Ida makes landfall

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday August 29th, 2021
7:06 AM

Today is the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  As the sun rises on this grim anniversary in New Orleans Hurricane Ida seeks to repeat the damage and destruction of Katrina.  Fortunately, it looks like Ida will miss the big easy and instead trash the low-lying bayous to the west of New Orleans.

In my own reality I got a call last week from the VA.  It asked me to come and get a booster for my Moderna vaccine Saturday, which I did.  Unlike the first or second dose this one has my immune system reacting.  That is a good, albeit miserable thing.

My arm was twice as sore as the second dose, and after a few hours I was beset with chills and fever.  It was a miserable night last night, and it continues this morning.  As such my post this week shall be short as I need to get back in bed and rest.

This was another week full of “Vuja De/Déjà vu”, repeats of behavior which was demonstrably daft and dangerous to others.  New outbreaks among children as Governor DeSantis argues against kids wearing masks.  The judge striking down his ban as beyond hid Gubernatorial powers.  Sturgis was once again a super spreader event.

Eric Clapton wrote a new song about our behavior during this pandemic.  Some are hailing it as anti- mask, some as anti-vax, but I did not hear that.  Rather it’s a song about being fed up, exhausted and overwhelmed by all aspects of the pandemic from restrictions and shutdowns to mask requirements and isolation.

Neil Young went further and called out promoters for holding concerts in viral blooms.  He commended Garth Brooks for canceling his shows during a bloom and insists unscrupulous promoters are going to get people killed so they make more money.

If doing the same thing over and over is a definition of insanity, then the human race has proved itself insane.

“Everyone has a right to make their own decisions regarding their health and their body. I believe in that completely – until your decision as to yourself impacts negatively many others. Then the common good takes over. And I’m arm-waving here, but that has everything to do with the way I look at our team, the Cowboys, or the way I look at our society. We have got to check ‘I’ at the door and go forward with ‘we.’ Your Dallas Cowboys are doing that.” –Jerry Jones

Trumps base booed him at his own rally.  This is the exchange he had with his own audience.

“You know what? I believe totally in your freedoms. You got to do what you have to do, but I recommend: Take the vaccines. I did it – it’s good,” Trump said

The audience boos Trump.

“That’s alright. You got your freedoms. But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. I’ll call Alabama say, ‘Hey you know what?’ but it is working. But you do have your freedoms.”—Trump said

More boos slowly subsiding

Trump supporter and conspiracy media Host Alex Jones, responded to Trump . . .

“Jeff Zucker snaps his fingers, and Trump clicks his heels and hops up there at attention and says, ‘How high do you want me to jump, boss?’” Jones said.  Jeff Zucker being the CEO of CNN.

“B.S., Trump. That’s a lie.  Shame on you, Trump, seriously, if you don’t have the good sense to save yourself and your political career, that’s OK. At least you’re going to get some good Republicans elected, and we like you. But my God, maybe you’re not that bright. Maybe Trump’s actually a dumbass.”—Alex Jones the Infowars host on Trump being vaccinated.

Deja Vu yet again

A cruise passenger died of the coronavirus in Belize after an outbreak of COVID-19 on a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

We just keep on making the same mistakes; maybe Jones is right, but it is humanity that is full of dumbasses.

Global Infected      211,467,135                   216,065,915                       
Increase                  4,598,780
7-day average        656,968 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

Global Dead           4,425,926                                        4,496,379
Increase                 70,813
7-day average       10,116 deaths daily –DOWN

USA Infected         37,424,234                                       38,761,757
Increase                 1,337,523
7-day average       191,074 infections diagnosed daily –UP, almost double

USA C-19 deaths      628,342                                         637,258
Increase                     8,916
7-day average           1,273 deaths daily –UP

Maine Infected       73,659                                             75,381  
Increase                   1,722
7-day average        246 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths         924                                    930
Increase                   6
7-day average         0.8571 deaths daily –DOWN

As I suffer from the effects of the vaccine another 70,813 of my fellow humans lost their battle to Covid, of those 8,916 were my fellow Americans 95%+ of whom were willfully unvaccinated, and 6 of whom were my fellow Mainers.

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