seven-day average of coronavirus infections soared nearly 70 percent in just one week, to about 26,300 cases a day. The seven-day average for hospitalizations has increased, too, climbing about 36 percent from the previous seven-day period, she said.”

“97% to 99% of all hospitalizations and Deaths from Covid-19 are among the unvaccinated.”

“There is a clear message that is coming through: This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Clearly the Delta variant is dominant in the world,” said Dr. Fauci, saying it’s in 100 countries, noting the “extraordinary surge in the dominance of this variant worldwide.” He said we’re “seeing an increment in our own country to the point of now having more than 50% dominance and in some areas of the country greater than 70%. That is the sobering news.”

“All the wrong numbers are going up in the COVID-19 pandemic. CDC reported more than 33,000 new cases of COVID-19. Our seven-day average is about 26,300 cases per day. And this represents an increase of nearly 70% from the prior seven-day average,” said the CDC chief yesterday. We haven’t seen an increase like that in months. Deaths and hospitalizations are also up, as there is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“TOKYO — The first positive coronavirus case has been confirmed inside the Olympics Village just six days before the Opening Ceremony, officials confirmed Saturday, amid growing fears about the spread of the virus during the Games.”

“Cases of COVID-19 have doubled in the U.S. in the past two weeks and Arkansas is becoming a case study in how low vaccination rates can fuel the spread of the virus.  Arkansas continues to be the nation’s top state for new cases per capita, as only 35% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus appears to be largely sparing vaccinated people from the most severe illness according to a spokesperson for a major healthcare provider in the state.”

“Top US scientist Anthony Fauci on Saturday blasted commentators who sound an anti-vaccination theme, saying America might still be battling smallpox and polio if today’s kind of misinformation existed back then.  The comments from the country’s leading infectious disease expert reflected mounting frustration over the sharp slowdown in the Covid-19 vaccination rate in the United States, even as the disease has been surging in states with low rates.”

The GOP has been perpetuating news cycles in “Red Media”, including Fox News, Newsmaxx, ONN and other right-wing media.  These cycles blend misinformation about the vaccines with disinformation about the election and has led to a core of GOP supporters who refuse vaccination on political ideology.  A political ideology which more and more resembles fascist authoritarianism.

Climate change now has us all by the “short and curlies”.   For decades I have been watching the evidence pile up on Climate Change.  Since 1996 I have been watching our collective frog-self boil, but not been able to get my fellow frogs to believe the water is heating up.  That is the central problem with “Boiled frog” syndrome.  The frogs don’t realize they are boiling until they are dying and unable to leap from the pot.  We are all frogs in a boiling pot which cannot be leapt from.  Our only solution is to turn off the heat, but that requires the frogs realizing the danger.

Frogs are starting to wake up, starting to take action, but I still see a propensity to push the needed big changes down the road a decade or three, to 2030 or 2050.  The repeating mantras is “we will enact changes which must be mandated to be in full effect by 2030-2050”, incremental changes.  Those would have made me cheer in 1980, 90 or even 2000, as steps in the right direction, finally.  Those steps will be useless now, we need much more drastic, life altering changes put in place right away.  Climate shift is a chemical reaction and does not slow down incrementally.  This is too little too late.

Here are just a few of the weather news stories this week.  As I said before we long ago were warned that climate change would cause an increase in both the frequency and intensity of weather events.  Now the common person can see them.  I will start with the IPCC report and then show the real time evidence of that upcoming report.

“Millions of people worldwide are in for a disastrous future of hunger, drought and disease, according to a draft report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  The report warns of a series of thresholds beyond which recovery from climate breakdown may become impossible.”

“The Guardian said. The report warns: “Life on Earth can recover from a drastic climate shift by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems… humans cannot.”

“The worst is yet to come, affecting our children’s and grandchildren’s lives much more than our own.”

“Species extinction, more widespread disease, unlivable heat, ecosystem collapse, cities menaced by rising seas – these and other devastating climate impacts are accelerating and are bound to become evident in the decades ahead, according to AFP.”

“The report warns of “progressively serious, centuries’ long and, in some cases, irreversible consequences.” The report also said that the millions of people who live along coastlines almost everywhere around the world could be battered by multiple climate calamities at once: drought, heatwaves, cyclones, wildfires and flooding.”

“Simon Lewis, a professor of global change science at University College London, told The Guardian that “nothing in the IPCC report should be a surprise, as all the information comes from the scientific literature. But put together, the stark message from the IPCC is that increasingly severe heatwaves, fires, floods and droughts are coming our way with dire impacts for many countries.”

Real time Evidences below . . .

“Dozens are dead and hundreds missing in Germany and Belgium as heavy rains continue to fall and cause flooding. Heaviest rains in over a century.”

“Between Jan. 1 and July 4, there were 4,599 fires that scorched 114.8 square miles in California. During the same timeframe last year, there were 3,847 fires that blackened 48.6 square miles. 2020 was a record year and we are on pace to outperform 2020.”

“Tornadoes cause damage north of Toronto Canada.”

“Heavy Rains and wind cause damage in Italy.”

“The Amazon, once one of the planets greatest carbon sinks is now near carbon neutral as humans cut down the forest and replace it with carbon emitting grazing fields for cattle.”

“CO2 levels are now the highest they have been in the last 3.6 million years, while humans have only been around for 100,000 or so years.”

Even the great Salt Lake is at a historic low, and thanks to the CA wildfires we have lead in the smoke, just like the bad ole days before unleaded gas.  Meanwhile the moon, which has an 18-year elliptic cycle, is entering the later part of that cycle which makes it closer to Earth for the next 18 years.  Closer means higher high tides even as the seas themselves are rising.  As the west roasts this week the heat dome there sets up the center of the nation for a repeating cycle of severe thunderstorms which spawn tornadoes and flooding rains.

Here in Maine summer has not really arrived.  Instead, we have spring type weather, temps in the 60’s and 70’s and no real scorcher days with more rain and a lot more wind.  I think we had two “hot” days in the 90’s down south, barely topped 80 here.  Tourists are flocking here, as usual, but this time to escape the heat dome, and as they do, they share the Delta variant with Mainers, to Maines’s detriment.

As I remained in my hilltop abode another stadium full of my fellow humans, some 58,402 people, died of C-19, of those 1,766 were my fellow Americans, and of those 20 were fellow Mainers.  That is tenfold increase over last week here in Maine with all thanks to our tourist economy.

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