The Delta Wave

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday July 25th, 2021
7:21 AM

Being correct yet again is leaving me with the taste of ash in my mouth.  There is no satisfaction is saying “I told you so”, to a corpse.  It is an unnecessary tragedy exacerbated by denial of science and expertise, and the politicization of the same. 

The ignorant scream false accusations at those with the education to understand the issue.  False allegations based on science denial and raw political desire for power.  The ignorant do not grasp that the accuser needs evidence, and since they have none and do not understand the issue, or the science underlying the issue, their allegations are not only false, but misleading to their supporters.  Supporters who also do not grasp the science underlying the issue and have bought into those false allegations for political gain.

This is not new, but it is more widespread and far more dangerous.  In fact, the GOP has been courting science denial for decades.  The GOP was on the side of cigarette corporations and their denials of science.  They courted the bases fear of science they do not understand.  They pumped that up on issue after issue; after cigarettes it was climate change, air and water pollution and so on.  Misunderstanding and then misleading your base supporters to believe your misunderstanding is now costing lives in real time, and again, not for the first time.

I have said in several previously that all of this would happen.  That if we Americans fail to get 70-85% vaccinated then we will leave pockets for the virus to live, breed and mutate in.  This has happened several times already, but the newest and worst is the Delta Strain.  Globally Delta is outperforming all other strains and has become the dominant strain.

Delta is much worse than last years original strain, but the good news is the vaccines work against it.  The vaccines prevent serious disease, hospitalizations and death.  They do not prevent infection, and it is perfectly possible for an infected, previously fully vaccinated person, to both catch the Delta strain, and spread it to loved ones who may or may not be vaccinated.

Tests have shown that the Delta Strain reproduces in the nasal cavity thousands of times faster than the original.  This makes the disease far easier to spread and catch.  A person who catches the Delta Variant will spread it far and wide before they even have any symptoms.  It produces hard powerful sneezes in new infections, which of course spread it further.  All of this adds up to a strain which is 200 times as infectious as the original.

All of the numbers are way up this week in what the media is calling the fourth wave.  To me that axiom is misleading.  In my view all of this is the first wave, it has never stopped.  Like a Tsunami, it is not how many waves you get, but how deep are those waves.  When a Tsunami wave hits it might be a mile deep, so when the wave hits it just keeps coming and coming.  So too with a pandemic, it keeps coming and coming until we vaccinate 70-85% of the globe.

Here in America, we cannot even reach those numbers ourselves due to the misinformation and disinformation spread by the GOP and right-wing media.  They continue to do so even as the newest blooms are all in populations of the unvaccinated.  A pandemic of the unvaccinated they call it, but that is also false.  It is true that the unvaccinated are those most at risk and those who are filling up hospitals in ruby red states like Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama.  However, it also affects all of us, not just the person who is ill, but their family, friends, and workmates; their businesses, finances, and skills, and these things affect a lot more than just one sick person.

As we struggle with this climate change just keeps on keeping on.  Smoke from Oregon blankets NYC, our national grow zones are all being affected, many by drought and other by floods and fire.  It seems to me that the farming practices of America are under the greatest strain since the dust bowl, and may well lead to similar outcomes.  We humans, as individuals, need to prepare for these problems in our futures.  Extreme weather events will become more and more common until they are our new normal.

Remember we were warned, “weather events will continue to increase in both frequency and intensity due to human induced climate change”. 

All the numbers are up except Maine deaths, which is a wobble showing the time between hospitalization and death.  Tourist season is here and infections are way up, hospitalizations and deaths will inevitably follow.

Global Infected      190,089,665                                   193,832,974                       
Increase                  3,743,309
7-day average        534,758 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Global Dead          4,084,395                                          4,154,933
Increase                 70,538
7-day average       10,076 deaths daily –UP

USA Infected         34,070,262                                       34,431,974
Increase                  361,712
7-day average        51,673 infections diagnosed daily –UP

USA C-19 deaths     608,898                                          610,850
Increase                   1,952
7-day average         278 deaths daily –UP

Maine Infected       69,474                                             69,904  
Increase                  430
7-day average        61 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths         882                                                    897
Increase                  15
7-day average        2.1428 deaths daily –DOWN

As I sat in my remote home 70,538 more of my fellow humans succumbed to Covid, of those 1,952 were my fellow Americans, and of those 15 were my fellow Mainers.

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