700,000 Dead Americans

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday October 3rd, 2021
11:58 AM

As we reach this grim sum in the Covid-19 Pandemic; as we approach two years since the virus was discovered; our leaders play politics with American lives.  Multiple Governors, as well as multiple Senators and Congressmen haggle over costs to combat Climate Realities.  Many of these self-same people also stand opposed to mandates of either vaccines or masks.  History will show, without any doubt, that their politics wound up costing American lives.

The GOP has become a slave to it’s base.  The loudest part of that base is also the most extreme and so the “Party” keeps on shifting further and further towards raw authoritarianism.  Few are the Liz Cheney’s; standing on honor and tradition whilst insisting upon ethics and the rule of law.  Those few are derided, stripped of any power in the GOP, and repeatedly demeaned and impugned with name calling right out of middle school.

Trust me, these examples will stick with this generation in the same way Kent State has stuck with me.  The future ramifications of that are not imagined, nor of concern to the GOP, they are slaves to the mob they call a base.  Those people storming the Capitol, beating cops with American and Blue Lives matter flags, that is their base. 

Many of these people are some type of Christian: be it steadfast, born again, fundamentalist, Catholic, Mormon, or Independent. Just this week a hack revealed that the top 27 religious Facebook groups are all foreign operatives trolling American Christians, to rile them up and cause dissent in America.  They all originate in Serbia-Croatia and Macedonia.  This comes from internal Facebook Documents leaked to an MIT group which monitors the internet and social media. 

This comes out as polls say that these types of Christians feel more aligned to Donald Trump than they do to Jesus.  That is because, in their Christians Groups, foreign actors who want dissension in America, have been feeding them BS for years.  BS they trust by default because it comes from a “Christian” page, one oft occupied by other Christians they know online.

This is the answer to that question so many have asked; “Why would good Christians follow a man who displays so little Christianity?  A man who cannot even hold a Bible right side up, and whose life does not reflect Christian values and ideals?” 

The answer to that is dual.  First there is a long Christian tradition, in the Bible, of God using imperfect vessels to enact his will on the earth.  Moses, David, Noah and so on, had backgrounds which were sinful to say the least.  So the idea of an immoral man chosen by God to make the world more Christian is almost common place among Christians.

Second, add to that multiple popular “Christian” FB groups all originating out of the country, and all rife with political/Christian posts.  Blurring the line for these types of Christians until it becomes their Christian Duty to support the GOP, or Donald Trump. 

That is how crusades are formed, it is how you get Kristallnacht.  It is the greatest liability of religion itself, that it can be used to manipulate an entire population or society to do immoral things which they believe are ordained by God, and therefore good.  It is how you get lynching’s and witch trials.

Someone has been intentionally doing this to American Christians for some time now, and FB knew and did nothing.  I hope the CIA and FBI are watching, because America does not need radicalized Christians any more than we need radicalized Muslims.  We do better keeping the radical where it belongs; in the skate park, or on the waves of Hawaii and California.

In Covid news there are a few things.  First, Delta is crushing the R1 mutation out of existence, it is more contagious and not allowing that mutation to spread, because it is already there.  Merk has designed a new drug; an antiviral pill for covid treatment and it looks promising.  Nationwide, and even globally we are trending slowly down.  The vast majority of serious Covid cases requiring Hospitalization or resulting in death are among people who refused to be vaccinated.  Delta is hitting kids now though, almost 1/3 of new cases are among children. 

Although we are down nationwide, we are also beginning to button up as the cold air comes back.  Covid thrives indoors at room temperature, so we may have another winter bloom alongside the flu and RS season which we are entering.  Our biggest problem is among those who refuse to vaccinate, but I suspect the slow trend down is happening despite them because once you add the survivors of a Covid infection to the number of people vaccinated, you closing in on herd immunity.  Here is to hoping Covid does not mutate into a worse form before we get there.

Global Infected      231,614,338                   234,753,029                       
Increase             3,138,691
7-day average        448,384 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN slightly

Global Dead          4,744,918                                          4,799,766
Increase 54,848
7-day average        7,835 deaths daily –DOWN

USA Infected         42,940,458                                       43,667,885
Increase             727,427
7-day average        103,918 infections diagnosed daily –DOWN

USA C-19 deaths      687,751                                         700,975
Increase 13,224
7-day average        1,889 deaths daily –DOWN

Maine Infected       87,189                                             91,468  
Increase             4,279
7day average         611 infections diagnosed daily –UP

Maine deaths         1,013                                                1,026
Increase             13
7 day average        1.8571 deaths daily  –DOWN

“Why is the U.S. falling behind the rest of the developed world in COVID-19 vaccinations? As of mid-September, according to Oxford University, 63 percent of Americans had been fully or partially vaccinated. That’s lower than Canada (75 percent), France (74), Italy (73), the U.K. (71), Israel (69), Germany (66) and Japan (66).

A lot of the explanation is political. In the July Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor, 86 percent of Democrats said they had received at least one shot. Among Republicans, the figure was 54 percent. That’s a huge difference between the two parties (more than 30 percent). Education was also significant. College graduates were 81 percent vaccinated, while non-college graduates were 61 percent vaccinated – a 20-point gap. Differences by sex and race were smaller (under 10 percent).

The KFF survey identified “two distinct groups” of unvaccinated Americans – those who were open to getting a vaccine and said they would “wait and see” (13 percent of the public) and the roughly equal group who said they would “definitely not” get vaccinated. The “wait and see” group was less educated and included a higher proportion of minorities. It tended to be skeptical about the effectiveness of vaccines and confused by inconsistent messages coming from the government and medical authorities (most recently, about the need for booster shots).

Those who said they would “definitely not” be vaccinated were mostly white, male, Republican and intensely opposed to vaccination mandates. What turns them off are “mandates” more than “vaccines.” After all, a majority of Republicans – including Donald Trump – have been vaccinated (54 percent in the July KFF survey). They acted to protect themselves, which shows that they are not stupid.

Some conservatives who shun vaccines are seeking unconventional treatments, such as injections of monoclonal antibodies, which are costly, time consuming and do nothing to stop the spread of the disease. Some are touting ivermectin, a treatment for parasitic infections in animals – horse dewormer – that has never been shown to be effective against COVID-19.

Conservatives are embracing these unconventional treatments because they are not mandated by the government. They believe treatment and prevention should be entirely a matter of personal choice, not government mandates. Their concern is for private health, not public health – even though COVID-19, like drunk driving, is not just a threat to one’s self. Because it is highly contagious, it’s also a threat to others.

Some Republicans argue that they are pro-vaccination and anti-mandate. Glenn Youngkin, Republican candidate for governor of Virginia this year, said in a debate, “I have been a strong advocate for everyone to get the vaccine.” As long as they are not required by law to get it. “Individuals should be allowed to make that decision on their own,” Youngkin added.

A spokeswoman for Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis went so far as to argue that “overreaching government mandates can make people even more hesitant to get the vaccine.” Maybe some conservatives, but the fact is, most Americans support President Biden’s vaccine mandates: 60 percent favor mandating vaccination or regular testing for employees of large businesses. More than 60 percent favor requiring masks in schools and public places. Majorities oppose state laws that ban mask requirements, such as the one in Florida.

“We said yes to science,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said after decisively beating the effort to recall him this month. “We said yes to vaccines. We said yes to ending the pandemic.” President Biden said in California, “This vote is a resounding win for the approach [Gov. Newsom] and I share. … Americans are unifying behind taking these steps to get the pandemic behind us.”

That was true, at least in California, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by nearly 2 to 1. In the exit poll, the pandemic was the top issue to California voters, and those concerned about it voted 80 percent against recalling the governor. Nearly two-thirds said Newsom’s mandate policies were “about right” or “not strict enough.”

Perhaps most revealing, only one-third of California voters said they considered getting the vaccine “a personal choice.” Those who felt that way voted 85 percent to recall Newsom. Nearly two-thirds called vaccination a “public health responsibility.” They voted 83 percent against recalling the governor.

To conservatives, health is a wholly individual responsibility. “Public health” sounds too much like collectivism. And collectivism gives conservatives a nosebleed.” Bill Schneider is an emeritus professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University–The Hill

As I worked on this while dealing with my own medical issues another 54,848 of my fellow Humans died from Covid-19, of those 13,224 were my fellow Americans, and of those 13 were my fellow Mainers.

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