I want to see orange jumpsuits

I want to see orange jumpsuits. 

I want to see the people who look to be involved in the multiple and varied attempts to overturn the will of the people on January 6th, arrested.  I want to see the 147 GOP members who voted to overturn the election by not certifying the electoral college vote, arrested.  That is the 8 senators and 139 representatives who voted, after the violence and deaths, in objection to the electoral college count. I think that Trump, parts of his own cabinet, and others installed by Trump as fill ins, rather than facing senate confirmation, should be included in that group.

Arrest is not conviction, and the innocent are often arrested.

I am not saying all these people were involved in illegal activities aimed at Trump remaining in the White house, but it sure as hell looks like some were, and not just in Washington but all across the United States. 

Since we are not talking about a traffic ticket here, but about potential willful sedition, an effort to overturn the will of the people and retain power, I think we need to act like that is as serious as it actually is. A failed coup is not something to take lightly if you value your nation.

If a common citizen, not an aristocrat by election, were to be accused of such things, or even suspected of such things, they would have been in an orange jumpsuit long ago while the investigation into their guilt or innocence was determined.  Case in point, the actual violent insurrectionists are in orange jumpsuits, or out on bail if they could get it.  They have been in orange jumpsuits since they were arrested, if they did not make bail. Not so with the rich elites who hold political office or appointments.

Citizens routinely spend months, even years awaiting a trial for what they are accused of, even when innocent.

Elected representatives and fortunate office holders should be no exception.

We are not talking about common crimes, but treasonous ones.  Seditious crimes are suspected, and the more evidence I see, the more culpable some of these people appear.  For the safety of our union, of our United States, I think we must err on the side of caution. Anyone suspected of seditious conspiracy, or incriminated by the evidence of the same, ought to be removed from government and all the levers of power until we know for sure, one way or another.

For the Nations Security.

I think it violates key principles of national security to leave people in power who are suspected or incriminated by evidence of sedition, of conspiracy to commit sedition, of treason or suspected treason, or other such efforts to thwart the will of the people.  I think anyone suspected of such things in relation to Jan 6th needs to be removed from power until they can prove they are innocent.

Not simply assumed to be innocent until it can be proven they are guilty. A deviation from that norm, for the security of the nation.  In America we like the law to be that folks are assumed innocent until proven guilty, that is how the system works.  However, we are talking about suspicions of people in the system, who have controls over the system and its levers of power, people running that system attempting to destroy that very system or usurp it for themselves. 

To allow people suspected of sedition to remain in government while under investigation seems like pure folly to me.

What happens if they are guilty, and we are assuming innocence?  What could happen? What could they do to thwart an investigation, or worse, what if they are planning a second attempt? Should we leave them in places of power while we figure that out, so they are free and able to sabotage our efforts at finding out the truth of the matter? 

For example . . . if a bus driver is pulled over for DUI, and found to be under the influence by police, they are not convicted of DUI yet, and assumed innocent. Yet the bus company would never allow him to keep driving the bus while he awaits trial.  That would be foolish and put the entire bus company at risk.

The bus driver is arrested, perhaps jailed, and certainly suspended from bus driving, all while he is still assumed innocent of DUI.  No one wants to risk the lives of bus riders by assuming he is innocent; it is just common sense.  Legally, he is assumed innocent; in actual practice he is held at fault unless he proves he was not under the influence. So, while the bus driver may be innocent, he is not treated as if he is innocent by the bus company.  They either suspend or fire that driver until it is all settled in court.

We, the American citizens, ARE the bus company, and it seems some of our drivers may have issues with DUI.  Is it wise for us all to allow them to keep driving the bus until we know for certain they are on the side of America, and not actually citizens of Trumplandia masquerading as Americans?  Is it not foolish to allow those suspected of seditious conspiracy to remain in seats of power whilst we investigate to determine their guilt or innocence?

I think the constituents of all those suspected of such, or suspected of being involved with such, ought to “pause” them, and send in temporary replacements until they can clear their names, or not.  I think leaving them in place as we investigate paints America itself as a banana republic, just chock full of corrupt, seditious people, out for power for themselves.

I think they all need to be arrested on suspicion of seditious conspiracy, and those for whom the evidence bodes ill, charges to follow. For those whom the evidence exonerates, their place among our leaders ought to be restored.  Resorted with whatever remaining time they had in office at the outset of the arrest, retained, so that if they have 4 years left at arrest, they have 4 years left after exoneration.

You do not leave someone suspected of stealing in change of the bank while they await trial. In the same fashion I do not think it wise to leave officials, elected or otherwise, in seats of power they may have tried to usurp.  They all should be forced to resign until exonerated, for national security reasons, to protect the nation. 

I want my nation to be protected from seditionists, not to have suspected seditionists as senators and representatives.  If they were ethical people, I think they would resign to protect the integrity of the office they hold. Since they do not resign and many continue to repeat the same lies and misinformation that underwrote the insurrection on Jan 6th, it seems quantifiably insane for them to remain in office.

I want to see orange jumpsuits because that would show me as a citizen that our nation was working to protect itself from potential seditionists.  That our nation was striving to ensure the same thing never happens again, and you start that by removing people suspected of being involved until the investigation is concluded.

The lack of such a sight, to me, bodes ill.  It looks like there are thieves in the bank, and the bank manager, instead of raising an alarm, is pondering if the masked men with guns are actually robbers.

I want to see orange jumpsuits.

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