Living with Coronavirus
Sunday October 17th, 2021
7:32 AM

I am rather burnt out.  Tired of watching the number climb, charting the deaths every week, so this week I took the numbers and did not start right away.  I was not then, and do not know now what I could say that I have not already said.

We are on a slow downward trend, with blooms here and there where those most vulnerable are.  The most at risk now are the unvaccinated.  There is a reddit now which also charts the deaths of anti-vaxxers who have died of covid.  It seems to have some effect because these folks include the dead’s former social media posts.  Some of the unvaccinated see and hear themselves when listening to those posts and realize they might also mirror their deaths, and so get vaccinated.

Globally we seem on the top stairs headed toward the platform we call “herd immunity”.  This is good, but it must be pointed out in order for the world to be fully vaccinated we need 16 billion to 24 billion doses administered.

Total Global Vaccines administered                         6,611,327,844

This number includes all vaccines, so it is nowhere near a global herd immunity in actuality, it rather represents pockets of greater immunity in the western world.  India, Africa, and Asia have a long way to go to hit 75%-90% vaccinated.  Most European countries are close; America not so much.  So, we see blooms here, and there among the unvaccinated.

“In fact, breakthrough cases are likely to impact thousands of people in the future. Amesh Adalja, a doctor and infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Roll Call that most people will be infected with COVID-19 at some point in their lives.

“It’s likely that everybody will probably get infected with COVID-19 (at some point) because it’s an endemic respiratory virus. The goal is to make sure that at that time, that infection occurs after you’ve been vaccinated so it’s mild,” Adalja told Roll Call.”

Global Infected      237,618,968                                   240,488,646                       
Increase             2,869,678
7-day average        409,954 infections diagnosed daily –UP slightly

Global Dead          4,848,199                                          4,896,379
Increase             48,180
7-day average        6,882 deaths daily –Down

USA Infected         44,317,553                                       44,918,127
Increase             600,574
7-day average        85,796 infections diagnosed daily –Down

USA C-19 deaths      712,974                                                         724,166
Increase             11,192
7-day average        1,598 deaths daily –Down

Maine Infected       94,948                                                             97,725                                                  
Increase             2,777
7day average         396 infections diagnosed daily –Down

Maine deaths         1,075                                                                1,095
Increase             20
7-day average        2.8571 deaths daily –Down

The politics remain unchanged, only ratcheted up again and again by politicians and talking heads who realize fear and anger get a response.  Politicians even brought up “divorcing”, in other words secession, and we are back in 1860.  They do not seem to have thought that out well, just spew the words to rile the base, consequences be damned.

This is why those who endorsed or supported, and still support Trumps election lie, need to face consequences.  Not just the people who believed his lies and marched on the Capital with the intent of stopping our constitutional process from proceeding, but those who egged them on, who riled that base, and who financed the rallies to do it.

Reason is on the whipping post and Fear holds the whip. Hope stands by mutely watching.

Americans, one and all, need to realize they are not red and blue, but purple.  When you break it down into actual policy and not empty soundbites to “own” the other party, Americans are purple.

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