So sick of Covid

Living with Coronavirus
Sunday February 13th, 2022
7:07 AM

It seems the world is sick to death of Covid, pun intended.  Many states and some nations are opening up fully, as if we are over Covid.  People are tired and want their lives back, but Covid does not care.  It’s a virus which lives and breeds in us, and a great number of animals.  Oh, I get the feeling, and I am just as sick of Covid as anyone else.  I am not going to pretend it is just over, that is foolish.

Once again, I find myself at odds with the prevailing opinion.  Seems a common trait in the arc of my life, to be at odds with the majority.  Let me put this simply, a virus does not give two shits about a majority’s opinion, your still food to it.  You cannot reason with an apex predator, the tiger does not care what you say, think, and often do.  So too with a virus, it is just a ninja as it goes about hunting us.

Bill Maher and a host of others are just sick of the imposition the virus has made on their lives.  Everyone is, I sure as hell am sick of this history, would love for the pandemic to end and just move past it.  That is not reality, its wish think.  I am surprised that Maher, who is a very reasoned person generally, seems to abandon reason with the virus.

It is true that the measures in place seem stupid, masking in town and in line at the restaurant, but removing your mask to eat at said restaurant.  Point in fact, to follow viral protocols would mean you cannot go to a restaurant because it will be a spreader of said virus.  Americans were having none of that, they wanted things re-opened, and so they have, with half assed measures in place because Americans would not stand for them remaining closed.

Yep, keeping them closed will kill business, so the powers that be decided they need to be allowed to open, with shitty viral measures, rather than have the economy tank.  That is not a decision based on the virus, on science, or on viral protocols.  It is based on money, on income, and on business.  Already the powers that be decided, at some level, that the economy is of more import than human life.  It decided that more suffering for those not ill is of more import than those who are ill, and more importantly, it is of more import for our society as a whole to succeed fiscally, than for 1-3% of us to die.

Yes, the omicron wave has passed, but that does not mean the pox is gone.  We are still losing 2500 people a day, more than A titanic a day of American deaths, down from our peak of a 9-11 event a day, but not at a background level for a determination of endemic.  The rate of infection is what classifies a virus as an epidemic or pandemic, globally we had 16 million new infections last week, down from 20 at Omicrons peak, but still very high.

Maher also said that virus tend to evolve to a weaker state, “usually”.  I find that statement very troubling, because we have no real data to support that.  A virus may evolve to become more or less virulent, we do not know.  We do know that they tend to follow lines of mutation, and since Omicron is less lethal than Delta, its progeny is likely to be less severe. 

Bill’s statement strikes me like the things folks said when seatbelts were required of them.  “Why do we need seatbelts, I mean how often do you crash your car?”

Meanwhile our democratic process is being torn down by the GOP sycophants working for Trump.  State after state passed new election laws based on Trumps fraud.  IN state after state, the GOP and Trump are replacing those people who stood up to their election interference attempts with trumpets who do as Don directs.  People who have loyalty to Trump, not American democracy, or even America.

I am as sick of all of this as everyone else is, but I am not willing to say “Ah to hell with it, I want to go to dinner”.  Frankly I see the things that people are complaining about as trivial things.  You can’t go out to dinner and your upset?  To me that shows me that you are wealthy enough that dinning out is commonplace to you, whereas among the working poor it is a luxury you might have once a year, unless you count McDonalds as a “dinner out”.

Yes folks, we are still in a pandemic with a novel virus, we are still in the unenviable position of wondering where and when the next variant will surge.  The virus does not care how you feel about it, you’re a 5-star hotel and Covid is a rock band tearing down the walls.

Global Infected      393,694,501                                   410,595,861                       
Increase             16,901,360
7-day average        2,414,480 infections diagnosed daily –Down

Global Dead          5,735,852                                                          5,811,876
Increase             76,024
7-day average        10,860 deaths daily –Static

USA Infected         76,458,488                                                       77,707,694 
Increase             1,249,206
7-day average        178,458 infections diagnosed daily –Down by half from last week

USA C-19 deaths      902,266                                                         919,255
Increase             16,989
7-day average        2,427 deaths daily –Down

Maine Infected       181,010                                                           187,697
Increase             6,687
7-day average         955 infections diagnosed daily –down, but still high

Maine deaths         1,804                                                                1,828
Increase             24
7-day average        3.4285 deaths daily –Down

As I sat in my hilltop retreat another 76,024 of my fellow humans died of Covid, of those 16,989 were my fellow Americans, and of those 24 were my fellow Mainers.

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