Sorry Mr. Maher, but the virus does not give a shit

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday January 30th, 2022
5:44 AM

I sat in the crosshairs forecast by the various weather people all week, who forecast the Nor’easter to be a direct hit on my home.  It would not be the first time, but this time it missed.  An entrenched pocket of cold dry air refused to make way for the Nor’easter and so the center of the state got buried, while we got a few inches and some wind.  It was a non-event.  I am prepped to lose power, water, heat for a week or more at all times.  Standard preparation for living in the sticks.  We never lost power.

I am amazed sometimes how intelligent people can miss the forest for the trees.  Two weeks ago, Bill Maher had a guest on who said “I am done with Covid”, to cheers from the audience.  Last week Maher reiterated his position of getting back to a normal mask free, mandate free society.  I hate to inform Mr. Maher; who claimed the mandates and masks are ineffective against Omicron and that insisting upon them is needless regulation not following the science; you may be done with the virus Mr. Maher, but the virus is not done with us.

Maher at one point asks why vaccinated people, also infected with Covid, need to mask around other vaccinated people.  What is the point if the vaccines do not prevent spread, he asks?  What is the point of the entire society masking if the disease mainly affects those over 65 with underlying conditions?  The ignorance presented by these questions frankly baffles me.  To me it appears utterly self-centered.

Maher correctly points out that omicron has 90% asymptomatic spread, and then seems to think that itself is rationale to abandon masks.  I guess because they are inconvenient?  I guess because he wants to return to Normal, normal being pre-pandemic?  How is it an intelligent person like Maher fails to grasp how the virus keeps evolving in real time?

We need to mitigate spread via masks and distancing to prevent spread and thus reduce mutations of the virus.  Every infection is thousands or millions of chances for that virus to mutate in reproduction.  We already know this bug is a fast mutagen.  We have seen strain after strain wash over the globe in waves for two years.  Where does Mr. Maher think those variant strains came from?  They came from infected people perhaps spreading them asymptomatically.

Let me re-iterate, we may feel “done with the virus”, we may desire to be “done with the virus”, but the fucking virus does not care what we feel, want, or desire.  It is not going anywhere.  We are its food, its B&B, and its home.  So, unless we want to keep “aiding and abetting” the enemy virus we need to curb its spread as much as we can.

Sorry if that inconveniences you, the virus doesn’t give a shit.  To the virus we are a five-star hotel and the Virus is Motley Crew tearing out its walls.

Mr. Maher went on to claim the virus is milder, which it is not.  It appears milder with less severe symptoms among the vaccinated.  It is deadly to the unvaccinated, most especially to those over 65 and those with underlying conditions.  I am glad Mr. Maher’s fame and fortune have allotted him the very best medical care and that he feels safe, but I see his own wealth/fame privilege showing. 

Most of the planet has not had such advantages, and in dealing with a viral threat we need to consider the masses over the individual.  To quote Spock, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”  We seek to reduce or eliminate spread because we seek to reduce and eliminate mutations of the virus.  Each mutation is itself Novel, and we are unsure if the vaccine will remain viable, if they will protect or if vaccines will be evaded.

Somehow Bill Maher and a lot of other folks, are under the false impression that vaccination protects us against each and every strain, despite it being well known that the vaccines are less effective vs Omicron already.  That is why got boosters.  With every mutation comes the distinct possibility that the vaccines, like the monoclonal antibody treatments developed already have; will become useless against that strain.  Then we are back at square one, back to Jan 2020. 

“Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.”

Global Infected      349,453,446                   372,753,313                       
Increase             23,299,867
7-day average        3,328,552 infections diagnosed daily –Up-and still rising

Global Dead          5,592,961                                          5,659,334
Increase             66,373
7-day average        9,481 deaths daily –Up

USA Infected         70,495,874                                       74,236,114
Increase             3,740,240
7-day average        534,320 infections diagnosed daily –Down, looks like Omicron may have peaked

USA C-19 deaths      865,969                                         883,939
Increase             17,970
7-day average        2,567 deaths daily –Up

Maine Infected       166,899                                           174,225                                                                                                
Increase             7,326
7-day average         1,046 infections diagnosed daily –Up, Omicron hit Maine

Maine deaths         1,698                                                1,738
Increase             40
7-day average        5.7142 deaths daily –Static

As I awaited the Nor-easter another stadium full of humans, 66,373 human beings, lost their fight with covid, of those 17,970 were my fellow Americans, the vast majority being unvaccinated; of those 40 were my fellow Mainers.

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