Still Here

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday September 19th, 2021
7:55 AM

I did not write or post last week, my own health issues prevented me from that.  I was down for days with pain, unable to find relief and unable to find a body position which did not inflict pain.  By the time I was through my “flare up”, it was Tuesday.  On Sunday I did not even realize it was Sunday, because my eternal companion was pain.  It is these issues which have me at that elevated at risk category.

Just this week approval of boosters for the vaccine were approved for those most at risk.  I got my booster weeks ago now, so what does that tell you about my issues?  As I have said many times prior to being vaccinated, I am a bug on the windshield of Covid-19.  I have already exceeded my own projections for life expectancy in this pandemic.

Thusly my numbers this week are for 14 days, not seven, and those numbers are on a gradual plateau gently sloping down.  We have not hit the 9-11 a day rate we reached previously, but were have been a steady Titanic a day for some time now.  Red states under the illusions of Fox News, right wing pundits and politicians have been suffering blooms of the Delta variant.  Statistics indicate that not being vaccinated has an increased risk for severe disease and death from Covid-19 at 11 times that of those who were vaccinated.

That shows the vaccines work.  Every counter argument for not being vaccinated is unsound and poorly reasoned.  Yet nearly 25% of Americans refuse vaccination.  The result is as tragic as it is predictable, conservatives and evangelicals are dying off at increased rates as Covid takes its toll.  This has led to a long string of conservative deaths, deaths not covered by those conservative outlets called news.  These deaths have become so common that a new website was created just to post those deaths.

Here is a sampling. . .  Each of these posts includes a short paragraph encapsulating their demise and Covid stance as well as a photo from social media or news.  To my scant few real time readers, if you go look you may well recognize some of these faces as they were screaming at news crews and demanding an end to mask and/or vaccine mandates.  Others you may recognize from their support of Trump and interviews from those rallies.

Lenny Mendez, 44, Sanford, FL, Healthcare, anti-vaxxer. Died from COVID.

Elmer Cobb, 33, Pensecola, FL, anti-vaxxer, died of COVID. Father posts anti-vaxx memes throughout.

Luis Ewing, 59, Tacoma, WA, “pro se litigator”, Anti-vaxx, in ICU w/ COVID. “Against his will”

Brian Cross, 59, Evergreen, CO. Owner Limo Service, Anti-vaxxer, died of COVID.

Laura Loomer, 28, Mar-a-Lago-ish, FL, Hate Speech Artist, has COVID. Is death looming?

Jacob Zimmerman, 41, Dayton, OH, Realtor. Thought vaxx was “mark of the beast.” Dead from COVID.

Ryan Carter, 28, Dayton, OH. Anti-vaxxer. Leaves behind SO w/ baby. Dead from COVID.

Heather Maddern & Sammie-jo Forde, 55, 32, Belfast, Anti-vaxxer Mother and Daughter die of COVID.

Kristen Lowery, 40, Escalon, California, Anti-vaxxer “ex-vaxxer”, died of COVID.

Gregg Prentice, 61, Tampa, FL, Software Dev, Anti-Fauci, dead from COVID.

Shaun Collins, 41, Richmond, IN. Owner of Mack’s Place Pub. Vaccine Hesitant. Died from COVID

Frank DeVito, 73, Richmond, IN, Retired business owner. Anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

Robert Martinez, 62, Tulsa, OK, Dietary Specialist, Anti-vaxxer. Death via COVID.

Damon Thibodeaux, 47, Jacksonville, FL, Released from Death Row (15 years), Anti-vaxx. Died of COVID

Update: Dustin & Tristan Graham, 45, Alabama Pickers, “not planning on getting it.”

Carl L Moody, 53, Houston, TX, Pastor, anti-vaxxer dies and leaves behind his congregation.

Denise “Truffles” Lyonnais, 68, The Villages, FL, Anti-vaxxer Clown Dies from COVID.

Doug Pothul, 58, Ocala, FL, Jiu Jitsu industry, extreme anti-vaxxer, dead from “The Flu”. COVID

This is about ¼ of the list so far, as it keeps growing, and the antivax people keep on refusing and dying.  Pediatric cases are way up, and children are now dying too. None of this seems to make a dent in those refusing the vaccine.

Global Infected      220,441,346                   228,258,394                       
Increase                  7,817,048
14-day average      558,360 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

Global Dead          4,564,360                                          4,687,959
Increase                 123,599
14-day average     8,828 deaths daily –DOWN

USA Infected         39,908,072                                       42,052,054
Increase                 2,143,982
14-day average     153,141 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

USA C-19 deaths   648,121                                            673,474
Increase                 25,353
14-day average     1,810 deaths daily –DOWN, still a Titanic a day

Maine Infected     78,071                                               83,910  
Increase                 5,839
14-day average     417 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths        940                                     984
Increase                 44
14-day average     3.1428 deaths daily –UP

This week we surpassed the 1917-18 Flu Pandemic.  The official death toll for that was 575,000, but adjusted by modern sources to be 675,000 dead.  Today we stand at 673,000 and counting quickly.  Granted we are triple the population, but we are also much more medically advanced.  This is the cost of ignoring what we have learned via science and medicine.

The GOP stand by and watches their own base die because they see it as political poison to vigorously support the vaccines.  The GOP now are threatening to default on the Governments credit, rather than approve of Covid and recovery policies the Biden admin is trying to pass.  They are threatening to damage or destroy America’s credit rating in an effort to make Dems look bad.  They want to tank the economy because research shows that a bad economic outlook causes Americans to throw out whichever party is in power.

I fail to see how such acts are in the interests of their constituents or America.  If you fight for your party and its vison for America to the extent you damage America something is way off, don’t you think?  My mother would say “it is cutting off your nose to spite your face.”  If you have no problem doing damage to America to blame the other party, you do not really represent America do you?  You only represent your party.

I think we need to put political parties in the dustbin of history.  Eliminate them entirely and let people run on their own platforms.  The two-party system is inherently flawed and needs to be eliminated, but replacing it with more parties and more platforms won’t change much.  We need to move past political parties entirely.

“After striking Canada as a Category 1 hurricane and causing widespread power outages in Newfoundland, Larry is moving north toward Greenland where residents are bracing for a hurricane season oddity: a blizzard caused by the remnants of a tropical storm.

Forecasters said the storm could bring up to four feet of snow in parts of the subarctic island, an event meteorologists described as rare and emblematic of a year filled with extreme weather that has been intensified by climate change.”—Juan News

In my own area we had a few days of summer like weather, high 70’s to low 90’s, and humid like New Orleans.  Air so heavy with water you can feel it as you breathe.  It did not last.  We are back to Mediterranean like climate.

As I suffered my illness and worked on these pages another 123,599 of my fellow humans died of Covid, of those 25,353 were my fellow Americans, and of those 44 were my fellow Mainers.

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