No, it is not over yet

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday January 23rd, 2022
9:13 AM

No, it is not over yet.  Nor do I expect it to be over any time soon, we just all want it to be.  I hear pundits screaming for a return to normal, talk show hosts using the historical view of medicine to indict our current medical understandings.  Yes, they may be wrong, but they are our best current understanding.  To ignore those understandings because we might discover in the future, they were wrong is ignorant.

Take the plague Dr’s of the black death.  They wore masks filled with potpourri, because they blamed the bubonic plague on “bad airs”, bad airs the plague Dr had to remove, which they did by creating even worse airs, that is scents.  In short, they would smudge victims’ homes with horrid smells to kill the “Bad airs”.  They were completely wrong, but in their wrongness actually prevented more deaths.

The plague Dr. mask did not stop “bad airs”, but the costume they wore prevented flea bites, so it looked like it was protecting them and that is what they believed.  We may learn at some future date that the actions we all took were not of value, or that they were of value in ways we did not expect.  Neither is a sound reason to abandon medical science because you are personally sick of the viral protocols.

Omicron is far more infectious but less severe, as far as we know.  It also is affecting a population with resistances to Covid, through vaccination and infection.    Currently we have 9.7 billion vaccinations, many of those are boosters and second doses; we have not vaccinated the planet.  Thusly the virus seeks the most easily infected, those with little or no resistance.  Since it is far more infectious and likely asymptomatic it is going to infect the globe.  Those who are unvaccinated for religious, political, and pseudoscientific BS will be those who get the worst of it.  80-99%, of current ICU cases (depending on where you are), are of the unvaccinated.

Global Infected      326,274,591                   349,453,446                       
Increase             23,178,855
7-day average        3,311,265 infections diagnosed daily –Up-and still rising

Global Dead          5,536,671                                          5,592,961
Increase             56,290
7-day average        8,041 deaths daily –Up

USA Infected         65,404,580                                       70,495,874
Increase             5,091,294
7-day average        727,327 infections diagnosed daily –Down but still very high

USA C-19 deaths      850,247                                         865,969
Increase             15,722
7-day average        2,246 deaths daily –Up

Maine Infected       160,857                                           166,899                                                                                                
Increase             6,042
7-day average         863 infections diagnosed daily –Down

Maine deaths         1,658                                                1,698
Increase             40
7-day average        5.7142 deaths daily –Down

We are not yet out of the woods.  Omi already has multiple variants being watched, and Delta could still produce variants. Plus, we have no idea what variant might pop back out of one of many animal populations we know can become infected.

I know everyone is burnt out, as am I.  I am as sick of all this as anyone, but that is not a reason to not follow protocols, the virus does not get tired.  A virus does not get burnt out, tire of infecting and reproducing.  We do, and many of us already are, but if that then equates to “take no precautions”, then we are setting ourselves up for horrid future possibilities.

In virology you plan and prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.  To fail to do that is to make yourself and your loved ones more vulnerable.

In our national politics more and more evidence of a conspiracy to overturn the election by the GOP headed by Trump keeps coming out.  As it stands, as an independent, I have seen enough that I can never support any GOP candidate ever.  If your party embraces the Klan and espouses white supremacist ideology, I cannot support your party and also show respect for the fallen on Normandy beach, because that party is embracing the same ideology which caused WW2.

In my mind, several Senators and a host of GOP congresspeople, are all guilty of sedition against the USA, and should be jailed as the law demands.  The 140 who voted against confirming their own states electoral results have shown themselves uninterested in representational government, uninterested in our democratic processes, and only interested in themselves and their beliefs.  Not in their constituents’ beliefs, but instead seeing only those who believe as they do as constituents.

That is not representative government, it is an oligarchic form of government hiding inside our representative Democratic government.  Such seditious representatives, either congresspeople or Senators, ought to be removed from office for sedition, and be banned from all further offices and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Failure to do so is to encourage the seditionists among us to try again.

Meanwhile we have a huge volcanic eruption demolish Tonga, we have tornadoes and winter storm warnings in the same areas, at the same time. We have ice storms in the Carolinas and wildfires, completely out of season, in California.  It is not going to get better folks, it will worsen as the day, weeks, months, and years go by, until our carbon footprint is removed.  Then, slowly, over decades, the weather might lessen. 

Failure by industry to address CO2 and pollution indicates we will only see more climate change, more damage and eventually less ability to survive as a species. No individual can make a dent in Global warming. Even if we all stopped driving and used solar for all our power at home, Industry would still be cranking out CO2 at a rate far exceeding any individuals action, even combined. The sum toal CO2 output from everyone in NYC pales in comparison to the CO2 output from NYC’s industry.

Then of course there is the elephant in the room avoided by all politicians and environmentalists because it is the third rail on climate change.  Our military, and every military on Earth is a by-product of fossil fuels.  All weapons are made with it, armed with it, and many weapons delivery systems, like Tanks and Jets, require fossil fuels to operate.  Thus, there is not “Green Military”, nor will there be. 

The military’s job is to protect the nation and defend the constitution, that is their primary obligation.  So, we won’t ever see humans go back to the bow and arrow because it is renewable. We need to be as advanced as all others or we risk being conquered by those with superior weapons, that is the historical reality.  Those with the superior weapons, triumph.

So, no one is going to ever downsize the military and attempt to make it green.  The concept alone is foolish to the military mindset.  To quote Sean Connery from the untouchables, “Just like a W**, brings a knife to a gunfight.”  We will not do away with out modern military, and very few would want that.  Even, the peaceniks among us, who are staunchly against war, do not want to leave the nation unable to defend itself.

That’s it in a nutshell.  We humans fear each other far more than we fear climate shift, and that bodes ill for our species.

As I worked on this in my hilltop home another 56,290 of my fellow humans lost their personal battle with Covid, of those a disproportionate amount of my fellow Americans, 15,722, also lost their battle, of those 40 were my fellow Mainers.  America is consistently failing with this pandemic.  Our insistence on individual, personal rights, has made us far more vulnerable to the virus.  Mis and Dis information have exacerbated this.

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