Too Damn Depressing

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday January 9th, 2022
8:13 AM

I took the numbers down at 8:13, saw them and just closed my notepad.  It was just too damn depressing.  The numbers spiked beyond expectations.  The original strain was a 1 to 2/2.5 infection rate, that is 1 person infected will infect 2-2.5 people before diagnosis and isolation.  Delta went up from 1-2/2.5 to 1 to 3-5, due to asymptomatic spread.  That is your sick and do not know it yet, and infect 3 to five people before you are diagnosed.  Omicron is 1 to 10/12, that is one infected person will infect between 10 and 12 others before they are diagnosed; before they know they are ill.

It is just too damn depressing that 30-40% of Americans would not believe their elected governments medical advice.  They would distrust that medical advice because their politicians and talking heads, like Tucker Carlson, see a big profit in telling the base bullshit.  The base, over thirty years, has been taught to hate, to distrust, and to resist the government, as long as the representatives are democrats, if they are GOP then they can do no wrong as the GOP lies to them endlessly through e mails and fundraising tweets. 

One GOP senator call this exploitation of the GOP base abuse.  They are being lied to, gaslit, and made into an angry Mob which feels persecuted as they persecute others by trying to deny them a vote.

Fortunately, we are still negative here in my home, no positive tests and no symptoms equals “keep waiting, it will get here”.

Global Infected      289,358,202                   305,280,913                       
Increase             15,922,711
7-day average        2,274,673 infections diagnosed daily –Plus 6 million infections

Global Dead          5,442,035                                          5,485,832
Increase             43,797
7-day average        6,256 deaths daily –Static

USA Infected         54,859,057                                      59,767,342
Increase             4,908,285
7-day average        701,183 infections diagnosed daily –Plus 2 million infections

USA C-19 deaths      825,819                                         837,264
Increase             11,445
7-day average        1,635 deaths daily –Up by 300+ deaths per day

Maine Infected       146,736                                           153,376                                                                                                
Increase             6,640
7-day average         948 infections diagnosed daily –Up, Omicron arrived

Maine deaths         1,531                                                1,603
Increase             72
7-day average        10.28571 deaths daily –Up and still rising

Like I said last week, Omicron is a lot more infectious.  Also as expected from the data, it seems less lethal, at least to the vaccinated.  This big bloom we are in was what I feared and expected in April of 2020.  Despite it being less lethal it is still very dangerous, especially to those lacking antibodies provided by the vaccines.

Thus, this huge bloom, bigger than 2020 or 2021, is almost exclusively affecting the unvaccinated and those with underlying conditions.  That means it is literally killing of a swath of the GOP conservative Christian, anti-science, conspiracy believing base.  Railing against public health measures are restricting personal liberty while denying all personal civic responsibility certainly pumped up that base but we will have to wait and see how many of that base die before they wake up.  If they wake up.

Flurona—USA Today

“Israel has logged its first official case of what’s being called “flurona,” a flu-COVID combo that yes, can happen.

The dual infections occurred in an unvaccinated pregnant woman whose symptoms were mild, Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva told The Times of Israel. The woman, who was in her 30s, was treated with a drug combination targeting both viruses, said Arnon Wiznitzer, director of the Beilinson Women’s Department, in a statement.

“We are seeing more and more morbidity of influenza among the maternity population, along with cases of corona that mainly occur in women not vaccinated against corona and influenza,” Wiznitzer said. “This is definitely a challenging time that in addition to the corona diseases we are increasingly dealing with flu.”

Medics organize swab samples at a drive-thru testing site for the coronavirus, in the central Israeli city of Modiin, on January 2, 2022.

While simultaneous infections with both viruses were recorded even in the early days of the pandemic in the U.S., flu was not as much of a factor last year because of a record mild season. This year, the flu season is returning with a vengeance back to pre-pandemic levels, even as fewer people get flu shots.

Fewer flu shots both in the U.S. and abroad means a potential surge of both.

In Israel, flu has spiked in recent weeks, and officials fear a “twindemic” of both illnesses crowding hospitals. Not that all patients will have both diseases, but the concern is that a high volume of patients will overwhelm health care systems already stretched to the limit with COVID, as The Atlantic reported in November.

The same thing could happen here in the U.S., though double infection may not become common.  Both viruses attack the airways, so someone who is unvaccinated and/or immune-compromised could buckle under the double whammy, experts say.

Children are already known to get infected with more than one virus at a time, though it’s not known what the combination of flu and COVID could do, Dr. Matthew Harris, pediatric emergency medicine specialist at Northwell Health and the medical director for the vaccine program, told the Daily News.

“We don’t yet know how kids will react with flu and covid,” he said, adding that they were already seeing more flu cases than last year. “We have certainly had several hospitalizations and a few to the intensive care unit for a higher number of children with high-risk medical conditions who have been hospitalized with influenza A.”

He repeated the advice given by medical professionals worldwide: “I think this year more than ever getting vaccinated against the flu is even more important.””

American Theocracy?

Newsweek–Evangelicals N trump 

“Whatever happened to the “Trump prophets,” those charismatic/Pentecostal Christians who said that God told them that President Donald Trump would win a second term?

There were hundreds of prophets—famous and obscure—whose predictions about Trump being restored to his rightful place in the White House provided a theological framework for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The smoke had barely cleared when a few of the prophets repented for being wrong. Their websites and Facebook feeds were inundated with vulgarities, recriminations and even death threats. Jeremiah Johnson, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based prophet who said Trump would win in 2020, admitted on January 7 that he was wrong and said he got “multiple death threats” and “thousands” of angry emails. He added that he “never dreamed” that such a barrage of “satanic attack and witchcraft” would come from charismatic/Pentecostal people.

He also said in a Facebook post: “To my great heartache, I’m convinced parts of the prophetic/charismatic movement are far SICKER than I could have ever dreamed of. I truthfully never realized how absolutely triggered and ballistic thousands and thousands of saints get about Donald Trump.”

Michael Brown, a leader in a 1990s movement known as the Brownsville Revival and a Charlotte-based scholar with a decades-long history of prophetic involvement, said it “was the largest-scale deception I’ve seen in 49 years of following Jesus.”

Die-hard prophets began shifting their timelines backward. After President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, some prophets said that Trump would be restored in March. Robin Bullock, a pastor from Birmingham, Alabama, resorted to Shakespeare to prophesy that Biden would be out by the “ides of March.” Others said that the military was going to remove Biden by the end of April, at the latest, or that Trump was still president in an alternate spiritual reality taking place in heaven.

A year later, most of the prophets who made these predictions have not apologized.

Rather, they have dug down and are fighting to protect their relevance despite the massive failure of their movement to predict who would get inaugurated as the 46th president. They thrive in a political climate where nearly 1 in five Republicans believe (as of polling last month) that Trump would be reinstated in 2021.”

As I isolated and awaited symptoms another 43,797 of my fellow humans died of C-19, of those 11,445, a quarter of all deaths, were my fellow Americans, of those 72 were my fellow Mainers.

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