Weather is Climate

We, that is every living thing and every inanimate object on Earth, are experiencing climate change.  As I write this Denver is in heavy snow, when a few days ago it was 80F/26C.  Now that heat has moved east, which creates a strong cold Vs hot air mass over center of the nation.  Any strong cold Vs hot area has the potential to produce strong weather effects, thus there were tornadoes in Minnesota, and New Hampshire, and Arkansas.

The west is afire again, or should that be still? Fire season starts so early and ends so late it is becoming all seasons. The east coast is now in a heat wave, more than a month early from the start of summer.

Looks like tornado alley is doubling in width to me, over time.  The jet stream has slowed, making its dips and rises more pronounced.  It is those very dips and rises where cold meets hot, and violent weather spawns. A slower jet stream means a wider tornado alley with a longer front of hot meets cold.

That is all the difference between Weather and Climate, time.  Weather is a record of what is happening now, Climate is a record of weather over longer time frames, years, decades, and centuries.  This is why “Storm of the Century” became a phrase, because by tracking weather, we accumulate the data to understand climate and compare weather events.

Time is why you do not see all the weather people (few of whom are actual meteorologists), claiming this or that event is climate, it is and always will be a weather event.  Climate is understanding whether a weather event is in the normal range, or outside that, and if the trend of what is normal is, is itself changing.

It is.

It has been for my entire life, but for most of it I had a hard time getting people to understand it, never mind accept it is reality.  We still do not act like it is the issue it is, but treat it as a non-threat, unlike say, a gun in your face, which is how we need to think about it.  We treat it like it is an “issue”, a political issue, an environmental issue, a business issue.

Climate change is, and will remain, every damn issue, because everything is affected by weather. As the Bible says, “For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Nothing is exempt or unaffected by climate change, it impacts everything which experiences weather.

Our collective global environment is a vast, poorly understood, chemical soup, to which we added chemicals willy-nilly since we discovered fire.  As we learned more, we changed and limited what we were putting into that chemical engine, but we did not stop adding to it.  Humanity became fully addicted to both an industrial life, and the fossil fuels which power it since the Industrial Revolution, which began before there was an America. America itself was founded in the beginning of the industrial revolution.

We have altered the composition of the atmosphere itself, which affects all things.  What’s worse is that we have learned that many of the chemical reactions taking place in that atmosphere require decades or even centuries to transpire.  So even if we were to stop all use of fossil fuels, that chemical engine will grind on for a long time before it normalizes.

Nature does not run on the human clock but is as likely to use a fruit fly’s sense of time, or a mountain’s geologic time.  We are now reaping what my parents and grandparents, and great grandparents did. Yet we are doing more of the same, with slight tweaks like adding solar and wind.  Put plainly, it is not enough.

“A line of violent thunderstorms tore across the most populous corridor of Canada on Saturday, killing at least five people and cutting power to nearly a million people.” –WP

That is more akin to the new normal we are living in.

Want a sample of the new types of weather we are creating by our dependance on fossil fuels?  Try this term out, “a flash drought”, the very inverse of a flash flood.  Until recently these were extremely rare, theoretical events.  Not anymore, last year a flash drought destroyed crops. 

A flash drought happens in those heat domes, like we experienced last summer.  A heat dome paused over your crop fields means that the atmosphere itself has become thirsty, and is drinking your fields dry in a day.  The heat stresses crops, then add to that a “thirsty” atmosphere, and you now have a flash drought which your crops will be lucky to survive.

All of this is happening as the Pandemic grinds on and we are faced with a political atmosphere as toxic as the 60’s and 70’s, without a Vietnam war and it’s draft to unite the citizens for action.  Instead, we have Christo-fascists, authoritarian theocrats in politicians clothing.  People who easily believe in things with no evidence, be it their religion, it’s “God”, or a fraudulent election which has empirically proved it was not fraudulent. 

These folks believe so strongly they discount actual evidence and actively disbelieve evidence.  Due to their faith, and their belief that “God wants Trump”, they discount the evidence that there was no election fraud.  They disbelieve evolution and science in general if it disagrees with their opinions, based on their religious world view.

These are people who believe in actual demons and a literal devil, and they further believe that folks who do not think and believe as they do, are twisted by those demons and devils.  That includes other Christians who interpret the book differently, differences such as that indicate to them a demonic influence.

These people are again burning books.  They are banning books in schools, and seek to drag America into a Christo-America which never existed, but which they believe the founders created, when the founders worked very hard to avoid exactly that.  America was never a “Christian Nation”, but a nation that was, and remains, a majority of Christians. This is no less than a new American Taliban, in Christian clothes. 

Make no mistake, not all Christians are the same.

Most of these people do not believe the evidence of climate change, and see the end of the world as a good thing, because that is when Jesus comes back.  They consider the rights of an unborn fetus as holding more weight than the rights of the mother carrying that fetus.  They will not trust Americans to make their own choices and to control their own lives because they may view those choices as against their religious beliefs. So they will seek to cast their religion and its ideas, into laws, to create a “Christian Nation” or a “White Christian Nation”.

They have said or are saying as much in their rhetoric.

Every American who is not an evangelical Christian, needs to vote against these candidates, unless they want to be forced to become evangelical Christians.  That is their stated goal, to make America Great (A White Christian Nation) Again.  To a lot of them, if you are not a white, evangelical Christian, then you’re not a “real” American, and your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and traditions are not relevant.   To them you’re a lost sheep, and you can either convert and be saved, or you can burn in hell.

Those who do not believe, or hold other beliefs, they are not and cannot be real Americans in these folks’ minds, because they hold the wrong religious beliefs, which means they are pawns of the devil.  Their world view is largely black and white.  You are with them, or against them, with God, or sock puppets run by demons, not American Citizens with different beliefs and traditions.

Religion has the unique ability to make good people do evil things, believing they are doing good.  It bodes ill for our nation to elect these folks into office, as they are only concerned for people like themselves, not ALL their constituents, but the ones which believe as they do.  The rest of the lost sheep need to change to suit them, they do not need to learn to accept the differences in others as a reality, but feel free to create laws to shore up their beliefs and restrict or remove yours.

All Americans need to hold their nose and vote blue, because if we vote these people into office, they are promising to remake America into their ideal, which is a Christo-fascist-authoritarian-state, a “Biblical” nation.  If that does not describe you, then you need to vote blue in each and every election, or these folks will attempt to remake you in their image.

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